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We had fun, didn't we?
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My brain is breaking at the irony of Miss Man-Hating Lesbian now apparently identifying as transmasculine and wanting to transition.

I mean, she is a very ugly woman.

But it's not like she's going to be a not-ugly man. She's ugly down to her very core.

Ain't no fixin' that kinda ugly.


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Cuteo's twitter is 40% sperging, 40% artwork showcase, and 20% her whining about nothing.

How unfortunate.

Also, do y'all want me to post my shitty Cuteosphere shirt when I find it?

I bought one when I was, uhhh, 15(?) and it got destroyed within a handful of washes. Even if we disregard the subject matter, it's just overall a shitty product.

Go ahead. And that sounds like a poor-quality product, if it got destroyed after being washed a few times.


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Says the bitch who publicly posts she gets off on little boys being raped and murdered, along with grossly over sharing her fetish for trans people to the point she wants to troon out to flick her bean.

And speaking of the shirts that DID make it, anyone able to show off the shitty quality?

Edit: Sorry, I thought it was word filtered cause before it'd change rape or rapist to PineTar
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