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Aug 17, 2016
You want my opinion? You're all acting incredibly childish. Someone could have removed your names and replaced them with Dragondicks and her ilk, and for most of the replies here, I wouldn't have known the difference. I haven't seen a single one of you make any actual points against him. All I'm seeing is an obsessive dwelling on the fact that he likes a cartoon (let's not pretend there's a single fandom out there that doesn't have some degree of cringe in it, and don't even try to suggest that you haven't been cringey yourselves at some point), and that he can be emotional at times. Can't say I blame him. After all, he's been constantly told by others for the past four years that he's some kind of perverted abomination just for embracing a cartoon that he probably never expected to be any good in the first place. Heaven forbid we enjoy anything outside of what others believe we should. You guys really oughta know better than that. Why do you care this much about how some dude feels about cartoons? You look no different than the little uterine droppings pissing themselves because they think shipping fictional characters is "abusive".

People constantly tag him in things, hence why he has had to change his blog title and header. He doesn't go looking for any of this shit himself. None of us want any of the fecal word graffiti that's constantly smeared all over tumblr. But ask yourselves: What if no one said anything about it? It's not always the extremist that changes their mind, but those in the spectator seats that may have only been following the extremist out of fear of standing out and becoming their next target. Some people don't realize that being neutral is an alternative--that there are other people that will support them that don't do so in order to manipulate them. He, Slagar, and others make a genuine effort to not fall into the traps you're keen to place them in. It's not always easy, even if you're fully cognizant of the potential to slip. These are not people out to perpetuate negativity for their own gain, nor are they "virtue signalling". These are people just trying to be decent human beings in the face of adversity. I refuse to fault any of them for it.

Honestly, the lot of you seem desperate for someone to put beneath you in order to feel better about yourselves. I'd expect that from a pack of rabid tumblrina land whales, but I would have hoped people here would be more concerned with users whose actions legitimately warrant scrutiny. This entire thread reads more like a few people with a personal vendetta. Does it also not occur to you guys that you're the ones going out of your way to find reasons to complain about someone that bore you no ill will in the first place? If you don't think that's pathetic, then you lack more self-awareness than anyone. Maybe instead of acting like some 80's jock stereotype stuffing a "nerd" in a locker to compensate for being the only male in his circle of friends with penis envy, try picking a target that is actively lying or bullying others.

Jul 17, 2016
sweet necro post. check the date before you reply.
Sorry. I was reading through and that was one I actually had.something to say about.
I dont really think thats a problem with this sort of topic, atleast not for a few months. granted it could have used actual content to dredge it to life.
I mean the blogs I've seen were kinkmyster, crazy-possum-lady, naughtylittlegirl95 are like the cringiest I've seen @tumblr


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Aug 24, 2015
ive had the misfortune of seeing some of the cringiest zoophillia shit of tumblr. tbh thats not even that severe
Sorry. I was reading through and that was one I actually had.something to say about.

I mean the blogs I've seen were kinkmyster, crazy-possum-lady, naughtylittlegirl95 are like the cringiest I've seen @tumblr

This isn't a thread about cringy tumblrs, it's for cringy posts made in this very forum.

The post you commented on is exceptionally cringy in that that particular user had been a member of the Farms for like a year and still thought powerlevelling about her gay paedo catfucking fetish here was a good idea.

Hope that helps.


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Sep 14, 2015
She still claims to be positive FTM representation and I'm allowed to be upset about it.
People are allowed to have opinions, Dougie, quit shitting your tittybaby babyfur pants in rage over somebody not wanting some exceptional Tumblrina jill herself off to their life experiences like they're a sexual object.

Go be an edgelord somewhere else.


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Dec 7, 2016
has rory's art improved at /all/ from 2016 when this thread started? I went to college and took two art classes and came out knowing how to draw people properly and shade things right.

The Rory thread is filled with self congratulating artsy wannabes

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Jun 6, 2017
Is it okay to discuss threads that were recently moved from this subforum? (Like Glitchedpuppet that moved from here to Animal Control)


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Oct 1, 2014
You do realize Carpet-Muchers (and gays in general) go through far more break-ups and divorces right? Not to mention almost every time a gay couple engages in sex, it’s because they are either drunk, high, or partaking in an orgy.
So no, I really don’t think a Lesbo couple would be much better.

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