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Who has the best hotties?

  • Fox News

    Votes: 6 85.7%
  • CNN

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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  • Some cable channel nobody cares about because they not sexy enough

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  • Some news outlet that nobody knows about thanks to Corporate America

    Votes: 2 28.6%

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I like me some nice big boobs
I remember Joe Rogan talking about a long time ago how Fox News always hired beauty queens and that may be part of how they get high ratings.

I just realized how effective it was when I was watching this shit yesterday.

My favorite liberal host to fantasize about would be Katy Tur, last I heard she was an MSNBC anchor. Don't know if she is still there since I watch Fox a lot these days and they have a lot of ugly ass sheboons on MSNBC ever since the riots started.

CNN is like middle of the road tier and no one gives a shit about ABC, NBC and CBS.

Well please share your thoughts about how sex sells it good for cables news.
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I like me some nice big boobs
While they are hot, it's very unappealing how they talk. They're talking authoritatively at me and the audience and women like that are just ew. Maybe if I turned the audio off I would enjoy fox news more, it's not like they're broadcasting anything important
Some people are into findom or BDSM shit would probably love Fox News or CNN for that shit.


I like me some nice big boobs
Weatherbitches are the new hotness.

I posted some Chilean weathergirl's videos there.


So these must have been the Turks whose mothers were slavs raped by the Ottomans.

Rapes do produce a lot of hot women going down the line like Filipinos or Brazilians.
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