Careercow Curtis Adams / Unkle Adams - Delusional, wholesome white rapper who is deeply in debt.

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If you're a regular viewer of Theneedledrop, you may remember this video Anthony Fantano did with ChrisRayGun:

The man they spent 23 minutes ripping on is none other than Curtis "Unkle Adams" Adams, a rapper and motivational speaker from Regina, Saskatchewan. As if being a Canuck wasn't bad enough, Curtis has also been trying to make it as a rapper for the past 17 years, to little success. How little success, you may ask?

Enough to start the "At Least A Million" series in a last-ditch effort to make it big.

As of the writing of this OP, he's not even remotely close to any of his goals. I'd also highly recommend watching the rest of the series just for the insane, pathetic lengths he'll go in order to hit it big. (Episode 4's my personal favorite.)

At this point, I hope you'll all join the ride and see how this trainwreck of a career ends.


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I literally came back here after like a couple years just to see if someone had gotten a thread going on this abject shitshow, thanks. I'm enthralled with this silly little man, listened to all his debt videos last night like a podcast. I remember the melon video but couldn't have imagined this. Hopefully it picks up momentum since this is a fucking psychological field day once you get into the details of his situation and his anti-rationalizations. He's like the ultimate perversion of the every positivity cliche you've ever heard, of the whole idea of "the struggle". I can't wait to see where this goes, as far as I can tell at this point it can only be life shattering type shit no matter what he does. The worst thing is that he already missed the boat on his best hope of potentially becoming a popular living meme after the Fantano video and now all that's left of "Unkle Adams" is horrifying spectacle. This whole fiasco would actually be less horrifying if he was a cokehead.


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Not sure if you guys are aware, but Unkle Adams' career has an incredibly funny background:

1) He wasn't always a motivational, "inspiring the white middle-schoolers" rapper. Initially, I guess he wanted to be Eminem (ironic, considering the lyrics of that song where he goes "no I'm not Eminem, no I'm not Macklemore") because his stuff was pretty explicit. Although his initial songs were never published, an ex-producer of his in a facebook group dedicated to following Unkle Adams posted pieces of a couple of his songs.

Not sure if you can upload mp3 files functionally here, but in case you can't- in 05boozetune, he raps about getting wasted at a party and date-raping a girl at said party. In 11bonus, he raps about an "emo rapper," calling him a very naughty word and saying how pathetic it is that said rapper is broke and has no real fans.

2) He has a girlfriend. You'd think having someone very close to him would help him manage his money better. And you'd be right, if she wasn't also an idiot with her finances! She is currently an "employee" of a company called Le-Vel, which sells "detox patches" called "Thrive" which allegedly detoxify your body when you stick one to your skin. I say "employee" in the previous sentence because, much like the infamous Vector Marketing/CutCo Cutlery here in the U.S., Le-Vel is a standard pyramid scheme ("multi-level marketing business"). They make their money both by scamming gullible consumers themselves, and getting some of those gullible consumers to scam even more gullible consumers. At least she gets to drive a company-leased Cadillac! In case you're wondering what a "Thrive" patch looks like, she's wearing one in that first photo.

3) What worries most of Unk's followers, including myself, is he has started turning to a rather illicit activity to fund his rap videos. He goes to retail businesses and, using a store credit card, buys a ton of expensive products with credit and then re-sells them for cash (usually at a fairly large loss). He actually documented doing this with Best Buy televisions and monitors in one of his ALAM episodes. He also did this with reciprocating saws from Home Depot. What Unk may not realize (and why I called this activity illicit) is that wheeling-and-dealing using a store credit card is a form of credit fraud- a felony in most places, including his home of Saskatchewan, Canada. His video series may come back to haunt him in court when he's inevitably arrested.

He also quit his job (operating a street sweeper) to start his "career," apparently out of a belief that one cannot have even a sidejob if one wishes to make it big in the music business. He's sold his car and HIS FUCKING HOUSE to pay for studio time and producers, even though many famous rappers (especially those on soundcloud, for instance) use neither of those things yet for some reason garner more popularity. He may or may not be unaware of this.

For reference: He documents these activities specifically in this episode of ALAM, also posted in OP (start at 2:47):

4) If you go to Unkle Adams' website, you'll find that he is still producing merch, despite his crippling debt. He recently paid to have presumably a few thousand "ALAM" visors made which he's willing to sell to fans for a paltry $25.

5) Looking at Unkle Adams' posts even briefly, or watching his video series, makes it very difficult to feel sympathy for him. He is woefully inept with finances, continuing to live an extravagant lifestyle he feels he deserves, even though he has a (as of this posting) debt of almost $250,000 that he will never be able to pay off(maybe soon that'll be "At Least a Million"!). He doesn't let that bother him, though; in his ALAM video series, he mentions how that song is literally about how he lives in his own reality where everything is fine even though he's committed rampant fraud and basically stolen and frittered away thousands of dollars. Whenever he gets money (and as he's mentioned in his ALAM video series) he instantly burns it on his career- renting studio time, producing another song for spotify, you name it. He may be aware he is not, and will not ever be, equipped to pay off his debt; he may have actually deluded himself into thinking that he's just one step away from making it big and paying it off instantly. It's hard to tell.

Either way it's obvious that he's very egotistical, highly delusional regarding both his lifestyle and his musical ability, and in extremely dire need of counseling.

Sorry for the long post, but I felt like this information would benefit the thread.


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I posted about this in the Hip Hop thread, glad to see a lolcow thread already exists
Unkle Adams (obscure meme rapper) is $164k in debt over his failed career. Sold his house and stopped working in order to rap "full time". He seems to be outsourcing a lot of work to studios, and getting expensive music videos shot. His views on YouTube are terrible and mixed in with weird life advice stuff. If this keeps going on, he might deserve a lowcow thread.

I feel like the studio guy is just taking this dudes money [timestamp to 10:49]

Fantano talks about him without saying his name.

View attachment 382112
View attachment 382111
View attachment 382110

I watched some more of his weird vlog videos. The guy is straight up buying shit on his no-cash-back credit cards to try to sell and he says the most exceptional self-help shit all the time to justify it.

Some random tuber making a video on it

EDIT: there's already a thread:

Fuck you guys. Unkle Adams is great. He's just what we need right now. Too much 9c)Rap passing itself off as real rap.

For example you know what that Young Thugg and Future and the Migos (c)rap sounds like to me? a bunch of monkeys banging around in the studio, just hootin and hollerin like they can't get words out. You want to know why? want to know why I made the comparison of modern cRap to a group of simian constructs? Because it's made by a bunch of no good NIGGERS! that's right I fuckin said it.

Unkle Adams doesn't follow those trends. He's real with it. He's classy. He wears Sean Connery suits, he talks about real issues like our children being shoved into lockers and offin themselves over it. We need more Unkle Adams. We need to purify rap music. Get these crapeprs out of here and put in REAL artists like Unkle Adams.


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They seem really nice and talented tbh not a lolcow imo
Apologies for double posting but I think you may have the wrong idea.

If you look at his social media pages, he constantly compares himself to "the greats", posting dumb inspirational quotes and the like. While this seems benign, it reflects an inexplicably over-inflated ego. His lack of success isn't because of his lack of talent or lack of ability to follow trends- it's because people aren't inspired enough by his messages yet. As for his music, many of his songs are simply about how good of a rapper he is for being 'original,' while at the same time using pre-made beats. He doesn't feel like he should have to compose his own beats or melodies, because, again, he has a "message" to deliver so that makes his laziness more than okay.

I say "more than okay" because, if you watch his ALAM video series, a recurring theme is his deserving to blow up and become an international star. On multiple occasions he mentions the future he "is meant" to have. He "will not be denied." All this, mind you, in the face of massive debt and people around him pleading for him to at least try different styles or techniques. He doesn't listen- he deserves to be successful simply because he wants to be, and he will keep taking loans and committing fraud to throw money into a well to get there.

If he was nice, he would at the very least listen to people who are trying to help. That stubbornness and lack of willing to listen to others is what made other lolcows like Chris-Chan so prolific (and eventually caused them so much damage).

a recurring theme is his deserving to blow up and become an international star. On multiple occasions he mentions the future he "is meant" to have. He "will not be denied."
I feel like his insistence on "deserving" fame is an attempt to reaffirm it in his head, sort of like faking it until he makes it, mixed with sunk cost fallacy because of how much he's already put into it. Problem is, he's not making it. It's kind of sad really, because he serves as a reminder that for every person with an inspirational story about how they put everything on the line to chase their dreams and became successful, there are 1000 people like this.

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That is some of the lamest white rap I've ever heard. And I'm sorry but this Howdy Doody looking motherfucker is not helping matters by looking the way he does.

Kudos to him for chasing the dream. He's got more guts than a lot of other people but after 17 years of trying to make it? It's time to pack it in.

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He's not bad, but like he's no Merkules, Snak, Evil Ebenezer or Jay Northside. Regina isn't really known for it's rap or hip hop scene and the only person there that comes to mind is Joey Stylez.

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As corny as it is, I wasn't ready to start hating on a guy who tries to spread anti-bullying messages. Then again, his financial situation looks dire and sends the wrong message, as does his hunger for fame. Teaching kids financial literacy in school could be of benefit, but he's not the guy to do that. He probably just jumped on the anti-bullying bandwagon because he gets made fun of so much.

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One thing Curtis doesn't seem to get about wholesome messages is that if you're going to deliver them in such a unironically, painfully corny manner, they're going to plummet people's will to live way more than telling them to kill themselves would.

Certainly has nothing on Rezzi - Home of the Brace.

If he really wanted to get over in Canada he should rap about his city. It's how many rappers there get their music sold.


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I like this dude. I wish him ongoing, grinding failure, but not life-destroying failure.

I don't listen to rap so I don't have much to compare it to, but his stuff sounds reasonably well done.

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