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  1. Not only that, but when you get older, you have to modify your makeup routine. Absolutely, no sparkly eyeshadow, ever. And you can't cake on layers of bronzer and highlighter because it will settle in wrinkles. Also, this idiot needs to learn how to do eye shadow for hooded eyes. There are plenty of good YT videos to demonstrate how you modify to compensate for the hood. I have this same problem and this is how I learned to do it. Monique Parent does a good job of make up for the mature face on YT, as compared to this trainwreck, especially.
    ETA: also, has this woman ever mentioned moisturizers? those are friends to an 'old' face. she needs to grift some oil of olay, stat.
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    weaselhat paint da happy trees!

  2. I want to know why she needs 15 different bibles when literally they all say the same god damn thing. And then she has to ruin them with her serial killer drawings. I was brought up to never write/draw/color in books and it drives me fucking insane that she ruins them with her stupid drawings. And she's so proud of them too! "Well my pastor said that God would love my drawings no matter how bad they are." No, God is probs pissed you're ruining your 20th bible with your shitty drawings that a kindergarten can do better on.
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  3. My armchair psychologist opinion is that she is a compulsive shopper of sorts. Dollar Tree hauls of low-quality crap and all that other stuff. It makes her feel good to shop and acquire. I feel like the bible hoard is one of the examples of her convenient Christianity seeing how she and Cary are gigantic fucking hypocrites.

    As for the writing/drawing my guess is seeing all the different illustrated bibles/bible journaling projects that people have done on pinterest and the like.

    So aside from quite different skills in art this tutorial uses better materials, important because the paper is thin and prone to bleeding with alcohol based markers/heavy handedness/etc. There are some printed specifically with bigger margins for the purposes of notetaking.

    That said, even with better materials we'd still be seeing those serial killer drawings (love it!) or ones that look like Jesus is drowning someone.
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    GRANDnumberofMULTIPLES thuper pigmentit

  4. There are even bibles made to be drawn in - which I didn't know until I saw one in a Mariar video - so why not save the drawings for that? Or she could make her own project where she takes a stack of shitty thrift store bibles and a stack of dollar store notebooks and tear out the bible pages she wishes to illustrate, paste them into the notebook (she can even use her scrapbooking shit like stickers and washi tape to make it more attractive) and then illustrate the opposite page? Then when she glues in the next page it will cover up and paper bleeding and she'll have a handmade illustrated bible that costs a few dollars instead of ruining bibles she paid good money for or buying a bible specifically made for illustrating.

    She's supposed to be a crafting diva, isn't she? I know she has the mental faculties of a child but come on.

    I'm another person whose parents taught them to never deface books. To this day I will use anything for a bookmark except a dogeared page.

    I might have mentioned it previously but I study 'fundies' (Christian Fundamentalists) as a hobby and Mariar is definitely wannabe fundie-lite. I can't help but notice that she always uses the plain language bibles that have a lot of explanation in them. It's interesting because fundies look down on new translations and their chosen version is almost always KJV (ie the worst, most politicised version).
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