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I've dabbled in all sorts of crafting/DIY stuff over the years... sewing, clay, scrapbooking... right now I've been focusing on knitting (using a loom) and various bath, body, & other scented products (wax tarts and whatnot). Right now, I'm working on a king sized 10 stitch blanket... I'm 5 skeins of bernat blanket yarn in...
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Guts Gets Some
I've made so much cool shit simply because no one else could do what I wanted.

From modding one of those prop Skyhooks from Bioshock Infinite to run with a motor, to molding battle gloves from both KLK and S-CRY-ed out of metal. I generally got into from cosplay parts. I've never been much of a full character cosplayer, but I love certain props from characters. Weapons, accessories, or jackets most of all. I generally get obsessed with each of those at the start and if I really get into it, then I'll do the full character.

I made an entire Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome outfit with real vintage parts and in a similar way Max would've crafted them in-universe, simply because I loved the jacket initially, for example.

One thing I hate about costumey things is when they are cosmetic only. I strive to make everything as real and functional as seemingly possible. I hate when you can tell something is just "a costume".


thank you Dr. Purr, very cool
Lately I've been doing a lot of crochet and embroidery. Right now I'm making a shawl that is based on an antique lace table runner pattern.

Now that my work space is warmer I'm going to be casting more resin too. The next project I want to do is an accent lamp with moss and led fairy lights embedded in it.

I just bottled some dandelion and violet wine I made too and want to do a lot more fermenting projects this spring/summer.
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So, I made a prior post but deleted it. Here's some info on prison communication.

1-prison (1).jpg

This transmitter was made in a prison in Germany. What inmates will do is they'll take a prison FM radio from the commissary that should look like this:

v248b275a661e8 (1).jpg

And they cannibalize it into a transmitter so that they can eavesdrop on guards and communicate remotely with other inmates. It's essentially a prison cell phone.


This computer can be made out of paperclips. It's called the paperclip computer and it's based off a 1960s book telling you how to make it. Seen below.

It is by far the simplest digital computer ever made that can be made out of some everyday items.

Inmates have also been known to use cryptography to communicate with others or the outside world. One method they use is writing their letters using water as invisible ink, which unlike piss, milk, sperm and citrus juice, can't be detected using UV light. You have to use iodine vapor to reveal the writings. This was actually used by the Nazis during WWII.

Any crafters on the farms? As in making anything (makeup, clothes, body products, wood craft, jewelry, metalwork, etc) from raw ingredients.
Dr.Research, I'm not quite sure can we say that it's a craft or something, but I do like making some figures and little statues from the hedges I have on my garden. Few weeks ago I've purchased the best gas hedge trimmer I could find from Poulan firm, and made my backyard looking like a park of hedge statues, hah.