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Yeah, the radiation damages cameras no matter what. There's no clear picture of the active elephants foot, and there most likely never will be.

This reminds me of a conversation about this I had where somebody asked, "why don't we throw radiative waste into a volcano and let the lava take care of it?" Turns out trying to throw radioactive waste into magma just gives you radioactive magma.
You've got to admit "radioactive magma" would be great for a metal-themed vacation

Count groudon

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Well, to be fair she was designed for no other purpose than to satiate her creator’s fetish for hella thicc thighs.

Seriously, in an interview when the subject of Chun Li came up, the dude went on an extremely creepy and detailed rant about thick gals that was so bad the lady interviewing him became very noticeably uncomfortable.

An Ghost

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Did the radiation also do something to the camera? The picture looks wrong, somehow.
The room is likely hella dark so it had to have a longer exposure which is why the guy seems kind of ghostly (because he’s moving while the photo is being taken) and the lights make a stream of sorts. Similar to light painting trick photography.
Apparently the original camera they brought was completely destroyed by the exposure so they took a photo of a mirror pointed into the room.