"Current year" terms that piss you off

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AF 802

What are some terms that involve "current year" ideologies that annoy you? (think people not liking the word "moist", in that way)

Anything with how deviant/fucked up sex ideologies are now OK really piss me off (MAP, sex worker, non-contact pedophile, third-gender pronouns, etc). It makes me horrified that future generations would be vulnerable to this kind of shit, with the future generation growing up to be even more of sick fucks than their parents were.

Sex worker is probably the one that sends a wrong vibe. Just call them what they are: prostitutes.

Guts Gets Some

Nov 9, 2018
E.g.: Erasure of trans folx by misgendering them.

Trying to equate someone not capitulating to their newspeak bullshit to dehumanizing or even murdering them is subversive to the point where it's insulting.

Thanks for reminding me.


Not sure if it's a CURRENT YEAR word, but it's new enough for me to absolutely hate.