Culture Wars General - KiA Diet Coke Edition

Syaoran Li

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Looks like a parody account.
It's sad that it's become almost impossible to distinguish obvious satire from what the Woke Left is actually pushing for nowadays.

Even if this wasn't an obvious parody, I think even the most woke of AAA game companies like UbiSoft, Sony, and EA/Bioware would tell them to fuck off if it was actually real. Those demands are so restrictive that it would kill the industry and cause a genuine consumer backlash/boycott that could not be ignored.

Even Jack Thompson was less restrictive in his demands. IIRC, at one point he even agreed to the idea of making M-rated video games 18+ in lieu of an actual ban. The whole "M-rated games for 25+" is what tipped me off about it being a joke.

If it was 18+ or even 21+, I could buy it.