Corinne Cliford / adventureswithcorinne / Corinne Forever / Corinn Esque - Psychotic druggie who latches on to famous people and attempts to ruin their life for publicity

Gustav Schuchardt

Trans exclusionary radical feminazi.
(Quickly zeroing in on exactly when in the stream this moment happened by watching the lights blink out in the building in the window behind Chris might be the most autistic thing I've done in a while.)
I like the idea that the memory of seeing Corinne get undressed is so traumatizing to Chris that it causes severe electrical disturbances in the area.


Wait it's Mistermetokur's fault that she went to Compton for irl. I guess free will doesn't exist she couldn't just decide I'm not going. Funny interview though crazy and all over the place.
This thought process. It's his fault for her going there; Compton is no different than Beverly hills, just going to Compton once got her coat stolen and coffee thrown on her.
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Shouldn't Be Trusted, Persian Descent
I remember she had an engagement with Mister Metokur when he tried to fool her into thinking he ran Kiwifarms and was "Mister Minotaur." Because she's none too bright, she fell for a blatantly obvious troll. This was brought up earlier in this thread, but the stream itself was taken down. Here's a reupload:

It's lengthy but it's definitely worth a listen in the background while you do something. Pretty much every second is gold.

I don't know much about Corinne other than that she seems very...unintelligent. Maybe all that botox seeped through her face and into her brain, I guess.
this goes on for an HOUR!
how did you she not leave?

She's so painfully annoying tho

EDIT: oh nvm, he hangs up on her (maybe she'll come back?), but damn that was funny

Roger Whore

Tell those colored boys we don’t need magazines.
Here's the clip of her ranting about us.

View attachment 957198

According to her, no one should be allowed to state their opinion online.

BTW, does anyone else think Chris and Corinne may be fucking?
Inb4 she states her opinion online about how we should be “banned from all social media” aka GET THAT OFF THE GODDAMN INTERNET

Dank Wankula

Wanking to the Bitter End
Wait it's Mistermetokur's fault that she went to Compton for irl. I guess free will doesn't exist she couldn't just decide I'm not going.
To be fair, she does seem to be barely conscious most of the time. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a room temperature IQ and some mental disorder.
She's like a slutty brain-damaged hospital escapee on a neverending quest for attention and dicks. She'll do almost anything you tell her as long as it gets her one of those things.
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Spooky Fumika ready to cast a spell on you
Chris seemed like he couldn't end that stream fast enough after an hour of Corrine's rambling. I can't imagine he was ever expecting it'd go this way, but at the same time, why the hell wouldn't you do 5 minutes of research before devoting a stream toward interviewing her? It's like he was so adamant about getting dirt on that onlyusemeblade guy, that he just threw caution to the wind the moment a random thot stated she knew the guy.

At this point, I'm just wondering how long until he's interviewing Baked or Zoom.

Anyway, here's a re-upload of the stream.

Can't wait until metal buffalo attacks Chief Hansen. DONGA NO WANT HANSEN TRIBE. HANSEN TRY STEALING SUPER BERRIES!!!! WRESTLE WRESTLE!!
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