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Panzer Vor, Motherfuckers
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A collection of reddit-isms pooled together to make a coherent (sorta) paragraph that perfectly illustrates the madness of Woke Reddit. Brilliant.
I miss the days when it reddit-isms were cringe filled "The narwhal bacon at midnight" or what ever it was bullshit, before politics became the end all be all of everything.

Mister Qwerty

The Un-Clit

After the Dimensional Merge, pussy eats YOU!
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Someone sent me this, I donno who originally screen capped it or even what platform it's on but it should be excised from the internet for the good of humanity and I am ashamed to have furthered its existence.

When your gunt looks like the average woman's ass and thus your torso is twisted backwards on your lower body, you gots SERIOUS gunt problems, gorl!


Yankee vampire living off the blood of the poor
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4chan's /k/ board does shrooms and finds the timer setting on a digital camera
He predates /k/ that dude was a TFR goon that was actually a funny guy and did those pictures with his girlfriend as a shot at some guys on that board who were always posting pictures of their guns in their gross apartments. But then his parody ended up being far too close tot he truth and it just became an example.