Covid conspiracy - What does Kiwifarms believe are the truths behind COVID & The New Normal?

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Who/what really started Kung Flu Fever, and how did The Powers That Be respond? (multiple answers)

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Haim Arlosoroff

Archpolitician June Lapercal
Jan 27, 2021
Kiwifarms, after one year, I would like to know what you all think about the origins and players of this Great Reset we find ourselves in. Do you believe the Official Story, what is the Official Story to you in your country? Are you awake to the contrasting narratives, or asleep in fear or trust that better minds than you have things well in hand? Is the 'Great Reset' masterminded by the World Economic Forum or a sign of the times, and is it just corporate centrism in order to bypass governments or a great socialism which is going to be imposed upon corporations? Do you support ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’ or do you think the world does benefit from a company’s management owing an overriding duty to its shareholders? Should the opportunity be seized to make the kind of institutional changes and policy choices that will put economies towards a fairer, greener future? Should Greta Thunberg shove sharpies in her pooper and post the result now that she is 18? Is COVID ultimately just a Hoax, is it more terrifying then we can imagine, are the protocols working, or are they just to end the 'Trump Economy'? Are the hospitals faulty or are they hardy?

Just what the fuck is patent WO2020060606A1, and does it require worldwide injections in order to create its dystopia? What are patents US7220852B1, EP1694829B1, US20060257852A1, and US7776521B1 and should they be legal? During Event 201, should they have spoken so confidently about integrating so many social media, TV, infrastructure, financial institutions together while also questioning whether people should have any right to critique any process or component never mind criticism of the whole mechanism or the underlying disease? Should the Churches have closed if the Walmarts and the Weed Stores are open, should the beaches really have closed if the Ports are to stay open? Is healthcare a fear used by the The Powers That Be to control you, or is it a human right? Is UBI the same, or is the answer different?

Do I alone think that, due to elites' beliefs of Climate Change being slammed against their need for excess and splendor, these horrid Green New Deal theories cause The Powers That Be to have a vested interest (True or False) in saving the world through precise elaborate falsehoods which would contrive to allow the rich to continue their excess, while meeting climatic goals, but which shut down the average man in order to still meet those goals such that the vaccine passport and other paperwork needn't be worried about among conspiracy theorists because they will be so artificially rarefied, by careful control, in order to allow only an elite to live the common Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic Lifestyle the boomer brought into being which is thought among the elites to be so destructive but which they are also addicted to? I expect ridicule from you yes, but I'm making a specific claim that I think provides an explanation for the elaborate governmental/corporate/green/COVID synecdoches and Synchronicities which we see only by happenstance and as a tangential result of policy. Davos has been called an ‘ideological synchronization environment for individuals, corporations, and governments to keep on the same page.’ The Great Reset might be all the more terrifying for not being a sinister plot but a careful open consideration of your best interest by exactly the wrong people.

Hard Times do need Hard Ways. I hope we can survive and overcome.
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Jul 29, 2020
Here's what I think happened:
  • The ChiComs were working on a bioweapon like every other superpower has/anticipates/has done historically.
  • The weapon escapes containment.
  • Spreads like fuck, the Chinese immediately start rolling out vast economy shaking measures that require half a trillion USD in stimulus.
  • Evidence of the spread and danger leak through the Great Firewall (doctors with AKs, breakdowns in hospitals) in large enough volumes that 8chan, 4chan and Reddit pick it up.
  • Gets called nCov-SARS2 under standard nomenclature.
  • Hits countries across the world, those countries that have the stones to lockdown early and lockdown hard get through the worst of the virus quickly and with virtue signalling afterward.
  • Countries that have had a pandemic last to the time of writing didn't listen to/didn't have proper intelligence that literal neckbeard retards had months before it got first observed in their countries and took the minimum of effective precautions due to bureaucratic inertia or resistance and a reliance on a service economy.
  • Everyone starts to lose their job while the richer get richer.
There will be people with long-term health conditions that would have never got them and people who wouldn't have died as early if it weren't for the poor handling of containment the world over and the corruption of the UN. That being said, what the pandemic has been far more of than a disaster is an absolute infallible demonstration of the weakness of the West, especially the UK and the US, in the face of disaster. The governments of the UK and the US should have been far, far more forceful and decisive to prevent disease spread and to prevent people getting thrown on the streets, respectively. Yet, the UK government is considering a lift on lockdown and a reduction of travel restrictions while there are still cases in holiday locations and across the country (ONE AND ONLY ONE CASE STARTED ALL THIS) and nowhere near everyone has been completely vaccinated yet and getting Biden to clear basic 'no shit' 'I promised this in my campaign' stimulus with a majority of Dems in the Senate was like pulling teeth.

This was never entirely about the tragedy of the death and the harm. It's about the great tragedy still that, under the current status quo, the future shall surely bring. The villainy that the powerful will conduct, their incompetence, and what will be destroyed in such times is merely forewarned by the times contemporaneous.

This is merely the shape of the nightmare yet to come.
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Haim Arlosoroff

Archpolitician June Lapercal
Jan 27, 2021
Edit: What the FUCK are those poll options?
I want to know the how people combine the various narratives to COVID so I tried to make choices based on factoids, be narrow, and be non-subjective. Mostly, to be 100% honest, I want to see what the least popular options are:
  • China did/could not stop the spread unless the Neoliberals shut down the airports and they wouldn't​

  • Bill Gates is not only innocent of current events, but he did nothing wrong in India and Africa​

  • The world/America used COVID protocols logically given the information at the time​

These are currently picked by nobody, even though they could at no cost to themselves.

Bad Gateway

[shitposting angrily]
True & Honest Fan
Nov 14, 2019
I'm scared of the mass of midwits who normalize World Health Organization & World Economic Forum anti-straight anti-white anti-christian tranny horseshit like 2 3 masks, 2 3 vaccines, 2 3 decades to flatten the curve. Democracy is a nightmare I want to wake up from.
Help, police, you all outnumber me

Synthetic Smug

True & Honest Fan
Dec 16, 2019

“It is the business of the future to be dangerous; and it is among the merits of science that it equips the future for its duties.”

― Alfred North Whitehead, Science and the Modern World

Return of the Freaker

True & Honest Fan
Jan 19, 2020
Accident at the WIV, probably. Escape of a gain-of-function SARS strain. They immediately moved to cover it all up because it was military research.

This is what happens when you build a BSL-4 lab out of Chinesium and plop it on the outskirts of one of the most populous cities in the world.
I think it was a mix of intentional plotting and chings gonna chong. The USSR did similar shit with weaponized anthrax.

Penis Drager

My memes are ironic; my depression is chronic
Aug 8, 2020
The virus came from chinks being disgusting and eating bats. A bit of apprehension about it was perfectly reasonable and it should be taken seriously if you are in a demographic that is more likely to have a serious case. But it's not cause for panic.
The response to the virus has been so incompetent primarily because of political partisanship. The left is going way overboard with the restrictions to spite the right. The right is being as lax as possible about the thing to spite the left.
The fear of government overreach isn't wholly unfounded though. Up and coming dictators are notorious for using crises to consolidate power.


Three Time Survivor of the Rona Jab
May 30, 2013
Like in the very beginning, the very first Rona symptoms were the trifecta of fever, fatigue, and dry cough.

Then, when Rona hit the states, the laundry list of symptoms expand to include loss of taste and smell, runny nose, sore throat, diarrhea, and chest pain.

What was the Chinese government keeping from us? Not everybody with rona experiences the textbook trifecta. Chinese people infected with a very, very mild case probably thought it was the strangest cold they ever had.

It took months before these mild, cold-like symptoms made the official list. Before that, a mild case of Rona meant that you had a KO version of the flu and not on a ventilator.

The way that the media portrays the average rona virus suffer was all wrong. According to the media, the coronavirus symptoms are totes the worst case of the flu ever, dude, not milder than the common cold, man. I had keto flu, PMS, and the common cold way worse than my wimpy Rona sniffles. Now, I am not saying Rona is something benign and harmless. What I am saying is that the media is lying and covering up the very mild symptoms and cases. The virus would spread faster if people think they have a mild cold instead. Why waste money on being tested for something even milder than a common cold?

Cavalier Cipolla

Водка плохо, Супер Нинтендо хорошо!
Feb 24, 2021
The media is covering them up because dramatic headlines get clicks and sell newspapers. Nothing new here. However, what could be covered up for covering up purposes is the amount of new cases on a regional basis. In my country (Croatia), only on the TELETEXT page of the public broadcaster can you easily find up do date new case counts on a regional basis. Croatia's official rona information website doesn't show that. About the severity, here's something I noticed way back, on Italy's equivalent site. The average age of those infected was about 60 to 70. The average death age was about 80. It could be the reason why mild cases were considered if you had some bad flu equivalent symptoms.

One could also say that since it was a virus with documentation as good as SNES documentation (outside of Nintendo, obviously) was in 1997, trash, it was all amplified for cautionary purposes just in case it's even worse than the Spanish flu was, to avoid mass death and to enable more documentation of the virus. In the end, the death rate seems to be at about 1.6-2% outside shithole countries, which isn't as mass extinction sounding, but still more than the worst flu after the Spanish one; the Asian flu which sat at about 0.5%. Also, hospitals were being stressed in their capacity during moments with a lot of new cases. If rona was permitted to spread even more it would possibly have had caused hospitals to be completely full, and there's only so much people you can fit in a hospital while also giving adequate care. Which would cause more deaths, unless more hospitals were built.

As for how it was all handled, that depends from country to country. Since I'm a lazy nigger, I'm gonna use my country as an example. The first wave was handled really well, we had double digit new cases every day in the worst case scenario. But we were in lockdown, though not as strict as in Italy, as there was no curfew, and you could go outside for a walk, run or a bike ride normally. No masks were needed. The case counts varied from region to region, with Zagreb having most of them for a while (which isn't too surprising since its population is about 800k, which is 20% of the country's population) until the Split-Dalmatia county beat Zagreb to it somehow despite having half as many people living there. Istria was the one who dealt the best with rona. A trend that continued, but more on that later. Stores had a limit on how many people could be inside, tho. I also started being very active in VRChat around that time, but I ain't gonna go in further details about that, because of powerlevel material. Some time after lockdown was imposed, Zagreb was hit by an earthquake which didn't help with the situation at all. Around early May restrictions were getting less severe, as cases dropped. By June we were pretty much rona free. And later on Baška, a place I go to on summer holidays since I was born, was filled with tourists, as was the entire northern Adriatic, while still being the part of Croatia where rona was handleld the best. This made our tourist season much better than predicted, to the point where Italy became desperate and IIRC decided it would give bonuses for Italians going on holidays domestically.

But the yokels/rednecks from the east and mainland Dalmatia, as well as nearby parts of Serbia and Bosnia ruined it all with their redneck weddings, by spreading it gradually to other parts of Croatia. Though not my part of Croatia, yet. And all of Croatia had to suck it, with masks being required in stores all over Croatia, even rona free parts. And Split with its surroundings kind of went to shit, rona case wise, compared to the rest of Croatia, thanks to irresponsible local bars, restaurants, clubs etc. A distant relative of mine had a wedding at that time, which NOBODY wanted to attend, as my cousin told me. His grandma was not impressed at all, being a retired doctor. Fortunately, it all ended well with everyone behaving responsibly. I didn't attend it, if anyone asks. But most of these weddings were irresponsibly dealt with, and I said to everyone I knew that regional based lockdowns and bans on those redneck weddings should be introduced, as that would likely improve the situation considerably. Well, fortunately it really went to shit only after we'd already left a very good impression on tourists and many others alike. And the second wave came, which made rona cases skyrocket, reintroducing limits on how many persons could be in a store at one time, and nobody thought about imposing the mentioned bans. And the irresponsible yokels who returned from Dalmatia brought back rona with them. Since everyone relaxed a lot, we reached a point where we were having 3-4k new cases daily, taking even Istria out of the green zone where it lasted for quite some time, though it fortunately stabilized at those numbers until regional based lockdowns were imposed sometime in late December with bars, restaurants and gyms closing. And the magnitude 6.4 earthquake in Banovina happened, which was felt all the way to Napoli, apparently. I also felt it, but it was only about magnitude 3.9 where I live. Lockdowns were lifted to make it easier to help out people in the affected region.

Bars and restaurants also opened eventually, after rona finally slowed down, but in my city infested by commies and ruined by them some bar became salty and banned HDZ (the ruling centre right wing party with some potential lolcows) supporters from their bar, which was quite embarassing. As if SDP (the main left wing party, also containing potential lolcows) would have done it better. Now we're introduced to the third wave, yay. And now my region, Primorsko-Goranska county, took the shit title as the region with most rona cases. With 1079 active cases, as of March 17th 2021. Istria is chilling with 97 active cases, despite having 2/3 of my region's population, making it again a winner. Vaccination is ongoing, though slower than it should be.

And recently I got in a heated argument with a friend of mine, who I probably made salty, about some rona conspiracies of a political nature without proper backing evidence. Which shocked me since she is otherwise a fairly smart and very nice individual who isn't a Karen. She said the civil protection HQ (or whatever the English translation is) greatly exxagerated the rona case counts, and that 90% of doctors can confirm it, but they're too scared because the HDZ member hospital directors would fire them immediately. And that those who were interviewed on TV are all puppets. She said that her aunt, who works in KBC Rijeka, said that the hospitals aren't as crowded as it's said. I questioned her claims and asked her why don't we have doctors whistleblowing the alleged truth, since we're not in China or, more relevant for our region, Yugoslavia where that would get you locked up. I told her that either Croatian doctors are a bunch of spineless pussies, or she's spewing BS. She went for the doctors being pussies part. I also questioned her why didn't doctors in other countries in Europe, that are more serious and less corrupt than Croatia, stand up and show concrete evidence to back their claims like doctors in China did way back in January 2020. She said it's different in other countries. I also confronted her with well renowned doctors and scientists alike asking everyone to take rona seriously. And that our region prefect isn't even from HDZ, but SDP. I confronted her with the fact that closing bars and restaurants means less profit for them which means less taxes for those she accuses.

So what's the conclusion? I believe that restrictions are being too binary, if it can be said so. They are generally either non existant, or too wide. They should be a lot more flexible. Regional based lockdowns should be implemented sooner, before rona spreads from those regions.
The political overhead for vaccination is downright retarded. Just give us a goddamn vaccine that is proven to work well, be it from the US, Europe or China and Russia. For all I care even a vaccine from North Korea, ISIS, Somalia or some vaccine made by aliens who built the pyramids is perfectly fine so long as it works well and is obviously safe.