Corinne Cliford / adventureswithcorinne / Corinne Forever / Corinn Esque - Psychotic druggie who latches on to famous people and attempts to ruin their life for publicity


“Learn by reeeing“
With Ethan Ralph and (???). Apologies I don’t drink enough soy OR have a high enough autism level to know who that other fagget is. To her credit... she IS in a dream mansion in the Hollywood hills. You can’t see the owner of the house because he’s banging LA 10s on piles of cash upstairs.

Ms. Cegination

AKA Jean Poole

I refuse to believe she's actually 45+ years old because the thought of a middle age borderline personality disorder skank having to be a thot online for rent money and attention is incredibly sad. She's 20 years old and only looks like she's 40 because of heavy drug usage, right?