Covid conspiracy - What does Kiwifarms believe are the truths behind COVID & The New Normal?

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Who/what really started Kung Flu Fever, and how did The Powers That Be respond? (multiple answers)

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Cavalier Cipolla

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Feb 24, 2021
A little addendum on the new case count on a regional basis conspiracy mumbo jumbo; so basically it could be that the regions don't really want to lose their reputation when they suddenly have more new cases than everyone, but not a lot more active cases.

The Ultimate Ramotith

Apr 11, 2018
I say tha the Wuhan Institute of Virology was at fault... on purpose. The WHO are merely their 'attack dogs'. Bill Gates and Shichenonji were not involved, though I do not know of anything Bill Gates did on India nd Africa.
Then again, there is Event 201, which I believe was a deliberate rehearsal.

I do not hink tha the Democrats pecifically decided to spread Wu Flu; they were too busy calling him racist because Donald Trump, who was their sole focus, wanted to shut off access to Red China. Did you see the #StopAsianHate hashtag? That does not mean tha they did not exploi the pandemic after the fact; they deliberately blocked approval of the 'vaccines' (actually non-fully-tested and not-truly-effectiv experiments) until after Donald Trump left his office. They are also using the resulting lockdowns to their advantage; Democrats love power.

I say tha the world initially did the bes they could wi the knowledge they initially had, but, since more information emerged (mainly the treatments of HCQ and Ivermectin), there was a cross-governmental blockade of 'unapproved' treatments and other measures that could end the pandemic; there was a lot o focus on th effects on t heart from HCQ, but not on how the drug already ha decades of safe use. People praised Australia but ignored Sverige. There was also how Donald Trump's endorsement of HCQ automatically made HCQ the new Zyklon B to the many 'anti-fascists'.

Hot Cup of Joe
Apr 23, 2021
It's a weird one. None of the narratives make sense, from any sides. The timelines don't even add up, as according to some, covid-19 (discovered in 2019) hit the west in late November/early December. By the time it had done the damage, the west shit its' collective pants and hit lockdown mode, which was blown out of proportion by the media looking for clicks.

After that, it has been a complete shit show. The masks were just a visual symbol to pacify the normies and to make it look like the government were doing something, and i can respect that. Masking up now is just retarded.

The vaccines obviously don't work and i believe that was by design of companies like Pfizer and Moderna, who had access to the coof material months before anyone else. They effectively forced the governments of the Wests hand by burdening them with vaccines that don't work, effectively syphoning money from the population without selling them a product. That leads to a bigger conspiracy where business and government are at war with one another, which i won't go in to here.

As for the future? I hope the rumours of lockdowns and severe vaccine reactions are all horse shit, i hope the world has hit the apathy stages of "whatever, we don't care" this is all forgotten about by Christmas. Because IF we hit more lockdowns and IF we see lots of vaccine deaths/side-effects, i worry about how long this sustained period of peace will last.

Suburban Bastard

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Apr 7, 2019
The vaccines obviously don't work and i believe that was by design of companies like Pfizer and Moderna, who had access to the coof material months before anyone else. They effectively forced the governments of the Wests hand by burdening them with vaccines that don't work, effectively syphoning money from the population without selling them a product. That leads to a bigger conspiracy where business and government are at war with one another, which i won't go in to here.
Deaths are almost exclusively in the unvaccinated. The differences in both hospitalizations and deaths between the unvaccinated and vaccinated is so fucking extreme you have to be completely and utterly brain damaged to think "But it's not working".

Rumpled Foreskin

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Feb 20, 2017
Deaths are almost exclusively in the vaccinated. The differences in both hospitalizations and deaths between the unvaccinated and vaccinated is so fucking extreme you have to be completely and utterly brain damaged to think "But it's working".

See what I did there?
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Mar 3, 2021
How it started by Chinese incompetence, or cunning is unknown. I'd guess a bit if both. However when it spread many nations followed the lock step approach which was to inact a swift government takeover of everything and everyone.

I do not believe the UK and US leadership conspired to engineer the virus not do I believe it's a hoax - it's real. However they must certainly did take the opportunity to implement lock step on there nations and performed several acts of social engineering.

The masses obeyed due to the sudden loss of normalizy, the imposed isolation and finally the waves of terror they had already been subject to - bush fires in Australia, Islamic State, Russian and Chinese Aggression. All theses things soften them up.

TLDR: This plan has been centuries in the making and the end game could be a year or ten from the here and now

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Aug 2, 2021
My take:
* Virus was experimented on in a Wuhan lab
* Stupid virologist let the virus escape because... Guess what happens when safety regulations go out the window.
* Supervisor tried to cover up and pay officials. It didn't work.
* Nobody has any clue what happens for a while.
* The government catches on and the involved are arrested.
* Virus ran amok, China is suffering
* Chinese New Year comes around, and CCP is afraid travel restrictions will be in place
* They covered up/arrested whistleblowers so that the traveling Chinese spread the plague
* Chinese coverup is blown, we all remember the "whoops a deadly pandemic got released somewhere in our area, whole world is contaminated sowwy"
* We know the rest

Unassuming Local Guy

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Jun 13, 2020
If this was a bioweapon one might expect it to be deadlier than a slightly stronger flu.

All covid 19 is is a great excuse for the modern trend toward totalitarianism to accelerate. It's not a weapon, it wasn't man-made, it isn't even that big of a deal. The response was significantly more damaging, by design. Overreactions to non-threats are the defining aspect of this decade.


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Mar 29, 2014
repost from the coof thread:

Reflecting the increasing division in Current Year America in general, the views on the coof seem to be polarizing between 2 views:

The Narrative:

The coof is a deadly superplague that came from bat soup in China. The science experts - in good faith - say that everyone needs to take the totally effective vaccine and wear the totally effective mask. Lockdowns and "temporary" closures are also needed because it's a deadly superpague. Ditto for the new variants. Those dang dirty alt-right science deniers are the reason the coof is spreading.

The "conspiracy theory":

The coof was likely created by a lab in Wuhan. It's like a mutated flu or cold with a low lethality rate, usually posing a threat only to those in poor health - just like the regular flu. But corrupt globalist elite, seeing an opportunity to grab more power, spread fearmongering on the media and "social" media to convince people that the coof is a deadly superplague. Lockdowns and "temporary" closures to limit freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, demoralize and divide the "serfs", and centralize the economy (small businesses shutting down). "Face masks" because they're dehumanizing - they tyrants seem to have this BDSM fetish thing seeing the "serfs" wear them - and they're like a security blanket. The ineffective "vaccine" for who knows what (likely money and power), but they want everyone jabbed. New variants and exaggerated new cases provide endless excuses to keep the scam going indefinitely. Also Orange Man Bad.

Also there's the fringe Batshit Insane: No coof, it's 5G or aliens or something, and vaccines contain microchips, nanotech, or 666.

Like I said, had the coof happened 10 years ago, it likely would've just blown over like the swine and bird flus.

Whatever you believe on this whole coronavirus thing, I think most of us want it to blow over someday.


The true Le Champion
Nov 5, 2020
Here is what I think.
As mainstream media organizations began to lose money to other news competition, YouTubers, and etc...

There was a plot at somewhere in the media, to spread the covid hysteria to keep the ratings up. Meanwhile around April/may of 2020 the narrative of opening up too soon will kill Grandma even though the actual infection rates could be determined more by population density moreso then anything else. As the Republicans turned into the we want our freedoms almost lockstep the "resisitence turned into the show me your papers stay home save lives crowd."

Most third world countries have gone somewhat back to normal. But many of the wealthy western nations the beaurecratic class enjoys the emergency power far too much. With no real leaders in the western world to kick the masses into order we've seen the beaurecratic class both

A. set up draconian lockdowns and restrictions that are arbitrary and make little sense.

B. Following these rules have become a sort of religion for those who believe in this. As after all people who don't have any moral value system ie religion tend to get very scared about their life's end. Natrually this is why they've adopted the most hysterical argents based on emotionalism.

C. To make matters even more fuck you to the plebs. Many of the same beaurecrats who set up these draconian rules either Flaunt their own rules or try to argue that as leaders they have the right to go out and have a pint but you don't.

With all of these things going on there has been a sense of natrual anger. If not for the now obvious collision between media, beaurecrats, and pharmacutical and the obvious 24/7 cover our asses stories going on people would have revolted back in July 2020. One thing that should be noted is the George Floyd incident had been a purposeful pressure relief valve. One could see in the weeks leading up to the event that the media was ramping up the America is a white surpremacist country rhetoric because of Trump and waited for George Floyd and Ahmed Aubry to occur.
With January 6th currently going the way it is I'm fairly sure the right wing isn't forgetting and alot of people who aren't just con inc shills like Ben Shapiro are beginning to notice things they shouldn't be. It's hard right now to scream we have a problem with anti semitism in America when there are rich and powerful Jewish people trying to use their power as a cudul against white people who they hate for some odd reason.


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Oct 20, 2021
The FBI needed to use up their budget or they wouldn’t get an increase next year.

Jun 10, 2019
I was thinking about something today and I could be totally off the mark. With the election of many populist politicians like Trump and Boris Johnson (among others) many social programs prior to covid were being cut or reduced. Especially those that benefited the old, the sick and the disabled. There was a definite downsizing in what governments decided to do for their ''most vulnerable'' and a desire to do less and less as these people were seen as a huge drain. Then bam! Covid showed up and killed all these old people and the sick. U.K reports say that ''60 percent'' of Covid deaths were disabled people. I don't know guys, it seems awfully convenient for Covid to do the ''work'' for them.

Oddly enough in the 1980's during the Thatcher-Reagan power union and all the no-trickle-down-for-you economics. A new virus ''AIDS'' suddenly showed up out of nowhere to kill the undesirables (Gays, druggies). Of course regular folk got AIDS too but homosexuals were disproportionately affected.

Duke Nukem

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Jun 25, 2013
I think Corona leaked out of the Wuhan lab, personally. They don't exactly have the best storage standards there, and just because it leaked from a lab doesn't mean it was manipulated or modified by humans. It could have just been taken from a bat or pangolin or some other animal simply for the sake of study.

Either that or Randy Marsh had sex with a bat on his trip to China.

But while people come up with these conspiracy theories about what's going on, it's more TPTB taking advantage of the opportunities that are on the table than anything else.

Apr 2, 2018
I raised an eyebrow when the Belgian prime minister mentionned Covid-21.

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

The Prime Minister of Belgium says the new mutant variant of coronavirus is so potentially devastating that it should be called ‘COVID-21’.

Yes, really.

Alexander De Croo made the comments during a press conference after international markets plummeted in response to the news that the ‘Nu’ variant of the virus had been discovered in Botswana and spread across South Africa.

“You could say that this is Covid-21 instead of Covid-19: it is three times more infectious than the original virus,” said De Croo.
His remarks came in the aftermath of sustained media panic over the new mutation and the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) describing the variant as “the worst one we’ve seen so far.”

It was confirmed that the B.1.1.529 variant had reached Europe after it was detected in someone who had entered Belgium after traveling to Egypt.

Some European countries are already tightening COVID restrictions despite the fact that very little is known about the new strain and it could take weeks to determine if it is a major threat.

However, international alarm over the mutation was questioned by South Africa’s medical chief Dr. Angelique Coetzee, who described the response as a “storm in a teacup.”

According to Coetzee, South Africa has only recorded “very very mild cases” of the variant so far.