Corey Ray Barnhill / [Lulz] Xyrix / RuxPin / Zoom / Internet GodSpeed - Self-confessed pedophile sadist, forced underage girl to watch child pornography, skiddie turned fed, chronic liar

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Dec 6, 2017
This is Corey Barnhill. He is a pedophile and currently works as a contractor.


In these recorded conversations, Corey Barnhill admits to conditioning an underage girl into watching child pornography with him. In the call, she describes how he forced her to masturbate to child pornography featuring a 6-year-old girl being anally raped. The girl is herself a childhood sexual assault victim who shamefully admits she had an orgasm while being raped. Corey uses this admission to try and groom her and make her more comfortable with child sex.

Clips (each under 60s)

Full Audio (20 minutes or so)

Today, he claims that these calls were elaborate pranks.

Now that you're familiar with his voice, listen to this news clip about a hacker who would break into private home security cameras and watch children as they sleep.

Mr. Pedophile and Badass Hacker does not handle adult women well, however. Here is a confrontation between him and a woman during a livestream. He becomes very sheepish very quickly.


Known to some as [Lulz] Xyrix, or known as Zoom if you just came from the exceptional trainwreck known as Internet Bloodsports. His thirst for recognition traces back over a decade ago when he originally was on a group known for hacking 4chan back on 2007.


The largest achievement for the hacker group known as "Lulz" was making 4chan redirect to a domain named "". That event ended up being a huge downer for the entire group, since many amateur mistakes were made during that time. These included stupid demands from "Angyl" to moot and another key member of the group (CeLe) was actually the owner of Glexia, the host of 4chan at the time, rendering the entire event pointless script kiddy shit.

If you're curious, the "demands" from Angyl can be seen here:


Moot: Hello?

Recorder: **fails to move away from the mic to breath in

Angyl: Hey moot, I'm sorry if I came off a little harsh from... our previous conversation - I didn't really mean it, is this a better connection?

Moot: Yeah

Angyl: Yeah? So whats up? Still going through bank statements?

Moot: Yeap.

Angyl: Is it fun?

Moot: Not really because I never open my bank statements. They just - they go and they get thrown into a box... and...

Angyl: You sound - you sound kinda upset, are you havin' a bad night?

Moot: No, I haven't slept!

Angyl: You haven't slept? Why? Is like - you Haven't... slept because of the bank statements or because... uhhh... 4chan got hijacked?

Moot: Ummmm... 'cause I'm the only tech person at 4chan, and when things go wrong it is my responsibility to - figure things out

Angyl: Really? So you - said earlier when we talked it's a silly site anyway so why do you care so much? Why bother?

Moot: interupts I don't - I don't believe we've ever spoken before, I didn't say that when you called...

Angyl: Um... Yeah, when I called about... five minutes ago - You always say you don't really give a... about 4chan anyway

Moot: I - I - I didn't say that when you called, I didn't say anything like that ---

Angyl: interrupts Look, HEY! How bad do you want your domain back? I'm just wondering...

Moot: sarcasic Oh, you know... so bad. Why?

Angyl: Because I'm...

Moot: Do you want something?

Angyl: I'm just wondering what you're willing to do to get the domain back...

Moot: What? Do you want me to like, bend down and...give out BLOW JAYS or somethin'?

Angyl: Ewww, No... that's like... talking at same time like kinda emo, you know? That's just gross. I don't know, what would you be willing to do to get it back?

Moot: I don't know...What are you looking for? Not looking for BLOW JAYs so what the fuck you do want?

Angyl: Wool (Well)... I don't know... I'm looking for a good offer...

Moot: I offered you BLOW JAYs! I mean, be more (Attention whore Giggles) specific here - what the fuck do you want? Apparently, you're not a - you're not - you find me to be emo and unattractive, you know - hurt my feelings here.

Angyl: Awwwwwww

Moot: But what ---

Angyl: interrupts I loved the sarcasm by the way!

Moot: Yeah, it's staple - how I deal with being tired and... frustrated. So what do you want?

Angyl: Mmmmmm well, I was just wondering what kind of pizza it was?

Moot: Uhhhhhh, today I ate a cheese pizza. Why are you going to start ordering me pizzas?

Angyl: ... I don't know, Do you want one?

Moot: Naaaaa, I already - I got one in the fridge.

Angyl: You sure? I mean, you're talking about ordering pizzas, you must want one. I mean I could order you one if you want...

Moot: I didn't - I didn't say I was going to order a pizza, I said I HAD pizza.

Angyl: No, I said you were talking about ordering pizzas, me ordering you pizzas. Well, if you really want --- (Moot: Unh-Unh)...... cause your obviously (Moot: Nooooo) thinking about it, it's the first thing that came to mind. Whut? Do you think I'm going to like, try and raid you or something? Do you think I care that much?

Moot: Well you're a girl, so that would be a step up for me wouldn't it?

Angyl: I guess if you wanted... Yeah, I'm a girl - not a trap.

Moot: Not a trap...

Angyl: Not a trap.

Moot: So, what - what ex - what exactly do you - do you want in return for leaving me alone... and... we're - allowing me to regain control?

Angyl: I don't know, I want some something pretty fucking lulzy - it's gotta be like epic lulz.

Moot: Lulz? What about, a Longcat plushie? What about...

Angyl: humphhh (Moot: I mean...) You know, I want - I want some kind - some kind of picture or something, something thats really great.

Moot: Hmmmmmm

typing on keyboards

Angyl: That should work...

Moot: talk at same time

Angyl: I'm mean are kinda cu - No, I'm just saying your kinda cute. And - A little fansign, would be a... start in the right direction of getting me to leave you alone.

Moot: Say what?

Angyl: A little amusing fansign would probably, you know... be a start in the right direction for getting me to leave you alone.

Moot: Well, I love female attention... so who says I want you leave me alone?

Angyl: Hmmmmmmm?

Moot: I mean, what if I'm an attention whore and I don't want you to leave me alone?

Angyl: Well then, I guess that would just make sense - I mean, you are the fuckin' - well, you WERE the owner of 4chan and all. That'd be in a sense whoring.

Moot: It's true

Angyl: Hmmmmm... so... are you gonna to take the first step in the right direction?

Moot: I don't know. Give me a specific, what - again, what do you want?

Angyl: For a first thing I want, I think a FULL, you know, body, face included, everything picture - with the words, fuckin' - "Angel ownz me" somewhere on it. What would be kinda amusing, I'd probably lulz a little...

Moot: Angel?

Angyl: Yeah, but it's not - it's A-N-G-Y-L. Yeah.

Moot: Ah, A-N-G-Y-L. Is this like from Bantown or GNAA or anything, or ED?

Angyl: No I'm not from. So... mmmmm, why do you think I'd be from there? Doesn't a bunch of ---

Moot: I don't know. Well, who are you with then? I don't - I'm not sure I follow... troll groups, very often.

Angyl: I'm... kinda... with myself here.

Moot: Oh!

Angyl: But, how indecipherable anybody who wants to troll? So about that fansign... I'm waiting...

Moot: I'm... going through bills.

Angyl: Well, maybe you should stop. You know, start getting 4chan back - I mean thats pretty embarrassing. One of the most fuckin embarrassing things - like - for the internet, is to get fuckin - defaced. And 4chan is getting fucking hijacked, and even worse dude - you got open DNS jacked! You have no fucking security on your site whatsoever!

Moot: I don't even know what that means... What is - what is, I know - I know open DNS is - is a DNS server, that they have there - often ad supported, your page not found pages. Uhh, what do you mean? The name servers allows for a DNS transfer or something?

Angyl: You don't even know do you?

Moot: I'm not exactly into computers, enlighten me.

Angyl: Wow...

Moot: I kinda - I kinda got stuck with that whole system administrator job, it's not like I chose it - I don't like computers.

Angyl: You don't like computers? How can you not like computers and run 4chan? Not only... I think it's a indecipherable that you don't have 4chan anymore, honestly - cause you fucked it up! You fucking ruined 4chan. Slowly over time you just picked and picked at it and changed fucking rules and just picked and picked and you fucking destroyed it bro. Why would you ---

Moot: Hey my mom is - my - my mom is calling me, so I'm gonna go. Mommies got a... feelin'. I gotta go through these bills hun, so I'll talk to you later.

Angyl: Well, tell you what - you better get that - uh - fansign to me ASAP, ooooor I'll talk to your mommy next. Ok Hunny?

Moot: Ok. Ok. Bye - Bye.

Angyl: Ok you have a really, really good night? Mwah....... Fucking idiot ...

4chan getting hacked by its own host:


And how the users from /b/ reacted to this hacking:


Three years after this event, Xyrix (now as Ruxpin) decided to hack Cryptome with another group named Kryogeniks (composed of him, Michael "Virus" Nieves and Justin "Null" Pierres).


Wired made an article about the entire event: (

Secret-spilling site Cryptome was hacked over the weekend, possibly exposing the identities of whistleblowers and other confidential sources, according to a hacker who contacted and claimed responsibility for the breach.

The hacker said two intruders from the group Kryogeniks breached the long-running site, where they gained access to a repository of secret files and correspondence. Among them, the hacker claimed, were the records of self-proclaimed WikiLeaks insiders who have been the source of several unconfirmed tips supposedly detailing internal WikiLeaks matters. could not confirm the identity of the hacker, who asked to be identified as "Ruxpin" or "Xyrix." To verify his claims, the hacker showed screenshots of Cryptome founder John Young's Earthlink account inbox and Cryptome’s directory. The latter showed two WikiLeaks file paths. The hacker also provided a list of about 30 names and e-mail addresses of sources who communicated with Cryptome and the contents of one e-mail exchange between Young and a contributor from 2008. The contributor and Young have authenticated the e-mail.

The hacker said they broke into Cryptome using a stolen e-mail password for the Earthlink account belonging to Young. They then used the e-mail account to reset the password for his site's hosting account. The hacker claims they copied 6.8 terabytes of data from Cryptome, though "no files were deleted or altered."

"Everything was copied for analysis,” one of the hackers wrote in an e-mail interview. "Cryptome is an interesting read indeed." He added that “only data that had relatively new time stamps is being given thought. There is simply too much to sift through."

Young, reached by phone, confirmed some of the information provided by the hacker but disputed other assertions.

He didn’t know how the hackers got into his site or if data was deleted but said that "all the files were inaccessible," and that Network Solutions had to restore content from a backup. He disputed the amount of data the hackers say they obtained.

"We had a little over 7 gigabytes, but not terabytes," he said. "We’ve never had that much."

Regarding the WikiLeaks insiders, although he acknowledged that some of them communicated with what appear to be e-mail addresses that could identify them, he doesn’t believe they’re actual WikiLeaks insiders and says he’s never done anything to verify their identities, and that the e-mail addresses could have easily been spoofed.

“I’ve not verified any of those and don’t know how one would," he said. "I’ve been quite skeptical of anyone claiming to be a WikiLeaks insider."

The hack of Cryptome would seem to illustrate the real value that a site like WikiLeaks offers. Cryptome, a proto-WikiLeaks, has published many important leaks since it was launched in 1996, exposing government secrets and gaffes.

The site, however, doesn't provide the kind of secure, anonymized submission process that WikiLeaks boasts. Instead, it uses e-mail addresses controlled by Young, raising the risk that sensitive sources could be exposed by this and other hacks. Despite many controversies surrounding WikiLeaks and its founder, that site has never had a security breach, as far as anyone knows. But now Cryptome has.

The WikiLeaks Connection ————————

According to the hacker, Cryptome's WikiLeaks files contain ample communication between Young and about half-a-dozen supposed WikiLeaks insiders who, out of purported discontent with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his management of the organization, have sent Cryptome unverified tips about supposed malfeasance and other activities inside WikiLeaks.

Young, who has long been suspicious of WikiLeaks' motives, began publishing the tips this spring, despite expressing doubts publicly about their veracity. The tips prompted the ire of WikiLeaks, which referred to them as a "smear campaign" and has disputed that the sources are insiders.

Cryptome's hacker claims that although some of the "insiders" initially communicated anonymously with Cryptome using a PGPBoard drop box, they later used personal e-mail addresses for ongoing correspondence, thus potentially exposing their identities to anyone with access to Cryptome’s files.

"Six [WikiLeaks insiders] are on familiar terms with John Young," he told "Their real names are exposed in their signatures and in their messages. They are using familiar, personal accounts to communicate with Young."

The hacker noted that “ writes about problems with their leader and problems with money. He sends a PDF (was published to the site recently), some chat logs, and information about the encryption process for submits that he thinks is suspicious. This is from one of the regulars.”

He declined to identify the WikiLeaks correspondents or the e-mail addresses they used.

"Their privacy is to be respected, and they will not be exposed or compromised," he wrote. "We believe in preserving the system of transparency that Cryptome and other websites represent."

The hacker claimed that Young demanded proof from the insiders to verify their connection to WikiLeaks and that "he gets it with ease" from them.

“They are legitimate," the hacker wrote. "Those who are not, appear to get trolled (John Young is absolutely hilarious) and moved to a different folder.”

Asked if the identities of other anonymous sources of Cryptome were also exposed, he replied, “Yes, all of them are. [Young’s] address books were compromised, and many of the messages were not sent from anonymous emails ... there are over hundreds. Too many to easily quantify."

How They Got In —————

The whois record for Cryptome, which is hosted by Network Solutions, listed the site contact address as, one of Young's accounts.

The hackers got the password for the e-mail account through Earthlink's customer service center. Earthlink handles customer service for Pipeline accounts and uses a system, called MIDAS, that stores customer passwords unencrypted, in the clear, according to the hacker.

“Any Earthlink employee using MIDAS can do this without effort,” he wrote. “MIDAS is a legacy ssh application that many of the employees do not use, preferring a web interface called Spirtle instead.”

Earthlink did not return a call for comment.

The hacker said Earthlink’s system was breached about a month ago, at which time Cryptome’s login credentials were seized.

Armed with that password, according to a Network Solutions spokesman, the hackers then initiated a password reset for Cryptome’s hosting account using an online form. Network Solutions sent an automated e-mail to Young’s Pipeline account with a link to reset the password. The hackers, who had control of the e-mail account, then used the link to reset the Network Solutions Cryptome password twice – to passw0rd1 and then letmein1 – locking Young out of his account while they rummaged through Cryptome’s content.

The hackers said they decided to breach Cryptome primarily to harass a fellow hacker named Josh Holly, aka “TrainReq,” by posting a message identifying Holly as Cryptome’s hacker. Holly is best known for allegedly hacking into Miley Cyrus’s Gmail account and stealing provocative photos she purportedly sent of herself to singer Nick Jonas.

“Cryptome is a popular website,” the hacker wrote “Many people would have seen the joke (defacement), and the person (Trainreq) would have been subsequently bombarded with inquires about that to which he was clueless.”

The message included a shout-out to fellow Kryogeniks members EBK and Defiant – Christopher Allen Lewis and James Robert Black, Jr. – who were recently sentenced to 18 months and 4 months in prison respectively for a stunt in which they replaced Comcast’s homepage with a shout-out to fellow hackers.

The Cryptome hackers deleted the shout-out to Holly before many people saw it, however. "It did not have the intended effect," the hacker wrote. "Josh Holly was sleeping and unavailable for trolling."

They replaced it with another one identifying "Ruxpin" as Cryptome’s hacker. It’s not known if Ruxpin is one of the hackers behind the hack, since the hackers acknowledged they initially intended to point blame for the hack at someone else. It's also not known if Ruxpin is the real handle for the hacker who communicated with

In addition to the shout-outs, the hackers left a note for Young: "Dear John. Rest assured that the integrity of the data hosted here has not been altered. We like Cryptome and needed your site because it was popular. Sorry. Godspeed."

Young was not amused and says he's determined to hunt down the intruders.

“One of the things I’m interested in is how much prowling they did beyond Cryptome,” he said. “Any rummaging in our e-mail is different than rummaging in Cryptome. We’re going to burn his or her ass with that.”

Later, Cryptome exposed the identities of the hackers and screencaps of Xyrix himself sperging from the failed attempt to attack trainreq and recalling the events of the time he hacked 4chan. (

"Pig-kissing," derived from female, male and transexual prostitution and prison slang, is a euphemism for police informant, protection against prosecution, being hired or threatened to foment distrust among targets, a lightly-coded braggardy and compliment among practitioners, a term of contempt by police except those who are pig-kissers themselves. Also a term for illicit sex with an authoritative to entrap and blackmail. Accusations of pig-kissing are commonplace on hacker-thug forums, likely the reason Perras flaunted the exhibitionist-marketing photo below on his Facebook and the Hilton queenie pose following. Allegedly Perras conjoined with exhibitionist pig-kissers "Xyrix" and "Virus" in hacker-thuggery against Cryptome and, as they flash, many others.

"Xyrix" appears to be the ringleader of the Cryptome thuggery based on his Unwarranted Self Important putdown of those he believes to be of lesser intelligence, articulateness, technical abilities and punishment avoidance -- skills likely learned abusing his school teaching mom. His weakness is bragging and claiming credit for thuggish exploits by others. His hypersensitivity can enrage and exploit him. Easily whisawed by those wilier. A bulky physical coward who threatens weaklings with Real Life bluffs. Pretends to be a mean son of a bitch to camouflage the common hacker-thug characteristic of narcissitic onanism.

"Virus" is a skilled whiner, in his family tradition, adept at pleading mental and emotional dysfunction and blaming others for tricking a gullible minority to avoid punishment and to exploit the neglected child's dole. Technically inept but a crafty social engineer who pretends to be a hapless Latino tweenie or his "sickly" mother, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins, advised by an extended gang of unemployable homies who swap tips on scamming welfare, friends and family. Reported to be an everready sexual bucket for the monstrous "Xyrix" for pocket change and available to other beefy mentors. Pretends to be a pansexual stud to camouflage the common hacker-thug characteristic of narcissitic onanism.

"Null" is a neuter, a mule, a petty thief gelding, a freak to his family who will cooperate with law enforcement to try to control his addiction to bizarre behavior and blame shifting dysfunction. His muddled sexual orientation can be used to exploit. Avoid his pig-kisser, a lethal weapon crafted in prison. A cross-dressing impersonator -- in one instance photographed as Paris Hilton, a target of his celebrated thuggery to obtain Paris's unwarranted-glamor tips. Obsessed with fey celebrities as role models. Pretends to be imperiously asexual to camouflage the common hacker-thug characteristic of narcissitic onanism.



You can check emails detailing Xyrix 's partners role on Cryptome hacking here: ( (

Eight years later, Xyrix now reappears as Zoom (and later Internet GodSpeed), thanks to Joachim (current host of Heelturn). Here he mentions everything that he did to the trainwreck that is the, now dead, trend of "Internet Bloodsports":


TL;DR after Joachim destroyed BYBS and ditched Zoom days after requesting Zoom to dox minor viewers of IBS, Zoom joined said targets to take down IBS himself, a month after IBS starts to self-destruct, he attempts to take down Sargon with poor results.

If you're curious, here is a video of his amazing performance against @theralph:

And later, the final six hour spergout that led to IBS shattering half a week later.

On this stream alone, he shows that besides being such a fucking sperg, he is a tryhard doxer that goes all the way to contact organizations just to prove a goddamn point. Here is a 40 minute autistic video in which he tries to expose Tonkasaw with his best skills:

There are also claims that Zoom enjoys CP based off some videos shown on Ralph's killstream as well as this one shown on the IBS apocalypse stream, where he later claims to just be pretending:

Even if he was shown to be a deviant sperg on the IBS apocalypse stream, half a week later, the hosts of IBS ended up turning on each other leading to the death of IBS. Zoom claims that this was the final nail in the coffin of this whole debacle:

Tonka didn't say the real reason why he quit. The real reason why he quit was he went on 10 different streams doing damage control from sunday-monday afternoon while I napped and went to work. I came home and saw he was crying from the clips in discord.

Then, I saw him mention how his mom and grandma live in homes in his name (which is a lie.). So, I thought it would be funny to send them pizza with lava cakes and leave a note "Courtesy of the Anime Mafia and your grandson\son robby" and all of a sudden the next day he wants to quit. If only the cripple could have walked away.

Besides the pizza orders, there is also the time he proudly swatted Seth Wallace (a person who many people doubt is actually Joachim).

Anyways, after all these autistic events took place, Zoom starts his own brand of IBS, which completely flops, and ends leaving a great message to Sargon and the skeptics:

As of now, little is known about this mysterious hero, Internet Godspeed's next plan. One of his last claims is that he contacted many different media outlets in an attempt to create defamatory articles against Sargon. This had little to no effect:


Since then, he got bullied off /cow/ because of his stupid attention whoring and namefagging. It is even speculated that most of his partners during the IBS apocalypse got tired of him and left him.



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ngl i got a good laugh out of his donga exposé as it clearly got under donga's skin & that guy was obnoxious as fuck. corey is also obnoxious as fuck so i can also get a good laugh out of his dumpster fire of a stream in which he tried to get his audience to vote on who won each 'round' but there were only like 5 people watching live and 2 of them were his own guests. could he seem any more desperate to stay relevant?

Sheryl Nome

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Sep 26, 2017
Since Zoom is being a faggot again I think this thread deserves a bump, but I feel like I have to disagree with him being a cow.

Zoom isn't a lolcow. He's the opposite. He's like a fucking desert of entertainment. Enjoyment is sapped out of the world by his mere existence, sucking it away like a vampire. He's obsessed with pulling off gay ops and doesn't seem to understand that sometimes we want to just laugh at people being dumb. That's why I can't take him claiming to be a troll seriously, Zoom doesn't understand what trolling is. He thinks trolling is playing to catch a predator, not trying to get some laughs out of fucking with people.

He's also a fat fuck and the only place his ass is going like the flash is to McDonalds to stuff his maw with greasy burgers.

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Did anyone else see Zoom call @Null a pedophile last night? It happened on the fake Metokur's (MisterMetukor). I'm trying to cut the audio of it, but is stupid, and isn't letting me view the archive. Will try to update this with a snippet of it. The stream lasted 2 hours but I think it happened in the first hour.

Edit: finally let me get the clip. Sorry if you don't like Soundcloud its the quickest way to upload it. I need to listen to the whole stream and get more clips. Reviewing the little bit that I got it appears the entire stream is some sort of Lolcow intervention session in which the complain about the authenticity of content on the Kiwi Farms, and Zoom calls Josh a pedo, and accuses his mom of aiding him in criminal activities. Every lolcow had their moment and I'm sure there's more in there just waiting to be clipped.
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