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Courtney Thompson is a young woman from Colorado, USA. She claims to have several illnesses brought about from a "vaccine injury" from the HPV vaccine. In addition to being an anti-vaxxer, Court posts glamour photos of her suffering from her "ailments" on Instagram for attention. Most of posts involve her posing with medical "props" like at-home IVs she does herself and a pink walker she barely uses, just poses with. However, unlike some other munchies on Kiwifarms, Court swears by only using "natural" treatments and medicines. This leads to her making ridiculous recommendations to her followers about curing their diseases with essential oils and other woo, none of which is scientifically substantiated. In sum, Court is a lolcow because she fakes ailments from a medically impossible "vaccine injury" often quite comically. And possibly less comically, Court promotes non-proven treatments to her followers, who may have actual diseases that need actual treatments.

Court and the HPV Vaccine:
According to Court, her ailments all started literally the moment she got the HPV vaccine. However, there is no medical proof that any of the diseases she claims (Mast Cell Activation, Seizures, Dysautonomia, POTS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cataplexy, Memory impairments, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Celiac Disease, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and others,) are side effects of the HPV vaccine.

Court posts anti-vaxxer nonsense. This is especially dangerous as most of her audience is young women, who are in danger of getting cervical cancer if they are not vaccinated against HPV. So that's Court on the evil HPV vaccine. (God forbid she actually gets a real life-threatening chronic disease like cervical cancer.)

Court and the Gerson "Clinic," (which claims to cure cancer with coffee enemas and carrot juice)
Another thing Court has done is promote the contraversial Gerson clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. The Gerson clinic has killed several of it's "patients" by telling them to avoid treatments like chemotherapy and surgery for their cancer, in lieu of Gerson's "superior" cancer treatment which basically involves patients paying Gerson and arm and a leg for Gerson to squirt coffee up said patient's ass.

An article explaining why Gerson is bullshit from McGill University: A prominent victim of the Gerson Clinic is Jess Ainscough, better known by her blog name "The Wellness Warrior," and her mother Sheryn Ainscough, who died of soft tissue cancer and breast cancer respectively, after forgoing medical treatment for the Gerson "treatment." Article on Jess and Sheryn:

This is why several followers were upset when Court began promoting Gerson.



Court basically looks like she's taking a fun beach vacation instead of getting "life saving medical treatment."

Court and her Medical Props:
Most of these I assume she could have gotten easily form Amazon or Ebay.

She likes posing with this pink walker but never uses it:

Court in some sort of space pod, what this is supposed to do to cure her, god knows.

Court claims the reason she needs her oxygen "prop" is because she lives in Colorado which is higher elevation. (Although for most people, after traveling to Colorado from a low elevation area, their body acclimates to the new elevation within a few days.)

Court doing at-home vanity infusions to cure her- whatever.

Court's Munchausen's Behaviors:
Court teaching her followers how to convince their doctors they have diseases:

Court says the movie "Brain on Fire," starring Chloe Grace Mortez playing a girl with brain encephalitis, copied her.

Court claims her acne is mast cell disease:

Wow Bonus! Court is still alive despite claiming she has Mast Cell Activation, Seizures, Dysautonomia, POTS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cataplexy, Memory impairments, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Celiac Disease, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and others, and treating them with nothing but natural oils vitamins! Totally proof essential oils can basically cure epilepsy, am I right??


Court has such chronic endometriosis she has literally no energy for anything except poses for Instagram
Court using face masks to cure digestive disease.

Court scratches herself to make it look like she has bartonella streaks:

cred: Reddit illnessfakers

Bonus Court!!

Court sells essential oils from that annoying MLM Young Living which has bankrupt many a good Christian yoga wife. She claims they help cure her diseases. Here she claims her oils and magnesium vitamins can help clinical Anxiety. (News flash, they can't!)

Court's Social Media:

Court on a Facebook video:
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A quick symptom list for all of her illnesses listed (Spoilered for convenience.
Ehler-Danlos Syndrome (PDF uploaded)- Affects connective tissue, primarily the skin, joints, and blood vessel walls. Symptoms include: overly flexible joints (may dislocate), translucent and elastic skin which may bruise easy. Dilation and rupturing of blood vessels may also occur. It is inherited.

Mast Cell Activation is a bit more indepth so here's an article (archive).

"The myriad symptoms patients with mast cell disorders experience during mast cell activation can wreak havoc on patients on a daily basis, and multiple organ systems, including pulmonary, cardiovascular, dermatologic, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, and neurologic can be involved. Table 1 lists some potential effects linked to specific mediators.5-13 Symptoms (Table 2) may include, but are not limited to: flushing of the face, neck, and chest; headache; tachycardia and chest pain; abdominal pain, bloating, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), diarrhea, vomiting; uterine cramps or bleeding; rashes, including maculopapular cutaneous mastocytosis (MPCM)/urticaria pigmentosa (UP), telangiectatic lesions; bone/muscle pain, osteosclerosis, osteopenia, osteoporosis; itching, +/- rash; blood pressure instability; brain fog, cognitive dysfunction; anxiety/depression; lightheadedness, syncope; and anaphylaxis. These symptoms may appear as acute (as in anaphylaxis, see Table 3) or as chronic conditions. It should be noted that the manifestation of anaphylaxis or similar symptoms among infants and preschoolers may be more difficult to identify."

POTS(Post orthostatic tachycardia syndrome)
(PDF uploaded)

This syndrome is usually triggered when a person stands up after lying down. It most commonly affects women between the ages of 15 and 50. Symptoms include lightheadedness, fainting, and rapid heartbeat, which
are relieved by lying down again. Adding extra salt to the diet, increasing fluids, and taking medications can
help the disorder. The cause of the symptoms is a reduced blood volume.

Fibromyalgia (PDF uploaded)- Widespread muscle pain and tenderness.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (PDF)-

Chronic fatigue syndrome occurs more commonly in women. The cause of this condition is unknown, but may include environmental or genetic factors. The main symptom is fatigue for over six months. The fatigue often worsens with activity, but doesn't improve with rest. Treatments include graded exercise therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Other medications or therapies may provide symptom relief.

Cataplexy (Archive)-

Cataplexy is a sudden and uncontrollable muscle weakness or paralysis that comes on during the day and is often triggered by a strong emotion, such as excitement or laughter. Without much warning, the person loses muscle tone and can have a slack jaw, broken speech, buckled knees or total weakness in their face, arms, legs, and trunk. A person experiencing total cataplexy stays awake and is aware of what is happening, but cannot move. These episodes last up to a minute or two, and some people may fall asleep afterwards. The frequency of cataplexy episodes varies widely among people with narcolepsy. Some individuals avoid emotions that may bring on cataplexy.

Memory Impairments- Probably short or long term, most of these previous disorders and syndromes have that as a minor symptom.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (PDF)

Chronic arm or leg pain developing after injury, surgery, stroke, or heart attack.

Celiac Disease (PDF)-
Over time, the immune reaction to eating gluten creates inflammation that damages the small intestine's lining, leading to medical complications. It also prevents absorption of some nutrients (malabsorption). The classic symptom is diarrhea. Other symptoms include bloating, gas, fatigue, low blood count (anemia), and osteoporosis. Many people have no symptoms. The mainstay of treatment is a strict gluten-free diet that can help manage symptoms and promote intestinal healing.

All these diseases are fairly rare (Celiac Disease and Fibromyalgia are more common), some with crazy symptoms she would be showing. Some of them are also more common in women, but all require a medical professional to diagnose.

If I had to guess which ones she honestly might have (Looking at her Instagram it doesn't look like she has any) it'd be a combination of Chronic Fatigue (More common in women, would meet the symptoms of several others), Fibromyalgia (Typically older adults but young adults may develop it), and Celiac Disease (Gluten in her system could cause the others symptoms that match some of the other disorders.


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For some reason that pod thing reminds me of the learning beds from the venture brothers.
I assume the pod is a hyperbaric chamber. The air we breathe is approximately 21% oxygen while that chamber is filled with essentially 100% oxygen. It can be used for people who get carbon monoxide poisoning as oxygen and carbon monoxide compete when binding to hemoglobin in our red blood cells. Unfortunately, too much oxygen is not good, especially for a perfectly healthy person. Your body could produce Reactive Oxygen Species such as superoxides which damage DNA and other components of cells.


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I see a claim made by Courtney that she has CRPS.

This one always makes me immediately skeptical as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is very rare. It usually occurs as a result of some traumatic injury or as a result of some surgical procedure. There is no cure; it can only be managed. There is NO recorded case attributable to any mythical "vaccine injury".

The poor sods who have it will not be posing for selfies with a smile. They are too busy trying to live through the shocking pain associated with the disability associated with the syndrome.

There is a pretty much set medication regime associated with the syndrome and I believe that the Courtster takes absolutely none of the usual medications offered: anti-epileptics, opioids, tricyclics, etc., etc.

Rubbing some bullshit oil on yourself or huffing candle smoke will not help. It just makes you look like a fuckwit.

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Oh so I can blame my body and mind's complete dysfunction on a vaccine I had when I was 13???? Cool!

Only if you post about it 1 in every 10 times, with the other 9 being pictures of you at the beach or dirt biking in the desert. Bonus points if your picture is in a different biome every other picture. Double bonus points if you can somehow add the IV into the picture while on the dirtbike.


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I assume the pod is a hyperbaric chamber. The air we breathe is approximately 21% oxygen while that chamber is filled with essentially 100% oxygen. It can be used for people who get carbon monoxide poisoning as oxygen and carbon monoxide compete when binding to hemoglobin in our red blood cells. Unfortunately, too much oxygen is not good, especially for a perfectly healthy person. Your body could produce Reactive Oxygen Species such as superoxides which damage DNA and other components of cells.
Although that type of thing is like so 1950s, usually replaced by external oxygen going into the nose through a tube in modern hospitals. I worry about an untrained person using a 100% oxygen chamber due to combustion risk

Update, Update! Guess who won the chronic illness whatever award?! And they even support her bogus and dangerous anti-vaxx claims

Oh my gosh, how long until one of her impressionable followers turns down the HPV vaccine and ends up in the same early grave as Henrietta Lacks?
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It's very inspiring her illness hasn't stopped the insta-thottery. Life truly finds a way

So apparently "Cupping" (pressing cups against your skin) makes "toxins" float to the epidermis and vanish into the air of the cup, somehow?

Also if this cup is pulling toxins, shouldn't you not use the same one again without washing it? Lol

lolwat3.PNG Here's the munchie origin story post, if anyone's interested. One thing I noticed is that there is a slew of cows going by the "chronically.*" prefix, one of whom is mentioned here, anyone know anything about that?
lolwat.PNG Spoonery autism here. If you don't know, the "spoony theory" is the idea that every person gets a certain amount of spoons per day when they wake up to do tasks. As a baseline, a healthy person wakes with 15 spoons and it takes 3 spoons to make a meal. How this works for chefs is anyone's guess, but this is mostly to handwave these munchies incredible laziness. They don't have the same amount of spoons as a healthy person does because they are sick! Speaking of,
That's right. She had to conserve energy, or "spoonys," for months, to go to a concert. Something most people consider a pleasurable casual activity. Such neurotypical thinking! Thankfully, Courtney had enough spoons to take this picture of her get up.


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I'm more puzzled why she goes through all this trouble when she can easily pass for an instagram thot. She'd get the same attention without the hassle or long term consequences.
The gratuitous booty and bikini shots from her Mexico "cure" visits are definitely Instagram-thot material. Maybe being a victim of imaginary illnesses makes her stand out more in that world?


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This woman/child is not only NOT sick, she’s never even known anybody with a serious illness to emulate. She clearly hasn’t got a clue what fatigue is, she just wants to sit on her ass. Real fatigue is not something you can save up for to do what you want in a month and it’s hysterical that she believes it.

When I hear POTS, Ehlers-Danios, Chronic- Fatigue and Fibromyalgia I always think Munchie. Because, they always are munchies. They can never have just one.

There are a lot of Gerson type clinics in Mexico. While I’m sure they’ll take anybody’s money, they like to focus on cancer patients who are afraid chemo. . They pump the patient full of steroids, while giving whatever crazy treatment they focus on and pretend is the cure. Naturally people feel better on steroids, even pretty sick people. But then the steroids wear off and people have essentially ignored their cancer. Depending on the type, if they did surgery they had a chance of surviving anyway, so feel like it was the clinic that saved them. But if they didn’t do any conventional treatment, cancer comes back and kills them. Win/win for clinic, but not so much for patient. Those clinics don’t put those people in their testimonials, of course. And there is a reason they are in Mexico and not in the US.

"Men" reporting abnormal Pap smears and cervical dysplasia: Could non-vaccine-related fuckery like hormonal experimentation possibly be to blame for those things? "In addition, results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) showed that circulating levels of sex steroid hormones testosterone and possibly estradiol were also positively involved in the etiology of CC [9]." Hmm.
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It looks like the Activated Carbon Dustproof Mask my husband wears for work (just a different color). LOL I don't think it'll protect against germs.
It's a Vogmask, so no it doesn't protect against germs. Although she certainly likes to claim they do!

Courtney's Facebook
Mom's Facebook
Brother's Facebook
Dad's Facebook


Court's kind of my pet munchie so I've got a bunch compiled on her.

She makes a huge deal of her IV's: selfies, actual videos of the needles piercing her skin, you name it. But they're just Meyer's Cocktails, which are a combo of basic vitamins and minerals. So not a cure for anything except maybe a hangover.

Claims that crystals can heal migraines, anemia, and anxiety.

She also shills Young Living essential oils and tries to get her 12k followers in on her downline.

She claims her EDS and POTS are so severe that she needs a walker, but can complete a three-story aerial agility course, EPIC Sky Trek.

Once upon a time she was in the ER with "ears leaking like crazy" on her Chronically Court account, and then miraculously at a baseball game that same night on her personal account. Her dad even posted a pic with her. She does this a lot: posts contradictory pictures on her various accounts.

Mountain Climbing Goal.png
And her goal this summer is to climb a mountain. The same girl who claims she needs a walker.

Last July, Court went to the Gerson Institute in Tijuana, Mexico, which costs a whopping $12,000 for a minimum two week stay. She would post pics where she appeared sick on her CI account, while her personal account made it seem like she was on a tropical vacation (spoiler alert: she was, just with significantly more diarrhea). 15.png cc gerson.png 25.png

After a week, her and her equally crazy mom seemed to wise up to the fact that Gerson therapy doesn't work, even for fake illnesses.

They left for San Diego although she kept posting on Instagram making it seem like she was still in Mexico. She posted to Facebook that treatments went "horribly." I'm sure consuming nothing but juice and doing 2-3 coffee enemas a day for 7 days DID go "horribly."

Here she is trying to make it seem like she's so so sick by going to "treatment" in a grocery store parking lot.
Regenerative Wellness infusions.png
Turns out she can buy her "treatments" on Groupon.

There's SO MUCH MORE on this girl; if anyone's interested I'll post more.
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