Careercow Curtis Adams / Unkle Adams - Delusional, wholesome white rapper who's deeply in debt.


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This one's actually kind of uncomfortable to listen to it's so shitty.
I wrote this song! This song is mine! I write other songs too! This song is about to get really good very soon! And it is mine!

...did I miss anything, or was that basically it?


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In other Dirty Curtis news, he's made a Cameo where he's very much over estimated his worth, charging a steep $25 for a short video, most of which, are troll videos. Though, he has declined quite a few videos, mostly due to "sensitive" themes and OriginalPosting related mishaps.
This Cameo site sounds interesting. I wonder who's on it.

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Wow, Perez Hilton's fallen far. I guess there is justice in the world after all.

Would 41 dollars be worth it to get Perez to make a video asking Unk to come out of the closet? I wouldn't feel so conflicted if it didn't mean enriching Perez Hilton by 41 dollars. It'd be almost as disgusting as enriching George Ouzounian by 41 dollars.

Cameo had a good run on the Opie and Anthony Reddit where oblivious B and C listers were making videos bashing the various personalities the board didn't like at any given moment. It has a really good value for anyone willing to actually cough up cash for a laugh.


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Unk hit's another track out of the park.

Spoiler Alert: Same shit as 70% of his other songs, all about who he is, how the record labels have fucked up not signing him, and how he's going to make it big.
Holy shit, that track is bad. Cringeworthy 90s white boy "rap", the beat is straight out of Stock Aitkin & Waterman and his flow is...well, it isn't.

There was an attempt, I guess?
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New ALAMM. It's very boring. Thanks Unk.

Nothing really notable in this one. Though, Curtis tells us about the time in 2010 where he gave Royce da 5'9 a demo CD, with Royce apparently flinching back as Curtis fished the CD out of his coat pocket, probably thinking he was gonna get a gun pulled on him.

Curtis' piece in the QC is out.
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