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Sweeney did nothing wrong.
Those of us who have grown, birthed, breastfed and raised children give a fuck. We're sick of misogynists erasing everything we did, while making themselves out to be some sort of mystical being just because they got their dick wet for a couple of minutes.
Listen, missy, how many babies can a woman give birth to in 9 months if she gave 100% and ate all the drugs? Eight babies? That's a laughably low baby-output when compared to what a bored feudal warlord could do in the same amount of time. A woman simply cannot produce as many children as a man so who is the true and honest baby-maker here?

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just because they got their dick wet for a couple of minutes.
All your posts make sense now.
You know viagra is a thing right? That and a million other aphrodisiacs for your man because it’s easy to make dick stiffeners.

Or maybe he just loves you that much he can’t control himself. If so that’s cute. In a gross tmi way.

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Trooning Out Stage 3: The Phantom Penis
Cutting yourself because you caught a dropped knife is a mistake. Breaking an arm because you braked too hard and got rear-ended in traffic is a mistake. Planning, anticipating, and undergoing an elective surgery and suffering from the intended result is not a mistake, it's a decision.

Maybe I'm unsympathetic, but when I hear "mistake," I think of something I did not intend or know the consequences of. If I were to take medicine solely used to induce vomiting and I was not only aware of its effect, but actually wanted it to do so, I don't claim it was an accident when I throw up and feel miserable. If you do something intentionally and the expected unfolds, that is a choice and you're not a victim no matter how much you don't like it.