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Dramacow Coraline Ada Ehmke / Corey Dale Ehmketl;dr Rules for thee but not for me

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by PhantomDiploma, May 21, 2017.

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  1. There has been a push by social justice warriors to impose codes of conduct on open source projects. This would not be much of an issue if it was limited to fairly resolving disputes within the community. At worst it would be considered redundant, because most projects large enough for this to be needed already have processes in place to resolve conflicts between developers. After all, bickering interferes with productivity.
    The problem is these processes tend to be geared more towards amicably resolving the dispute, not labeling certain developers as oppressive nonpersons. More importantly, controlling a developer's behavior within the scope of the project is just not enough. No, people must follow this code of conduct outside of the project as well because wrongthink anywhere is wrongthink everywhere:
    This kind of logic was clearly illustrated during an event which is now known as "OpalGate", when the creator of the Contributor Covenant opened an issue on the Opal demanding a frequent contributor be removed for comments he made on Twitter (it is also worth noting that she never linked to anything the programmer said but to how an ANTIFA member construed it). She went on to make unsolicited contact with the programmer on Twitter by demanding he "retract and apologize for transphobic behavior and donate to a transgender charity of [her] choice".
    Despite being able to get her Code of Conduct imposed on Opal through these tactics, Coraline had never before and has never since contributed to Opal.

    And what about this Coraline Ada? Did her career flounder after this unprofessional and bizarre chapter? Was she a skilled enough programmer that some people were still willing to hire her in spite of this?
    And this is where it gets interesting...
    In short:

    GitHub's Atom repo uses the Contributor Covenant. The creator of the Contributor Covenant has violated both GitHub TOS and the Contributor Covenant by making a "threatening" tweet about the reporter who interviewed Richard Spencer when he was assaulted. GitHub staff refuses to acknowledge this infraction and an employee closes and locks the issue on the Atom repo when this is brought up, claiming that the opener was "taking some, obviously sarcastic, quotes out of context".

    In long:

    The creator of the Contributor Covenant also gave her own spin to the "punch Nazis" fad after Richard Spencer's unprovoked assault. In reference to this assault, she went beyond the norm of condoning unprovoked violence against just the white nationalist and asked, "why didn’t anyone punch the reporter giving the nazi air time?"

    On April 9. this tweet was brought up in a GitHub issue on the Contributor Convent: "Violent maintainer should be removed from project".

    The issue was closed by Coraline Ada, on May 19. She made this defense when closing the issue:

    A day later an issue was opened on GitHub's Atom repo, asking "Why is Atom using the Contributor Covenant?"

    The issue mentions both the original tweet that Coraline posted and her response when closing the issue on the Contributor Covenant repo. It notes that Coraline is in violation of both GitHub's TOS and her own CoC and "the only way this person can continue to operate on GitHub and on her own project is through the selective enforcement of both of these guidelines".

    In response to this, a GitHub Community Manager closed and locked the issue. He dismissed the tweet and her defense of it as "some, obviously sarcastic, quotes out of context". He also went on to rationalize closing and locking the thread (ie: making it so any other users could not comment on it) by claiming it was because "this is obviously a vendetta that has nothing to do with Atom".
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  2. This is why I don't seriously use github. At best it's a place to shitpost bad programs like this.
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  3. Does this have any connection with the Node.js project? I think I posted that place in obscure laughingstocks before, but, really that github project probably deserves it's own community watch thread. The top issues are about the ethics of a "die" command.
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  4. Name is misspelled in title.
    Deadname is Corey Dale Ehmke.
    DOB: December 17, 1971
    Lives in Oak Park, IL.


    Old LiveJournal: http://coreybantik.livejournal.com/ (http://archive.li/q0qKX)
    Into occultic stuff (Rev. Dr. Corey Bantik):
    http://egypt.idolhands.com/community/bantik.html (http://archive.li/NsPmk)
    http://www.arcane-archive.org/religion/thelema/philosophy/satanism-neosaktas-and-thelema-1.php (http://archive.li/ERKYk)
    Surprisingly, given how the OP described him, a bunch of his old accounts are him sperging about tech stuff.

    Theft charge in Austin, TX in 1994, dismissed.
    Case he was the plaintiff in:
    Married in 1996:
    Old resume: http://s35819.gridserver.com/share/cehmke_resume.pdf (http://archive.li/6fURC)
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  5. Funny you mention that, someone opened an issue on May 13, 2017 to replace their current version. I'm seeing a lot of the same language in the proposal that the GitHub employee used when closing and locking the issue:

    This, by the way, is the entirety of the Contributor Covenant:

    As @GethN7 pointed out, there is plenty to criticize about both the content and the implementation of the Contributor Covenant. However, this idea that this mess is "comprehensive" or "well thought out" is equally false, which would explain why most of its advocates focus more on the number of adopters than its merits.

    I ran it through one of those online readability tests and it turns out you need about 14 years of formal education to understand it on your first reading, college level. This is not a good thing when you are supposed to be catering to "marginalized communities" who may not even have English as a first language.


    By contrast, let's look at how the "No Code of Conduct" scores:

    And there's also the problem of enforcing that offsite clause in the Contributor Covenant...
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    #8 PhantomDiploma, May 21, 2017
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  6. This is pretty standard of these SJW cunts. They always claim to be so concerned for "marginalized communities" and to be "inclusive," but they talk in the thick, jargon-filled babble of a cult you need a degree in Snowflake Studies to understand. Needless to say, most people can't afford to get a degree in something utterly useless that won't get them a job, other than wealthy people, usually white.
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  7. About damn time there was a thread.

    /g/ has had threads complaining about Github before, and they dumped a shitload on her here and there. If the board archives, I'll go dig for threads.
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  8. As promised, here are the ones where Ehmke gets mentioned.


    Here is Ehmke's "resume".

    His site.

    Here is the gatekeeping atrocity that is CoC

    The "DEFEAT THE WAGE GAP PATRIARCHY REEEEEEEE" movement Ehmke is trying to push.

    If a mod wants to merge these two posts, that's fine.
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  9. There's this krainboltgreene guy who popped up in both the Ruby issue and his Twitter was directly linked to the OpalGate issue. He also participated in the discussion.
    He is also a member of the Contributor Covenant team.
    Let's look through his Twitter:

    Also, weird thing about the tweets: some do not actually show up on retweets section of the specific Tweet, let's use the one advocating violence Milo as an example. However, you can view them by either scrolling down to February (hold down "End") or visiting the JSON directly on Twitter's site (just search the confusing text for "punch him" to find the Tweet in question). I have the JSON archived in case he later deletes it.
    Unfortunately I do not really use Twitter so I don't know of a faster way.

    Attached Files:

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    #12 PhantomDiploma, May 23, 2017
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  10. The drive for CoCs in every project has been pretty destructive and drove away a lot of talent, because nobody wants to contribute to a project where they might trip a line for using historic terminology. At least one project switched from master/slave to primary/secondary for things like replica sets because lol white guilt. There's been a few other arbitrary changes as well that have served no purpose other than to break APIs.

    Thankfully, a lot of this tripe only persists in web/game dev communities. Most of the people doing this sort of thing have never left the bottom rung of development, so if you're worth your salt you'll hopefully never deal with these clowns.
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  11. kiwifarms.net
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  12. This decision by GitHub to unperson Coraline likely was within the past week, as GitHub Support was shilling her as late as May 17, 2017 and GitHub staff was defending her four days earlier.
    Then again, there have been other unpersonings in the Sociopath Justice Warrior subculture out of these nebulous morals and self-serving ends. Randi Lee Harper unpersoned Izzy Galvez for trying to dox someone (thread) but then defended known sexual predator Sarah Nyberg (thread). I'm guessing the decision to unperson Coraline when her hypocrisy got a little attention was made using the same logic that made them hire her and defend her.
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    #17 PhantomDiploma, May 25, 2017
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  13. So she thinks it's a good idea to intersperse her "I'm looking for a job" tweets with this.

    Do you get any sort of government rebate for hiring exceptional people? Asking for a friend.
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  14. The real question is how many of these codes of conduct will be modified to be more or less the same way they were before.
    Python's code is pretty good IIRC. It pretty much only bans utter outright trolling while leaving everything else free.
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  15. During a SJW attack, not violating a CoC doesn't mean shit. Ask Larry Garfield of Drupal.
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