Cringiest thing you did as a teenager -


PFurrie and MAP hater
I think you are leading the pack. At least in recent posts.
Got any more?
...I feel insulted and embarrassed.
Continuing in the "Greek Mythology" elective:
Failed really hard at a Greek-themed Charades early in that year
As I was assigned to be Thisbe, "Pyramus and Thisbe" (Prototype of Romeo and Juliet), I was given an additional line "Tonight, we will feast with the Gods from that "300" movie because the "director" heard me (loudly) complain about my role. Oh, aND the "Prince"....we fucking despised each other in every class we were assigned to be classmates and of course I defied the play's part in which the princess kisses her dead lover before killing herself in front of the whole class.
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naked and alone, we die
You deserve a clap for that. Ballroom dancing is a dying art. Holding a girl is a very important step towards dating.
I think it's sweet and productive.
I've never even gotten the chance to use that skill, because all the suit-and-tie parties I attended after devolved into wannabe moshpits. It might sound boomer-ish to shit on YA parties like that but I genuinely wish we had proper music halls again so that boys can at least practice touching girls in a decent way and not become fucking incels or arrogant jocks.

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