Artcow Cuteosphere / Dragondicks / Ponydreamdiary - SJW Shitposter And Artist and WHERE ARE THE SHIRTS?


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Doesn't this cow have a Weasyl? Amazing to see her spewing shit on FA, of which several of her mutual artist friends use, and NG when she puts some of her more questionable art on a site that permits some of the most :islamic: furry art out there along with Inkbunny and a few others.

Her art style is very distinctive so I'm curious how long it'd take to find the new nsfw twitter, again as though she doesn't post her more disgusting art on Weasyl.

I'm late to say this but I'm also baffled to see that she wants to be a transman even though it wasn't so long ago that she prided herself on being the biggest misandrist lesbian out there. But thinking about it, she used to be/still is a yaoi fangirl so it's not too surprising that she's turning into a shitty fakeboi. Pretty funny, actually. Especially after all that time of arguing that all women are beautiful, no matter how fat, hairy, or boyish they are. Guess that's all down the drain now.

Imagine Cuteo drawing this passive aggressively after the doctor told her to get a life.


total fuckwit
What's up with lolcows being interested in leeches all of a sudden? First Margo and now this weirdo?
That comic is pretty old actually. She's always been into gross guro shit but I don't remember if her old nsfl twitter delved into any insect related fetishes or not. Also, don't look up blowfly girl.

Edit: I just remembered that she has a fetish for parasites and has drawn art of her OCs being eaten alive by parasites and this comic was made before she was called out for her fetish art. (:_(
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We had fun, didn't we?
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Goddamn, I read the whole thread in an afternoon and had the worst 'Nam flashbacks to 2016 when I worshipped this bitch.
Real question though, would her girlfriend break up with her now? I mean... I thought she was a lesbian, and if DD is now a scummy man, she should want to drop DD hard.

That's implying Cuteo would do anything to transition.


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If anyone wants to keep up with Cuteosphere still, their Twitters are kawaiiberpunk and cuteosphere.
Oh man the m'ilk. I missed Cuteo's uniquely horrible takes. She still talks way too much about her bodily functions.



Neither of those are ever going to happen.

Hey, yall remember the

Zero self-control


When did "cishets" ever say that intersex animals don't exist?

Imagine wasting 4 hours of your life doing this and not even being a Kiwi.


Is she not still dating that vaguely Cuteo-shaped flesh lump?