CWCki has been vandalized -

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I am on mobile right now so I can't post links but the CWCki has been vandalized, a bunch of trolls accounts were made as well a bunch of troll articles.
I'm on computer now so I thought of making this post better to people who are just joining in.
Long story, short: Spam bots have invaded the CWCki and posted articles that consisted of nothing but just random gibberish.
Marvin is doing damage control already by banning several of those spam bots as well their pages and temporarily disabling account creation to CWCki to stop more spam bots appearing.
Currently, we have no idea who the person behind this might be, the best guess ATM is just a troll trying to be funny.
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MasterDisaster Interview part 2 said:
Chris: Actually, uhh, my-- my uh, my friend and associate, uh, who has been helping me, uh, with, more recently, um... yeah, she has a friend who... could, who could have-- who could hack into and take down the, uh...

Arthur: Oh my.

Chris: Take down the CWCki website?

Arthur: Well let's not delve too far into that, we don't want to get implicated with any information about that. You keep that your little secret, all right, Christine?
I think this was it guys.
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