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Were all gonna make it, brah
ReviewTechUsA maybe? He lost some weight and had a kid last time I check. He probably still shills but I haven't followed him in years.

I feel WingsofRedemption is on that path now that he got a second job with doordash. In the Holy Trinity of Lulz comprising of LowTierGod, DSP, and Wings, Wings always had the potential given how introspective he's become these past years. His greatest fear isn't the money but going back to being a nobody living in a white trash neighborhood in Hicksville, South Carlonlina. He's even become more liberal which probably isolates him even more. I understand how he feels but his trolls will do anything to break him so they can get back 2017 Wings again. He needs to get the fuck off the internet if he ever wants to be truly happy.
My boy Yeezy has officially escaped the Kardashian Plantation :semperfidelis:


Homoerotic fascist
I don't know of any big ones that made a full recovery, but there are a few dead threads here and its safe to say at least some of those are dead because the lolcow improved and stopped providing new content.


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Matt Jarbo. Boulder king itself.

Got a job, stopped doing videos walking across wall mart, stopped fighting internet slapfights, really stick it to the Gunt.

Dude turned his life around.
You should read his thread, preferably all of it, since:

- He is a fucking Uber Eats slave, like he was around Bouldergate, nothing has changed. If he wanted to turn his life around, he would go for something more ambitious.
- "Stick it to the Gunt"? Like @Kraut ist, @Bryan Dunn and Tonka? Ralph is a trashfire, but laughing at him is the easiest task in the world, especially, if one is a cow himself.
- Yeah, he stopped creeping on children in Wall Mart, and instead tried to jump on True crime bandwagon, then on Real life mysteries bandwagon, then on anti-Trump bandwagon, even though he is "the most redpileld motherfucker", who "got him elected" and now tries to pose as some expert on GamerGate, even though his only claim to fame is that he was flagged by Blowie Zoey and he was stuck to that ocean of autism for years after it died. All of this unsuccessfully of course. He is still full of delusions about becoming YT-star.
- Not only he didn't admit that flagging people and lying about it was wrong, since "but no channel was taken down", he even tried to imply "I said, "my GIRLFRIEND'S GOT HER, not my girlfriend's daughter".

TL;DR He is still soy-filled bitch and pathetic excuse of a man.

I feel WingsofRedemption is on that path now that he got a second job with doordash.
>"I live in a shithole, streaming is the best option for me"
>"No, there is no jobs in my area that are more profitable"
Several months late'r
>"I make 20 dollars an hour at Doordash, I don't need streaming! Donate or I'll quit!"
>"I've made almost 400 bucks after a day at Doordash, I will quit streaming"
Still streaming despite bitching about low donations every time. Also
>married a woman for medical insurance, now makes her cry on stream and gets called a cuck, because she flirts with people from his Discord server
>admitted that weight loss surgery was a failure and he doesn't want to lose weight, SHOCKING, I know
>rages and screams again, ragequits almost every time, deletes Siege/COD every month with obligatory "never again" just to install them back the next day

On his way to redemption!

He's even become more liberal which probably isolates him even more.
If only it had something to do with Twitch changing it's policies.

The Korean dumped her once he discovered the thread,
Oh, shit, I thought he told her to DFE if she wants to be with him and she obeyed. Talk about "KF ruining lifes". But at least Jack has a woman to hug without this expression on his face.

Ok, who can I suggest who hasn't been suggested?

Kentray Brown. The guy was one of the signature members of the manosphere, who raged about women and being a manlet. People thought that in the best case scenario he is going to kill himself, in the worst - go full Supreme Gentleman. It went on and on without a glimmer of hope, he deleted his videos many times and made new channels, then tried to work-out and LARP as a fighter, until one day he surprised the shit out of everyone - he appeared on video with some girl, who called him his boyfriend and it seems that she took his V-card. It also seems that his views have changed too, so hopefully he won't slide back into the inceldome.

This is from before KF existed, but I'd say Cassandra Claire managed to turn things around. She went from writing BNF incest Harry Potter fiction, getting banned from sites for plagiarism, scamming for laptop funds, cyber bullying, sending lawsuit threats, etc. to being a best selling author with no major drama recently. They even made some movie and tv adaptions of her work. Not completely sure if she is a better person inside but certainly gives the appearance of one.

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