Careercow Curtis Adams / Unkle Adams - Delusional, wholesome white rapper who is deeply in debt.

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He started the whole ALAM Mission because he thought it would make a really good rags to riches story when he made it to the big leagues. Imagine starting a video series about yourself where you document your own journey to 'the top'.
To be fair, his first couple of entries in the ALAM series is good entertainment, not in the way he intended it to be, though. Seeing him max out credit cards to buy electronics, tools, and shit so he could sell them for cash is hilarious (you know he definitely sold each one at a loss).

In general, though, a video series documenting someone's rise to the top could be interesting. That is, it's interesting if the person being documented is talented, charismatic, and sincere, which makes the person someone you wanna cheer on. I don't follow the rap game, so I have no clue if Adams actually has talent or not, but over the course of the ALAM series, he comes across as kinda smug with a dose of unearned ego at times.
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He's not utterly talentless, he used to be a quite respected battle rapper, which takes a lot of skill and quick thinking (it also takes a thick skin and exaggerated self-confidence, huh...)

His problem is that he utterly misunderstands what people want in a rapper these days. He's writing the wrong music for a market that barely exists. Wholesome white rappers were never a big thing in the pop charts unless they wrote comedy, which he doesn't. If he wants to rap for small kids he needs to write about things they care about, not about how great he is.

He makes music that literally nobody wants to listen to. Worse, he makes it in the worst way possible and has no idea how to manage his finances. He does not understand anything about the music industry. He won't listen to anyone who could help him improve his music, create it more cost-effectively or sell or market it effectively.

I think he's someone who has listened to too many motivational gurus and not enough people who know something about music or the music industry. Some asshole told him that "anything is possible if you want it enough" and that he didn't have to compromise his dreams in any way. I bet that asshole took a lot of money from him to tell him that. The music business is full of people who will massage your ego while emptying your pockets, and Unk has been ripped off by almost all of them it seems.

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*opens spellbook* OwO what's this?
Unk' is at it again.
To summarize:
  • Unk Continues to peddle headwear.
  • A jukebox company has allegedly signed a deal with Unk, allowing for an exciting new variation on the John Mulaney jukebox prank.
  • A new musical Miscarriage known as "Waves" will soon curse these lands.
  • For just $25, you too can be forced to explain who Unkle Adams is and why you purchased a customized video message from him to confused family members.
On a more stupid and conspiratorial note, why is Unk wearing a jacket indoors?

Could the heat in his house have been turned off?
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Could the heat in his house have been turned off?
I can see no lighting in the room that isn't either ambient or being emitted by the phone he's using to record this video. He gripes about the low light level, but he doesn't try to switch one on. I think his power may have been cut.
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I can see no lighting in the room that isn't either ambient or being emitted by the phone he's using to record this video. He gripes about the low light level, but he doesn't try to switch one on. I think his power may have been cut.
I wonder if it would be possible to call Saskpower and ask about a specific addresses account. It'd be interesting to see how Unkle would respond to people confirming he got his power turned off.

It's also possible he realized his optimism and passion were warm enough to get him through those Canadian nights.
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Somebody should spike this guy's vape with crack.
Just look what prison made from this Tupac.

Imagine Unkle Adams becoming the hardest nigga ever.


This dude has some interesting thoughts on Unk. I don't agree with all of what he says but it's interesting to hear a criticism from a slightly more nuanced perspective than "lol he sucks"

Testosterone-Jaw here thinks that Unk has made a mistake by making financial success and fame his primary goals above art. I agree with him that wanting to be famous is poisonous, as "fame" is vague and once he had some, he couldn't cope because it wasn't the fame he wanted. But there's nothing wrong (at least in terms of goal-setting) with wanting to be rich as your primary goal as an artist. You can argue about the morals of that, but I think that it's perfectly possible to carve a path in the arts with money as your primary motivator - it worked for 50 Cent and Takeshi69 after all.

But... setting commercial and financial success as your primary goal places you under some serious restrictions when it comes to the kind of art you produce. You must be, totally, 100%, focused on what your target audience wants. You can't put your "soul" into your music if your only goal is to sell as much as possible. You have to be cynical and produce 100% what your market will buy, whether you personally end up liking the resulting product or not. Unk won't do that. He's made a (bad) decision on the kind of music he is going to make, and he's sticking to it despite overwhelming evidence that the market doesn't want it. His ego is too caught up in his product to make the kind of cynical, cash-driven decisions he needs to make to make bank. He needs to let go and view his music as a product, but he wants to be an "artist".

If you want to produce art that's personal to you, then that's great. If people want to buy it, that's great too, but if you want to remain "true to yourself" then you can't let commercial success be the primary driver of what you do. Producing "authentic" art might mean that you're stuck as a hobbyist because your music is too niche. That can be the price of authenticity. Most commercially successful artists bend their art to the needs of the market to some extent in order to put food on the table. It's a compromise. But Unk won't compromise about anything.

Fact is, nobody wants to buy music by a clearly unsuccessful wholesome white rapper rapping about how successful he is. Authenticity is everything in mainstream hip-hop and he doesn't have any. He needs to get a gimmick, or introduce more self-aware humour, or get edgier. But he won't, because that would be "compromising his art", even though by being 100% commercially driven he has committed to doing that at every turn if he wants to succeed.

This guy hits the nail on the head when he mentions Tony Robbins. Unk has swallowed the "new thought" stuff HARD, and it's one of his biggest problems. He has been told that positivity is the key to success. And whilst it's true that nobody ever achieved anything that they didn't think they could do, this "positivity" can form a horrible alliance with someone's ego to produce someone who is immune to advice or criticism. The music industry is swarming with these idiots, and they get their pockets emptied by opportunists who can spot them a mile off. The idea of "New Thought" is that the right mental attitude and extensive meditation on your goals and motivations will guide you to making the right decisions. But people like Unk mis-interpret that to mean "I don't have to think about my decisions, I will automatically make the right ones because I am positive". That's why Unk not only refuses to make the changes to his music and the way he makes and markets it to make it successful, but also reacted so badly to the negative attention that he got without thinking about how he could turn it to his financial advantage. Fuck, even Rebecca Black figured that out.

tl;dr I don't think that Unk's problem is that he's "sold out". I think that Unk hasn't sold out enough.

tl;dr I don't think that Unk's problem is that he's "sold out". I think that Unk hasn't sold out enough.
Unk's problem is that he's a fucking lazy, tryhard moron who revels in self delusion.

He puts too much effort into the wrong things, is too lazy or stupid to properly figure out where his attention should be going, believes that his aggregate listens means he is in some way popular, and VASTLY over estimates his talents at both rapping and writing.

I absolutely adore him for this.

This is still one of my favorite Unkle videos. The purity of how empty and vapid this video is the best summary of why Unk is a failure. He is a walking, talking greeting card made by a motivational speaker.

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Lil B as an example - dude can't rap, can't really write and can't produce for shit, but he's a (sort of) respected name because he does his own thing in his own way.
Well, there is another thing Lil B has that Unk doesn't, which is self awareness.

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Is nobody as hyped as I am for new Unk to drop?
Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 10.14.22 PM.png

He's released a couple snippets already. I don't want to spoil anything, but it sounds like a song about himself.


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