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Curse: the consequences will never be the sameThread to post any facts found about what happened D$P's departure from Curse

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by Raven'sChild, Nov 22, 2018.

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no one can help you

  1. Salutations,
    While never having run an MCN nor any business for that matter, I find it patently absurd any company would hold verbal only backdoor meetings ( over the course of a month ) with someone they were in a contract with. I plan to start an investigation into D$P's most recent claims. If others wish to do so, I start this thread as a place to post their findings.
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    Raven'sChild Peep, peep, RAWR!!!!!!111one

  2. I mean, yeah. It's obvious that DSP is a complete liar, and everything he says should just be assumed to be a lie, an exaggeration, or just a gin-dream.
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    The Manglement

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  3. I had planned to do this as well. Perhaps we can work together?
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    ReentryPhantom Need that money to pay my bills...

  4. Thread is posted. Can work together as far as plans so we don't dupe them. Hit me up !!!!!!111one

    Raven'sChild Peep, peep, RAWR!!!!!!111one

  5. @ReentryPhantom @Raven'sChild

    [Warning: long-ass post incoming. Not my fault, nothing I could do.]

    I was looking into this subject yesterday because I remembered reading some things about the great "MCN purge" back when it happened earlier this year. I came across an article on Polygon (http://archive.li/juIEE) from April 23rd of this year that goes into reasonable depth about the whole thing regarding a different MCN, named FullScreen. I won't copy-paste the whole article because it's rather lengthy, but I will highlight some interesting parts:
    Very interesting information, and also partially in line with what DSP said on his ThanksREEing stream last Thursday. There are also multiple examples of other Curse partners getting dropped on the exact same date as DSP's partnership was terminated, July 20th, 2018:




    And another soon-to-be ex-Curse partner posted something similar on Reddit, but also attached some emails sent by Curse to creators:

    The imgur album containing the emails:
    (no archived link because archive.li encounters bugged archiving mechanics on this particular page)
    5UZDLsj.jpg OZKUn2Y.jpg 8NgOgzq.jpg

    Interestingly enough, they specifically mention that the creators/channels/videos have nothing to do with it. It wasn't their fault. Nothing they could do. Typically something DSP would hear/read and emphasize that to at least make sure everyone knows he's not to blame.
    DSP simply MUST have also received a similarly worded email months or at least weeks prior to him being dropped, just like the dozens of other partner thats got dropped at the same time.


    Now, let's have a look at what DSPGaming's video section looked like on July 19th 2018, the day before he got dropped:

    It's the typical sight of one of the things DSP's known for: a frightening amount of videos, about 15-40 of them uploaded within a period of 24 hours, daily. You can still see his REEmergency video at the very top, uploaded on the 20th of July. And put together, the videos consist of HOURS of raw and unedited gameplay. Maybe less so regarding his Street Fighter videos, but those are the exception to the rule.
    Now, if you'd be working for an MCN, and Youtube told you that videos have to be manually reviewed from now on, and you look at the spamfest that is DSP's channel, what would your first thought be? Mine would be: "Fuck that, I'm not going to spend literally 50+ percent of my (every!) working day to sit through that shit. Let's drop this dude and focus on smaller group of our bigger, more promising partners."

    In my opinion, that is what happened. And they way Curse communicated this to their partners, planted the seed in his mind that he did nothing wrong. Or, in DSP's case: the seed that makes him think he does nothing wrong has always been there, but Curse provided the water and light for it to grow.

    In part 1 of his "DSPGaming Emergency Live Stream Part 1" on KO Gaming, he himself basically explained it was a "financial decision" made by Curse and that neither he nor Curse was to blame for the whole situation:

    Notice how he doesn't even slightly rant about trolls flagging his videos, detractors, people "illegally" taking his content etc., and how he didn't even look that mad. And that while he was fully aware of that at this point time, according to his claims during the Thanksgiving stream. He even specifically says that he doesn't feel the need to go into the specifics. Sounds to me like he just found an avenue last Thursday to emphasize on this to garner more sympathy.

    Am I saying that detractors reporting his videos didn't a play a part in Curse's decision? No, I think stuff like that most likely also was a factor that Curse considered and probably discussed with DSP, as he said Thursday. But by spamming his channel with dozens of videos every single day, DSP greatly "amplified" their impact: every single video is one oppertunity for someone to file a report, so more videos means more (possible) reports, is more (possible) work for Curse, (possibly) costs more money to maintain DSP as a partner. And if Curse really didn't want to put specific part about massive amounts of reports being the main reason for them to drop him on paper, I think they simply used it as an easy excuse for them to drop DSP because they obviously know him and the way he views people not liking him.



    - Curse didn't want to take the risk anymore with the ever controversial DSP
    - Curse didn't want to use up recources to maintain his partership by babysitting his dozens of daily uploads and hours of gameplay, and instead chose to focus on a much smaller group of bigger/better/more profitable partners
    - Curse probably emphasized on his videos getting a lot of reports as an excuse that perfectly fits with DSP's way of thinking, not wanting it to be put it on paper or in writing, for whatever reason

    In my honest opinion.


    Oh, and a wild T-Pose appeared while I was browsing his KO Gaming channel, so there's that.

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    #5 Comma, Nov 24, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  6. That is very interesting. I suppose he isn't lying about him having the conversations with curse. But that the thing about people mass flagging his videos is wrong. What they most likely told him is that no one would want to partner someone spamming hundreds of short videos a day to artificially rise their ad revenue. Hence he changed that practice to be eligible for a partnership in the future.

    It has also been a while, but masturbating on camera doesn't do wonders for your reputation either. No matter what phil does he will always be that guy who masturbated on stream. And I am sure it will be in the back of peoples mind that it is a chance he might do that again. The risk no matter how small is still there. And if he goofed and for some reason would masturbate a second time on camera I think the fallout would be much greater. And it's better to avoid that eventuality completely.

    Being a greedy ungrateful lying E-beggar that masturbated on stream, and that only puts up endless lazy raw unedited content to youtube, and expect someone to pay him for it. Is the problem here. MCN don't want content aggregatrors but content creators. someone that put in at least the tiniest amount of work to make videos, and entertainment not just pump out uninspired shit for the sake of money. Being greedy isn't exactly the recipe for success.
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    BSV Vidar Viking Elvi
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  7. so even when he was downright, ahnesty. he still lied. omegalul.

    so in the end, it was literally just his fault again XD
  8. Well, just like with a lot of claims made by DSP; we'll probably never know for sure, but one can always come up with theories. To me it just sounds a lot more believable and nuanced than his version of the story.

    I mean, the man can make simple tasks like doing laundry sound like the most grievous of tasks in life when he talks about it, so I wouldn't be surprised if his story about getting dropped by an MCN has his Phil-O-Vision trademark applied to it.
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  9. Bro, the description for the State Of The Stream youtube video actually says, “this is 100% honest.”

    He is the definition of a liar and often prefaces his lies with, “I’m being completely honest, I did nothing wrong, I never told you the truth, I did everything correct...” Every single issue that DSP has ever had, especially in the last 5+ years, has never been his own fault. Copyright strikes, SoK, Tevin, JackieChin, trolls, YouTube, Twitch, Machinima, Curse, fanart, Tut, content ID, etc etc etc.

    Nice post though, @Comma ironed a lot of the little details out a bit, like the fact that the same thing that happened between DSP and Curse happened with pretty much ALL their partners. Videogamedunkey is a far bigger, far more controversial act than DSP and they kept him around. He’s still on Curse to this day I think.
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    thebonesauce The North American Jape

  10. I dunno why you guys are guessing, we already know the truth! Curse contacted him and said.
    "Hey Phil! HYOOJ fans of your khantent here! Listen, Listen. We know you have a hyooj 10 year legacy that these paid shills don't appreciate. But your detractors, okay? Y'know the ones that like to ILLEGALLY restream your khantent and egg on these KIDS to troll you? Well this black dood has been EGGING these stupid little immature kids into mass reporting you and the mass reports are TOO MUCH! As much as we love your khantent and want to make you the exception because you can never do anything wrong. We can't or we'll get in trouble. It's just too much work! Too much manpower to keep having to close these STOOPID reports! So we're gonna have to drop you, okay? Sound good? Remember, you did absolutely NOTHING wrong."

    No need to speculate. Why would we ever doubt this story?
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  11. I don't think he ever got a phone call from Curse.

    I think he took his form email, and extrapolated his own delusion out of it.
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  12. Yes, im pretty sure he is lying about the phone call. As soon as he mentioned it, he added that there is "no written version of it"... in case anyone wanna have a proof. IM SURE IT NEVER HAPPENED.
    Its really odd that when everytime he talks to a partner or someone... they always say they know him, know his content and that he did nothing wrong.

    He has no moral compass or limit he would not cross to get more money out of people while being the laziest person ever. Thats why he lies constantly.
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  13. activated.png
    He got this cheer tonight, and his only response was to ban the guy and shake his head.
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    ReentryPhantom Need that money to pay my bills...

  14. Thanks for the money, dummy.
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    Schmeckel Praise 'til you're hollow

  15. he 100% lied, its practically a copy paste of every other story he tells
    -the group in question knows all about Dark and his 10 year legacy
    -the group in question is always fans of his work
    -the group in question is tells Dark he did nothing wrong
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  16. Still remember
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  17. Listen, I can't have some truth right now, one foot in reality, the other foot in being honest. I can't, okay? I'm an adult you stupid fuck, I bet you have a job you blue bearded loser, ackackack, what an idiot. People have to listen to MY rewriting of history cuz I need that money really fast. You ruin my business!
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