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Linus is already gone, at the same time the CoC was pushed onto Linux, Linus announced he was "taking a break" from Linux and "apologising for 'hurtful' behaviour".
How did they manage to shame Linus into "taking a break"? I always thought he was very careful with these kinds of interactions after people tried to honeytrap him.
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Ars Technica covered it here: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/09/linus-torvalds-apologizes-for-years-of-being-a-jerk-takes-time-off-to-learn-empathy/ (archive)

Wayyyy down at the bottom of the article, they happened to say this:

By contrast, many denizens of the /r/Linux subreddit are unimpressed, dismissing (archive) the code of conduct as made up by a "completely insane and bigoted individual" and claiming (archive) that "millenial [sic] snowflakes finally got to him."
AT won't name Ehmke, but they'll slyly insert a link to a Reddit thread where the users do (and talk about how awful/hypocritical she is).

In any case, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. At least the *BSDs aren't infected with this garbage mentality yet, right?


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This isn't the victory that Corey is selling it as. The CoC that linux adopted doesn't police what you do outside of the project. Honestly, that's the only part about the whole concept that bothers me. I do think contributors to projects should comply with a baseline level of politeness.
In any case, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. At least the *BSDs aren't infected with this garbage mentality yet, right?
It started with FreeBSD. FreeBSD has been leaching maintainers for awhile now.


One clue might be that Linus' daughter (Patricia Torvalds) has signed Ehmke's manifesto

An interview with Patricia Torvalds
Personally, I'm very focused on intersectional feminism, which is feminism as it applies to other aspects of oppression like racism and classism. The Facebook page Guerrilla Feminism is a great example of an intersectional feminism and has done so much to educate me. I currently run the Portland branch.

Feminism is also important to me in terms of diversity in tech, although as an upper-class white woman with strong connections in the tech world, the problems here affect me much less than they do other people. The same goes for my involvement in intersectional feminism. Publications like Model View Culture are very inspiring to me, and I admire Shanley Kane so much for what she does.
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Never thought I'd see the day when Ehmke would shove his CoC down Linus' throat. I wonder what they have on Linus to make him knuckle under like that. Talk about going out with a whimper...


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Someone on /g/ posted this, potentially a major development if its true and something really bad.
View attachment 543867
Back when I was looking for stuff on him, these were the only court things that I found.
Theft charge in Austin, TX in 1994, dismissed.
View attachment 223319
Case he was the plaintiff in:
View attachment 223323
Upon reading the MyLife page, it does not say he has sex offenses, only that he does have court, arrest or criminal records. His name change record in Cook County would also trigger the court record notification.


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Lesson to be learned here. Be very careful which school your kids end up attending because they can be turned danger hair if your not paying action.

Poor Linus. I feel for the guy.
I feel like I should defend Patrica.
I encourage you to read this interview with Patrica Torvalds
Really she seems ok, she's a feminist but her major gripes are about school dress codes and getting more young women into tech classes. Pretty reasonable. Her high school seems pretty cool actually.
I especially like the part where they were fishing for her big harassment story and she shuts it right down and says she was never harassed.

Some of her associates are shitheads but she probably waves away their bad moments as jokes and edgelording. I agree that they probably used her to pressure her dad. Even though we all know these CoCs are trojan horses from her perspective it makes for her to tell her dad not everyone can wave off his insults and temper tantrums and that's bad for Linux. It's all true.

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