Cringiest thing you did as a teenager -


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Not the most cringey, but still cringey in a funny way. Even if I wasn't a teen.

In elementary school at recess time, sometimes we'd play pretend. I wanted to be the Green Power Ranger, but this boy told me girls had to be the Yellow or Pink Ranger. So, we fought about it, while loudly shouting 'Heeeeee'YA!', 'Ug'AAH!', and all those dumb vocal sounds they made on the show.


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When I was in high school I went thru a "skater boy" phase and pretty much bought all my extremely overpriced clothes and shoes exclusively from Pac Sun and Journeys. I wasn't even a skater, I just liked the fashion and style, tho TBF this was back in the early 00's so it was the peak of the whole "X-TREME SPORTS" fad. This kinda makes me glad that all those overpriced mall stores are now dying companies trapped in dying malls.

Around the same time I went thru this really retarded phase where I never smiled in pictures like a fucking autist.
I guess I thought I was too edgy to do that or something.

I briefly went thru a wigger phase in junior high but that was only because I was surrounded by wannabe suburban wigger kids at my middle school. Thankfully I saw the error of my ways so that didn't last too long.
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Fake girlfriend my senior year in highschool. Not a simple Canadian girlfriend story that your friends know is pretend but they're kind and humor you. My fake girlfriend foundation was built up with layers upon layers of backstory and concocted evidence that elevated it to an unimpeachable level of believability. Granted, there were numerous factors working in my favor- this was pre-web and an all-boys school. We were all thirsty and wanted each other to succeed. One friend in our circle expressed some doubt at one point, and he was the one no one believed.

Nearly 30 years on and I still carry some cringe over this. I regretted deceiving my friends, and this lie and several others that were similarly complex were a huge factor in molding how I conduct myself today. I eventually realized the massive effort I was putting in to fabricating believable lies was better directed towards working hard and being honest and transparent. But man, even typing this out is bringing out the cringe.

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Everything. I was cringe personified. All teenagers are.

Okay. I'll give something specific. Know how people have obnoxious rap blasting from their car with the window down? I did that with Irish punk bands.
Fuuuck, I had an Irish punk band phase too.

I hope and pray we don't invent time travel in my lifetime. I will go back and put my 17-yo self in a body cast.

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Kicked the boys at school and was oblivious to love/wouldn't believe anyone who admitted to crushing on me.

Also had no indoor voice and once pretended I was the Phantom of the Opera to scare-prank someone from behind with a "Your hand at the level of your eyes" quip at a church dance. Yeah, try doing that nowadays. Can't blame the dude for being nervous around me the rest of the night.