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We wuz Orkz n shit
You miss drinking? Well whose fault is that?
I've since started again, so...

I remember a few weeks ago I watched a JF interview with some academic about the whole drag queen story hour. Many of the faggots brought in are not vetted and turn out to be former sex offenders. It was removed by JF, presumedly due to (((pressure))).

The American Library Association is pretty notorious for pushing lefty garbage like this shit. Decades ago they pushed for Marxist books in libraries and the “Banned books day,” shit was always targeted at getting lefty shit in the hands of young people. You won’t find any (((librarians))) encouraging youths to read books of the volkisch variety.

I tried finding archived versions of the video, not much luck. If anyone has anything please post. The interview provides a lot of insight into the history of the ALA and Drag Queen Story Hour.

Second Drag Queen Story Hour Turned Out Pedo (Archive)

Ages ago I used to use Instagram a lot and was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of LGBT fervently against pedophilia/pedo entry into the LGBT movement. I would often see call to arms to mass report MAP accounts and the like. From my experience it seems the only people pushing for pedo acceptance in the LGBT are closeted pedos or MAPs.
Demons and devils exist, they just disguise themselves. A hard, impartial look at who attempts to have any kid exposed or have decided for them (the mother of the 2 year old springs to mind...) to expose, change, halt or alter anything about their bodies before the age of majority.

But I get the feeling this would mean that enough people, without fear of the SJW's attempting to socially ostracize them, to actually stop this demented god damned fucking circus show. But considering they appear to be able to even get people fired for opposing sick fantasies...

Your little guy likes pink. Whoop de fucking do. Don't brainwash him into thinking that he's a girl for it. Pink is a happy colour. He doesn't need gender reassignment, he needs a dirt bike, a fishing trip and some time with his dad. Quit letting the fantasy of "Oh what if we had a (opposite gender) instead?" get to your fucking head.
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Pink's been the color of girlness in North America only since the World War I era when it happened to be used as a marketing gimmick to sell sex-specific baby gear. Before then, it was a boyness color because it was a lesser version of the male power color, red. That's why you see old paintings of boys in pink a la Gainsborough, 1782.
Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 8.00.06 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-03-14 at 8.29.11 PM.png
It was only after the next war that the pink-is-for-girls notion spread slowly around the world with the cultural dominance that the U.S. achieved as the only major industrialized nation that had not had its infrastructure bombed to dust.

Pink is still not globally recognized as the color that girls and only girls crave, so the abrupt shift in the color preference carried by DNA that causes girls to be born in boys' bodies has not been consistent for mysterious reasons that science cannot explain. Perhaps it's caused by Divine intervention.