Creative works you enjoyed until politics happened - "How politics made me hate Welcome to Nightvale and other things"


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Voltron - Da fuq is this new shit where the heroes all wanna bang each other?

Gravity Falls - this show was fantastic and ahead of it's time, until it went from being a dark show to an SJW sperg fest

Mainstream Comics - Check the comicsgate thread, nothing more needs to be said honestly. I hate 98% of the people working in comics today the medium is pure trash now.


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"So what's the solution?" to "any other opinion you have about this is wrong?"

Anarcho-communism and blind wishful thinking that horrific crimes will magically stop happening.

Thanks for clearing that up. I'd be cautious about that, but people who know what they're talking about said it.

I also went to the URL it references and dug up this gem.

If you grew up in a well-off, predominantly white suburb, how often did you interact with cops? Communities with lots of good jobs, strong schools, economies, and social safety nets are already, in some ways, living in a world without police
A certain 6-year-old in Boulder, CO might have disagreed with you.
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Looks like a troon. She's probably a translesbian.
with a girldick.

I watched mainly the original cartoon and I recall Casey Jones didn't talk that much. Now he's a loud and sassy black woman.

I still don't get what the pointis of changing old characters to shoehorn in diversity when you can just create new ones. Yes. Creating is hard. You have to use your brain and everything. But if you really care about diversity you would put the effort into crafting a new character.

So, what turtles have been coded black by fans?

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There is probably one work I enjoy more because of politics and current year tech now - The Death Note 2019 oneshot. Seems more clever and in tune with it being set in 2019.
Like last time, Ryuk the death god goes to a hyper intelligent teenage boy and gives him the Death Note, asking him to become Kira again. Protagonist goes "it's the modern day of 2017, you will get caught easily now with cameras and tracing etc". He asks 2 questions - 1) can other people see Ryuk? (yes if they touched the book before) and 2) how far away can you go from me? (about 14 km). Protag says to give him 2 years to come up with a plan, then come back and give me the Death Note.

2 years passes, Ryuk shows up again. Protag goes "great, I'm going to sell the book" and gets Ryuk to write a message on pen and paper and go to a television station 11km away - it's up for auction, use twitter hashtag and bid. People from the original series who touched the book see Ryuk, so it becomes clear that it's real. Because he's using Ryuk as a proxy message deliverer and Ryuk writes the messages, they can't trace protag at all. Eventually bidding goes up to the international level, with Xi Jipeng, Trump, Shinzo Abe, Putin etc all bidding to obtain the Death Note. Trump wins it with a quadrillion dollar bid.

Protag then has Ryuk broadcast the message to Trump that he is to equally divide the money and deposit it into every account in Japan's major bank whose owner is age 60 and below - this works out to about 10m yen per person and several hundred thousand accounts - impossible to trace. Protagonist wins, all the authorities that caught Light in the original series are completely defeated, they have no way of figuring out who it was, and a few days later the new Kira would be living their life with 10m yen in the bank, no different than anyone else. Protag gives the note to Ryuk, tells him to deliver it to Trump and to never appear before him again - he wants to enjoy his life with 10m in the bank and go back to normal.

There is only one small problem - Protagonist played the death gods so hard that the king of the death gods reeeeees and retroactively writes in a new rule. Anyone who buys or sells the Death Note will die upon taking the note or receiving money as payment. Trump in a 4D chess move lets Ryuk keep the Death Note, so he never received it, but pretends to the world that he still has it, and will never ever use it to boost his ratings. Ryuk, being a rules lawyer and being told "never appear before me again" doesn't tell the protag about the new rule change, when he withdraws cash from his account, he dies of a heart attack.

Final page shows Ryuk writing the oneshot protagonist's name alongside Light Yagami's in the Death Note, with Ryuk acknowledging him as Lights equal.
Great use of "how would this shit play out in 2019/2020 with all the modern tech and tracking", and though it throws Trump in as a cowardly man who puts his life above country, it also shows him as a shrewd 4d chess player. Also completely flips the protagonist around - he killed no one using it, bettered hundreds of thousands of lives and ended up getting more supporters than Light ever did in the original series.
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Off the top my head - Shameless, the US version. I really liked the Gallaghers, the characters had personality and proper arcs and were morally gray and in many of their situations very relatable. The dark dry humor really drew me in and it was rather good in presenting rough and dirty scenes. I really liked Ian Gallagher (Ginger so hot, small crush), the way his sexuality actually mattered and was not shoved in your face and his familiarly inherited medical disorder really gave him nuance and depth... untill season 4-5?

That's were it really took a nosedive were they really made him obnoxious and they introduced all the troon and non-binary shit in the most preachy and insufferable way possible.

That was really when even my family and friends started noticing this shit, while before they always humored me, but thought not much of it besides it being an rather esoteric topic I was occupied with. Boy were they in for a surprise!

I regularly get to hear their lamentations that they are sick of the diversity agenda crap, because even regular people notice that the writing and/or the acting is bloody awful.


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I just prefer the PS1/PS2 versions of Crash Bandicoot and the gang to be honest.
Also, I’m still waiting for the inevitable Spyro x Crash Bandicoot video game crossover that will probably never happen.

Huh? When did that happen?
I want to know, too. Alex Hirsch is a lot of things (he used to joke about eating babies a lot on his Twitter for some reason) but I didn’t think he’d go down the social justice route. Personally, I haven’t watched it since I found out that Grunkle Stan has an allegedly evil twin brother.
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For once, someone fixed Toonami's BLM Speech and it's way better than the official one.

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Stay salty BLM.

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Stay salty.
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Still a bit hamfisted and condescending but thats primarily due to the audio which not much can be done about. Its definitely an improvement over the original by virtue of using clips of black characters

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I want to know, too. Alex Hirsch is a lot of things (he used to joke about eating babies a lot on his Twitter for some reason) but I didn’t think he’d go down the social justice route. Personally, I haven’t watched it since I found out that Grunkle Stan has an allegedly evil twin brother.
He's definitely apart of that sorta SJW group, but I've seen every ep of GF. The only instance one could say would be those 2 police officers, but they were joke charactersm Completely minor and it wasnt hamfisted.
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IDK why Twitter wants to make this political, but she looks like the Fursona of that girl in The Emoji Movie:
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how ironic that the punk aesthetic is the new face of conformism, consumerism and sucking dick to corporations . It gets sold as creative, rebellious, against the grain to young people but in current year it is the exact opposite.

Reminds me of this documentary, 20 yrs old and is more relevant than ever.