Careercow Curtis Adams / Unkle Adams - Delusional, wholesome white rapper who's deeply in debt.


Legal Council for the Epic Department
Uhmazin'. Based Unk has done it again.

"Hit me up for those interviews" 🎵
I listened to it this morning, and I was originally impressed with the beat until I found out he got it from an Eminem song. Unk never ceases to disappoint.

I find it interesting that literally all he makes songs about is how allegedly skilled he is at rapping. Eminem, as a contrasting example, really only had- at most- one or two of those kinds of songs per album. The remaining songs would detail his regular life, his past, or simply his struggles as an artist. I'm completely serious when I say that, in my opinion, the only way Unk will ever have a chance to grow into his own as a rapper is to go through a period of at least moderate hardship. Otherwise he simply will keep producing the same piece over and over again until the day he dies.


a tooth for an eye
Sound the horns! Follow Me Around At Least A Million Mission #31 has finally arrived, and is as lackluster as always.

- Curtis begins his video by shilling himself to Spotify Canada, as they've never added him to a Curated playlist. Asks everyone to spam their Instagram comments in the hopes that they'll check him out and add him to a playlist.
- He and Hannah go to Value Village. Neither of them know that Value Village originated in America, saying that they have no idea if Americans have them.
Bonus Unk fact: the suit worn in the Original music video came from Value Village.
- Curtis goes on about some shirt printing business that printed some UA shirts back in the day that printed some wonky shirts and poor Curt had to get them re-done which (presumably) caused the business to lose money, later stating the business is no longer.
- The two lovebirds go to Wascana Park, giving a boring tour, again admitting they don't know too much. Curtis goes on about how he shoots quite a few of his music videos there.
- "Only I'm allowed to push Unkle Adams"
- Curtis confirms that he's (finally) in the process of booking live shows and doing a tour.
- The video ends with Curtis and his dearly beloved Tim Horton's steeped tea and shilling AGAIN to Spotify, saying that some artists there have less listeners than he does and that they're on the playlist but poor little independent artist Unkle Adams is not and should be.

Also Hannah swears a lot in this video.


It is what it is 'cept it ain't what it used to be
True & Honest Fan
I'm completely serious when I say that, in my opinion, the only way Unk will ever have a chance to grow into his own as a rapper is to go through a period of at least moderate hardship.
He's making the music before the hardship.

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