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Daddy's too busy fucking a whore to care Timmy.
Jul 18, 2016
We're all newfags once, so I'll explain it.

It was the Vade Thread that started it all. Vade was a serial harassing dipshit on Tumblr who looks like like that fat kid from Cool Cat Saves the Kids and according to several Kiwis, was their inspiration. Vade had a cult of personality around her that acted as a personal army and sufficient influence to make people terrified of her, despite the fact that she was a morbidly obese sexually deviant failure that literally ate dog treats. Several Tumblrites-turned-Kiwis started discussing her here, we learned more, and we were off to the races.

Vade was notable for a few unique reasons: She was one of the first lolcows I'm aware of that no one cared about A-Logging, because she was one of the first cows we covered that had a body count, specifically her ex, who she drove to suicide after exploiting and emotionally abusing him for thousands of dollars and Tumblr cred.

When the Farms started covering her, Vade tried to react to it the same way she reacted to all of her detractors, and sent several of her minions at us before a particularly hilarious failed attempt to take us on directly. One of those minions, in an effort to trollshield her, would go on to begin one of the most legendary memes on this site, beginning his post with "I'm going to preface this by saying i like the idea of fucking dogs." They did this in an effort to Trollshield Vade, and thus began a glorious multiple-car-pile-up as someone started to trollshield the dogfucker: Chained Divinity, a pedophile apologist who was an even bigger lolcow. Divinity, in turn, was then trollshielded by several more cows, and this kept going for several weeks of real time.
The fuck I just read?

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