Crystal Maye Franks / Chibiyama / FantasyMiracle1990 - Autistic inflation fetishist. Self admitted pedophile.

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If you've been browsing the "Obscure Laughingstocks" thread, you may have come by a post detailing a DA user by the name of Chibiyama. She's quite the infamous user on DA, with her infamy being along the lines of Illicitvirus115 (who is another story for later). Chibi is a 25 year old autistic who still lives with their parents and spends most of her time on DA

She also has an inflation fetish.

And she full on admitted she was a pedophile, only to then deny she was one through a now deleted journal.
She still says she likes boys due to the way her brain functions

The epicenter of drama itself, her DA:
Her page on ED detailing more of her antics:
Her Twitter:
Her Facebook:
Her (dead) YouTube:


Domo Arigato
Oh and apparently she has a FurAffenity page (of course she does). Though it's not viewable to guests. Can't tell if that's a good thing or not.

Jesus christ that's horrific. I can't tell if she's admitting to pedophilic lust or if she doesn't understand what they're saying and is mistakenly implicating herself. Either way... jesus.
If it's the former, then she's an idiot, if it's the latter... Well she's still an idiot no matter how you look at it.


It's been fun here. Taking my leave.
Oh and apparently she has a FurAffenity page (of course she does). Though it's not viewable to guests. Can't tell if that's a good thing or not.

If it's the former, then she's an idiot, if it's the latter... Well she's still an idiot no matter how you look at it.
I doubt she is really "leaving", since she has a handful of sock puppet accounts that she pretends that they are her imaginary friends. She diverts allot of her drama and art scams on FA.

One of her sock puppet accounts where she had a skirmish with Dev-Catscratch over art. She tends to make a sockpuppet when she gets her hands on a new fandom and shits all over it.

A few people ripped her a new asshole and reviewed her "rules". She just screeched and threw a hissy fit. I heard she hs done her bullshit for a long time. Heard it started in 2011. She was rather infamous in the Megaman community with her fetishes and just bothering the admin of the Mechanical Maniacs. She caused someone I know to perma block her not only on dA, but on Youtube, G+, Tumblr, Twitter and any site.

She draws Mpreg all over her Miiverse as well and shows MetaKnight giving birth. Not fucking joking.

She changes her Tumblr name out all the time.

I highly doubt she is "leaving". She apparently holds grudges and uses excuses such as "VOICES IN MY HEAD!" or "I felt like it". She harasses a random user, yet she draws and Rps all these weird fetish shit.

A random conversation between Dev and her under one of her sockpuppets. Yeah...

This is even funnier. She harassed someone for a picture and then proceeded onto begging for it. It gets funnier. She makes a sock puppet and tells herself off.


and yeah... I doubt she is the age she really is.

Someone doesn't see through her bullshit.
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It's been fun here. Taking my leave.
Of course she's not going to "leave". Lolcows rarely do. I don't see how she's any different.

BTW, how old is she?

Fun fact. If you have ad blocker. Her site is blocked by it.

I don't get her likes and how she flip flops between fandoms. I do know she does befriend or harasses people who have similar interests in her. Which now her newest obsession is "Anpanman". She liked Twinbee before and pissed off the Twinbee community and then blamed Kojima for "ruining" Twinbee.


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It's been fun here. Taking my leave.
Had to create a furaffinity account to view her profile. This is her introduction.
View attachment 79732
She had a similar list on DA before she threatened to close her account.
View attachment 79724
Hardcore porn is scary but scat fetishes are a-okay.

Piss and shit are Super Gross IMO. I dunno why she is fascinated by it. She must like the "Where's the Poop" kid story or something.

She has Breast Inflation in her faves on FA.

Can anyone find her Underaged Mpreg pictures? She may have deleted them.

Did manage to snap this.

$60 bucks for a simple picture?

I also noticed something with her art. I heard she did admit to tracing her pictures. Her hand drawn stuff appears extremely sloppy or lazy. Allot of her other work looks like the same Miffy/Sanrio styled artwork, though. She also copies other people's styles as well or steals their ideas. This looks like she just copied and pasted the characters and colored them differently. That is traced from that.
. I have no comment on this.

She goes by various names, "Kittysis" was one of her older ones that she pretended was her sister. Found some dirt. Super Peach is her name there, so... allot of her posts consist of her horrible humor and her getting called out.Apparently she was banned on some Bomberman forum.

Archive of her posts on a Mario Hack forum where she throws some similar shit fits.

Her page is an eye sore

I do not get her logic. She hates anything adult, but classes herself as a pervert for liking someone taking a dump.

From what I do know and learned about her. She takes whatever is her favorite character and dumps them into her own fantasy world that she "Lives" in.


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A fresh new profile and already I'm cringing at some of the Garbage on here main description.
Also, what kind of a trailer trash name is Crystal anyway?


It's been fun here. Taking my leave.

I found this on her Tumblr, and I am very confused.


I'm confused here.

Her obsessions seem to vary, then again, I think it's common with some people who like something to flipflop though fandoms. Her's go to the point of harassment and stalking people who like what she likes.

She claimed she was making a Pokemon game when she never was showing progress. She also stole someone's flash game and claimed it as her own.
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