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Belle Delphine is a mastermind. She doesn't post nudes (that i'm aware of), thus keeping her audience thirsting for moar. Yet she also is approachable/relatable due to constant catering to nerds/gamers. She makes upwards of 100k neetbux per month and she doesn't even have to go nude.

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The lights dim as the soft techno beat—bown-chick-a-wown-wown—complements the action. And so begins Matthew C. Janicak’s ’04 animation piece, “The TMNTijuana Bibles.” Janicak, a VES concentrator, collaborated with Benjamin F. Dougan ’04 to create the animated teenage mutant ninja turtle porn for his final project in VES 53a, “Fundamentals of Animation.” The film received mixed reviews when it was screened at the end of the semester.
Attached video(can't embed old-ass .MOV) is the animation project. Pictured is the dude that animated it back in 2002/2003.