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Using "y'all" if you're not from the South. Ironically, the types that use this also tend to believe that "cultural appropriation" is bad and should be avoided.
I know a few other people commented about “y’all” but this comment specifically is spot on. I was born and raised in Georgia and moved to California for a few years in my early 20’s. This was about 10 years ago. Every time I opened my mouth, I got roasted for my accent, but especially when I said “y’all” which is something people here say from the time they can speak.

Now, the exact same people that thought it was cute to make jokes about inbreeding, low intelligence, poverty and every other southern stereotype STRAIGHT TO MY FACE are using “y’all” to talk down to other people about how THEY should treat others and what language THEY are allowed to use. I still follow some of them on social media and they’ve all become condescending, self important, smug fucks. They think it makes
them cool and morally superior to everyone else. .

Someone who has always lived on the west coast saying something like “y’all shouldn’t culturally appropriate” makes my blood pressure spike.

But to contribute to the thread:
“Garner sympathy”- I don’t know why, but I see this phrase all the time now and I just think it looks so stupid.
“Narrative”- most of the people that say this word don’t even know what it means. At least the ones on Twitter and Youtube that say it all the time.
“Ion”- people say this instead of “I don’t” and it looks so fucking illiterate and ignorant.
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“Speak(ing) truth to power” is an annoying phrase that I only hear from internet activists. All it really means is writing long screeds on social media of how bad X is while listing off their identities (truths) as a way to “own” X. It’s another terrible phrase that I hear far too often and it’s usually attributed to those that don’t deserve it.

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"Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." There is no great virtue in making other people's lives worse. Also, in practice, the people who say this never spend any time comforting the afflicted.
I've never heard that phrase yet but it sounds horrifying.

Instead of helping everyone and trying to raise the very bottom bar higher, let's just tear everyone at the top down and reverse the positions of who is "privileged" and who is not. Sounds like such a compassionate plan, huh. Crab bucket mentality all the way for those people.


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Hate the rise of the word "latinx". Bring that to most places in central america and you will be laughed at.

"Trauma-informed, gender-affirming, anti-racist praxis"

I still have no idea what the fuck this is supposed to mean.
Trauma-informed = know that most ANTIFA fags will cry if you call them faggots when they are faggots
gender affirming = won't misgender the precious troons even if they look like Arnold Schwarzenegger
anti-racist = will try to arrest mostly white people because tryon dindu nuffin its dem white devils I tell ya
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