"Current year" terms that piss you off

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Mar 29, 2014
Wasn't "latinx" started among non-Hispanic academia in the USA?

If so, they likely claim some bullshit convoluted -- or "nuanced" as they likely call it -- identity politics argument that says it's OK for "woke" white people to make up new words for the Spanish language, but not OK for white people who aren't "woke."

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Apr 16, 2017
Overusing emojis also tends to get on my nerves a bit.


They don't even seem to form a recognizable pattern anymore.

How do you do fellow kids!

whatever I feel like

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Sep 9, 2016
Undocumented. This has been going on for a decade, I don't even have to explain how stupid it is.

"Survivor" over "victim." I make sure to never, ever do this one.

"Slut shaming". A slut is a shameful thing to be.

Queer as anything other than a catchall term. I am not gay, I am queer. Nope, that means you are fucking gay.

"Denier" as a suffix.

"Right sizing", "On Boarding", etc. All corporate bullshit speak. Although I have came up with a number of my own subversive ones of these, to describe the various bullshit practices my company engages in. "Self-terminating" for the way that they can legally classify firing employees as those employees quitting, etc.

"Inclusive." Almost always means dumbing down or making things look like a fantasy world.


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Jan 12, 2018
"Toxic": Because anything actually labeled "toxic" is more than likely not.

"Islamism": Because it's just Islam. Same with "radical" Islam, it just makes it sound like Islam on a skateboard. Also any Islam apologia in general, really.

"Oof": Unless it's an autonomic vocalization from being hit in the abdomen, you sound like a massive faggot saying it.

"Cis": Because as said before in the thread, it's an incredibly stupid term for normal people and a linguistic trick to try to get the foot in the door on tranny acceptance bullshit.

"Undocumented Immigrant": Yet another linguistic trick to soften the language surrounding a political issue. I particularly dislike this and "migrant" for how Orwellian they are.

"Migrant": You're not a fucking "migrant", you're either an immigrant or an emigrant. We're not fucking birds.

Can somebody tell me why 'yes queen slayyyyyy' is a thing? I really, really hate it.

I only hate this one because Harmful Opinions picked it up and wouldn't stop using it for like a week. Made his streams damn near unwatchable at times.


Jan 5, 2019

"gender=sex "


"identify as"

By that same note, I'd like to chip in "transracial", "transage" and "transspecies".
If you've ever thought about unironically trying to be one of these things, guzzle down your bleach now.

(when I mean transage I mean trying to use medicine or makeup to look younger or extend your life, that's fine. what's not fine is putting "21" as your current age when you've got cramps and white hair.)


This will all end in tears, I just know it.
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Feb 24, 2015
This isn't really 'current year' speech so much as it is 2000s era speech, but I'm sick of the word "process" being used to describe every side note that occurs between point A and B. It was the turn of phrasing we came up with to compensate for our lacking vocabulary as teenagers and it's one of the few artifacts from that era that legit make me cringe to hear because I know the reason why it came to be was out of a lack of better terms & ramshackle sentence structure.

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Nov 27, 2018
OP says "prostitutes" because he's too much of a snowflake to use the perfectly serviceable English word, "whores."

"Folx" is a new one on me. I don't like "latinx," but I understand its derivation. Do these fuckballs think "ks" is too close to "kys?" No comprendo.

Did I miss "problematic?" It's so conceited, like a camp counselor talking about little Timmy's behavior. We're the grown-ups here because we read HuffPo.