Dramacow CyberDemon531 / John M Rovenski / Andrea Rovenski / @pizzaparty531 / @pizzagamer531 - Narcissistic tranny speedrunner banned from nearly everywhere and GDQ, constantly fights with trolls

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CIA Nigger

Not a fed, just a random object on the street.
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CyberDemon531 (Deadname: John M Rovenski, Troon name: Andrea Rovenski) is a tranny speedrunner who speedruns games intended for children and obscure DOOM wads, lives with his parents (but claims he's moving out soon), gets few views each stream, and he’s a NEET high school dropout. What sets him apart is his tendency to not only attract drama, but his giant ego that manifests itself in obsessively searching his name on the internet for the sole purpose of chimping out at anyone who dares to make fun of him on the internet. Furthermore, John’s antics have led to him being banned from GDQ, Twitter, Mixer, multiple subreddits, and Twitch, something that is relatively rare among trannies online, and this has led to him being the butt of many jokes on both imageboards and on /r/samandtolki (a subreddit that mocks speedrunners).
Early Drama and the AGDQ MAGA Hat Incident

From the beginning of his career to early 2017, John was relatively obscure in the speedrunning community, and for a good reason: Nobody wants to watch speedruns of kids games. While John did hold a few records, quite a few were for games and categories nobody bothered to speedrun, such as Halo Wars Co-Op Any%, Sesame Street Sports, or Muppet Monster Adventure, and getting speedruns in empty categories is a common tactic among irrelevant or unskilled speedrunners (See: Narcissa Wright and Zelda BOTW).

Being somewhat obscure didn't keep John from attracting drama like shit attracts flies however. John was banned from SpeedRunsLive back in 2014 for being a shit stirrer on IRC, and his ban mention even talked about this.

There was also another scandal from around 2015, when a pastebin post and later a forum post accused him of "splicing", or a cheating tactic where speedrunners combine clips to improve their time by combining footage from multiple runs.

John came out of obscurity during AGDQ 2017, during the Ape Escape 2 speedrun when a MAGA hat was pulled out and passed around on the couch, leading to PvtCinnamonBun, one of the commentators on the couch, being banned for allegedly wearing it. After proving he didn’t wear it, he was unbanned for around 2 seconds before staff came up with another reason to ban him, and a confrontation with staff was filmed on YouTube.


John’s role in this drama is that he both filmed the confrontation from staff, and it was proved that he did in fact wear the hat on the stream, leading to him being banned as well. This ban blew up on numerous websites that mock the speedrunning community, and there was even a thread on this very matter on Kiwi Farms in early 2017.

Erratic stream behavior
Being banned from ADGQ was just the start of his bans however. From time to time during 2017, John would do something stupid on stream, giving him the attention of subreddits such as livestreamfails, and leading to him being banned from Twitch. Perhaps the most notable incident which led to the ban was when he raged about black people on livestream while streaming Muppet Monster Adventure.


The resulting fallout led to an explosive livestreamfails thread (which he posted in) that got so big it ended up on /r/drama, and he then started posting on there too. In the thread, he made excuses to the Reddit audience about how he’s not in fact racist for saying “fuck black people”. Furthermore, he was accused by some of trooning out to escape criticism from the rest of the internet, and this wasn't helped by him wearing a Trump hat at GDQ, giving him the image of a trump supporting troon.

He’s also raged out at his stream chat before:


During one stream he even got drunk, naked, jerked off, and shoved a dildo up his ass, meaning the third part of the stream was pulled from YouTube for sexual content and the same goes with the stream.it vod, however a blow by blow description was posted to livestreamfails about this incident.

Furthermore, John has been in an internet slapfight with another cow, BritbongReturns/ManlyTears. After being banned from every other streaming service John started using stream.me, a service also used by Britbong (who’s also banned from every other streaming service), and Britbong managed to be one of the most popular users on that site. John was banned from the discord after a fight with Britbong and his fans, and promptly threw a tantrum online about this. However he still streams on stream.me despite all this.



Fighting 8chan and Reddit
Perhaps the one thing John has been most notable for is his constant fights with 8chan and Reddit, specifically on /r/samandtolki. Despite the fact that his streams barely get more than 20 viewers, John has become one of the more talked about subjects of samandtolki due to his extreme tendency to respond in the comment box to anything mentioning him, his alleged use of sockpuppets, and how much he brags he owned the trolls. His Reddit history shows him throwing tantrums at people talking about him, and pretty much any thread about him on samandtolki will have lots of comments but few points. Any comment he posts also nearly always ends up getting downvoted to hell.


One time he even did an ama at /r/samandtolki and it wasn't long before someone posted screencaps of racist tweets (that weren't posted on archive.fo sadly, something he'd later use to his advantage to claim they were shopped). Someone also asked him about if he feels himself being banned was his own fault and he blamed it on the SJWs.

Recently John has gotten into fights with 8chan as well thanks to his addiction to searching his name on the internet. During a /v/ thread about NASA (another speedrunning event competing with GDQ), John was mentioned in this thread. He promptly chimped the fuck out and screeched at the board, only to get a ban for this. He then took to steemit to make a post called “8chan is just cringe”.


Not long after this, someone, likely from the /v/ board went to /cow/ and made a thread on John. Over the span of just 2 days the thread blew up, hitting 380+ posts and with many of them involving him fighting with his trolls. The trolls continued to post statistics and told him to kill himself and he continued to reply, that is until one troll decided to drop his dox. While he continued to reply after that, the doxing scared him, his orbiters, and his few paypigs, and he went to Twitter to complain about those 8chan trolls who were making plans to SWAT a brave transgirl livestreamer who only gets around 20 viewers on a no name streaming site.

Before being doxed:

After being doxed:


The RWhiteGoose GDQ ban incident
In November 2018, John’s internet career was pretty much irrelevant. John struggled to pull in viewer numbers as even websites that documented his poor behavior forgot about him. Being banned from GDQ because of a red baseball cap sure didn’t help matters either. John came up with a clever way of becoming relevant again after all this in one of his many anti-GDQ tweetstorms he seemed to make frequently since he was now banned from the event. John decided to set his sights on another controversial speedrunner who’s also the target of mockery from /r/samandtolki and more websites: Ryan J White, AKA RWhiteGoose.

Now RWhiteGoose is no saint and he’s been involved in similar controversies and behavior to what John has been involved in, including racism accusations, splicing accusations, and his narcissism. There’s one major difference however, while John has been relatively unsuccessful Ryan has millions of video views, 61k subs, and a tendency to create algorithm friendly content. Ryan also holds quite a few Goldeneye records.

John decided to take to Twitter accusing Ryan of being a racist literal Neo-Nazi with reposted screencaps of Ryan posting videos from noted literal Neo-Nazi Jordan "clean your room" Peterson and this time he racked up hundreds of retweets from this.


Eventually GDQ investigated this and closed their investigation leading numerous speedrunner trannies to literally shake as they feared that they’d be killed in real life with Ryan White’s Goldeneye speedrunning skills.

Due to the huge backlash and trannies threatening to boycott the event, RWhiteGoose was banned from GDQ thanks to a Twitter storm kicked off by someone banned for wearing a MAGA hat at the event. While this was claimed it was because of the screencaps being verified, judging by the reaction given on the tweets I wouldn’t be shocked if GDQ didn’t want to lose their tranny audience.

After being empowered by this attention, John's new career is going to be attacking other speedrunners for their sins, since being a Twitter activist gets you more attention and paypigs than a failed speedrunning career these days.

Social Media Activity
Even before he became relevant again with his takedown of a much more successful speedrunner, John has been no stranger to social media warfare. John has been famous for getting into Twitter fights, so many that he ended up banned from Twitter once already. Just like other social media addicts, John made another account, and this is where he spends his free time bitching at trolls, talking to other troons online, and sperging out about politics. Ever since starting HRT he’s hung out with more troons online and his political views have shifted further and further left. While being banned wiped out a lot of his old tweets, he still bitches at trolls and Trump to this day.
John's Twitter has it all, from bitching at the detractors:


To random political screeching:

The interesting part about his Twitter is the window it lets into his life, for example he got his HRT meds from an "informed consent" clinic (places any troon can walk into and get HRT with few/no questions asked).


Like a lot of troons, his parents aren't too thrilled about it.

Despite this, his mom doesn't disprove of his decision to the point of being kicked out, despite moving soon, or at least he claims that he's not being kicked out.


The HRT is already killing his girldick:


Trans regret seems possible for his future as well:


John also uses Steemit for this same purpose as Twitter, bitching about when he’s banned from somewhere or about those bigots online, and it's where he made his 8chan post.
John and money
Just like you’d expect from a speedrunner like John, he has absolutely no job besides "playing video games on the internet". He tries to invest some of his money into cryptocurrency in the hope that it’ll make him rich somehow from doing nothing but sitting on his lazy ass and playing video games, and he asked reddit about managing his money. In the thread he posted about how he lives, and how much money he makes, making barely enough to cover rent and utilities from livestreaming.
He also mentions that his income is volatile ranging from $1000-2000 a month, that he doesn't own a car, and to top it all off he recently started his own Patreon account, where you can be his loyal paypig. Unsurprisingly he's only making $9 a month from 2 paypigs.

Interestingly enough on his Patreon he says he will cyber with you for $1000, and on everywhere from the 8chan thread to Twitter posts, camwhoring seems like a common thread with him, as if he wants to eventually be a tranny camwhore when he's unable to pay the bills to make ends meet.

Social Media Accounts:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Cyberdemon531/ (Archive: https://archive.fo/3Mkr0)
Twitter: @PizzaParty531 (banned lol) (Archive: https://archive.fo/IjD5q)
Twitter 2: @PizzaGamer531 (Archive: https://archive.fo/WFMEt)
Mastodon: @cyberdemon531@todon.nl (Archive: https://archive.fo/LiRxO)
Patreon: Cyberdemon531 (Archive: https://archive.fo/r4p9p)
Reddit: Cyberdemon531a (Archive: https://archive.fo/ID8CS)
Speedrun.com: Cyberdemon531: https://www.speedrun.com/user/Cyberdemon531 (Archive: https://archive.fo/8xmf6)
Doom Wiki article: https://archive.fo/ITkK2
Dlive (his current streaming platform): https://dlive.io/@cyberdemon531
Steam: Cyberdemon531 (Archive: https://archive.fo/sDXrV)
Steemit: Cyberdemon531 (Archive: https://archive.fo/5w9VW)
DoomWorld Forums: Cyberdemon531 (Archive: https://archive.fo/YYsNq)
Gab: Cyberdemon531 (Archive: https://archive.fo/Z6fRg)

John M Rovenski
2507 57th Ave
Hyattsville, MD 20785-2906

FastPeopleSearch: https://archive.fo/Vzv95
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Queen Kimberly

This is a great OP, I’m honestly surprised it took this cow so long to get a thread. A month or so ago he was exposed for allegedly paying people to post about him on r/SamandTolki. He’s extremely thirsty for attention, good or bad. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to learn that he’s officially a lolcow.

Ms. Cegination

I found some more shit.

Other aliases: Cyberdemon3, CyberdemonLLL, Manhunt21

Some tweets of his https://imgur.com/gallery/udxWU
Curiouscat https://curiouscat.me/cyberdemon531 (Won't archive)
Screwattack http://screwattack.roosterteeth.com/user/Cyberdemon3 https://archive.fo/tGgUL https://archive.fo/BIPVX
GameFAQs https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/community/Manhunt21 https://archive.fo/cfKNk
Minecraft Forum https://www.minecraftforum.net/members/Manhunt21 https://archive.fo/r19Lm https://archive.fo/qn2BX
Halo Waypoint https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/cyberdemon lll https://archive.fo/sUzvk
Bungie.net http://halo.bungie.net/Stats/Halo3/Default.aspx?player=cyberdemon+lll https://archive.fo/LZcMa
http://halo.bungie.net/account/profile.aspx?player=cyberdemon lll https://archive.fo/XstTN
For the posts on Bungie to be archived properly someone more autistic than I will have to go through and archive each one individually.

Tumblr http://cyberdemon531.tumblr.com/ https://archive.fo/5NLZl

Fanfiction :story:
https://jzeshisjournal.blogspot.com/ https://archive.fo/JCU9w
https://falloutvictordunn.blogspot.com/ https://archive.fo/fwdC2 https://archive.fo/gZ5vI
https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/959557-fallout-new-vegas/60541263 https://archive.fo/ltsCQ https://archive.fo/hBxEq

I found a post about him tricking some streamer BZplasma into thinking he's going to swat him? Based on the comments, these two have been at it several times. Should look into this more.
https://www.reddit.com/r/Livestream...dian_streamer_calls_the_police_after_members/ https://archive.md/25el9

Troon's got a pretty big internet footprint even for an amateur autistic detective like me. I'm sure someone that's got more experience could dig up a lot more.

Orc Girls Make Due

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I've had personal contact with John before he trooned out. During one AGDQ donation stream where all he was doing was making fun of said streams and stirring shit with other obscure runners, they couldn't seem to fathom the fact I was female.

Harassed me on stream for said fact, and generally it got awkward and forced me to be silent through most of the awkward doom sounds I heard on John's end. We'll call obscure runner who I've been friends with for years C;

C tried speaking to a few of the admins in the background about how generally harassing John liked to get towards me. (Asking questions as far as my sexual experiences, etc.) And also would scream down my neck about not calling him, "She" as they were not on HRT at the time (This being in 2016 late)

Safe to say, if I could find old Skype logs, I'd share them as they kept me in the chat for a long while after the fact like I was some odd play thing. But it was a mostly disgusting experience.

Cyberdemon is a boiling pot and needs to get himself help. I'm gonna also assume he gets his hrt illegally.

Edit: I should clarify, C or any of the admins I mentioned have all dropped ties to Cyberdemon as his antics got too hair-brained even for them.
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When I saw the reward tiers with the Fucking "yum yum" "omnomnom" and "[colon three]" shit, I just kept thinking of one of those political cartoons with the pigs gobbling down shit tons of cash.

That, or it's cum.

In all seriousness though, it baffles me whenever people run Patreons and offer unreasonable reward-tiers. Even at the $50 reward-tier, unless this was some artist or writer that really made extra personalized, I can't fathom anyone paying that much money to get a letter from a speed-runner of all people.

BE 911

When first seeing Cyberdemon on a video about AGDQ, where Glink interviews them to ask them about the reason they got banned and about ProtoMagicalGirl, they seemed like a relatively normal and level-headed person. Now I understand I got deceived and that it was just another way of fueling their attention need and trollshielding other people. The radical shift from a normal interview to spending hours upon hours getting mad over people whenever they dare mention your name in a bad light is pretty funny to witness, however.

Here's the interview I'm referencing.

CIA Nigger

Not a fed, just a random object on the street.
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Cyberdemon is a boiling pot and needs to get himself help. I'm gonna also assume he gets his hrt illegally.
He actually went to an "informed consent" clinic, a type of clinic where you can walk in, say you're trans, get put on HRT, and walk out easily. Planned Parenthood is one such place and the article does a good job describing how it works. Just walk in, say you're trans, do bloodwork, and if the bloodwork looks okay you'll get the HRT. While other transgender clinics will require therapy and whatnot just to ensure that they're not giving HRT to some random kid who read about it on some Tumblr blog or a 4chan thread, informed consent clinics get rid of all the "gatekeepers" that try to ensure that you're actually dysphoric.

They're surprisingly common in big cities in America, and it's legal, even if it's bordering on a pill mill.

Orc Girls Make Due

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wait he is trans, thought it was just a meme going off his early 2017 streams to take the piss out of other speed runners lol
That's what I used to think too. C, and other idiots in that chat scramble ree'd at me for not using his proper pronouns.

"So, he--"
"SHE, M!"
"okay...? She's playing what again?(etc.)" It'd come up often and him taking hrt as I saw was a bullet in the head because that was the same time as C and other people distanced themselves. I'll see if I can talk C into coming into the site or maybe talking about some of his experience with John. Latter might be easier.

I just find the hypocrisy strange because in the midst of all that I found myself sexually harassed on a constant. (I.e., it doesn't matter now. But I was the piss-whip when it came down to that shit.)

Edit: Added comments from C.


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Orc Girls Make Due

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Yeah, John. I'm just speaking my experience with you 100% and if you'd think back through all the alcohol you've consumed at this point you'd likely figure out who I am.

(Not that I care.) I just find it hilarious that he apted with the word "fanfiction" when I had someone who's around him clarify what happened there.

Orc Girls Make Due

Will likely suck your dick, Resident Schizo
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Screenshot_2018-06-12-10-59-12.png Screenshot_2018-06-12-10-59-30.png

Oh, but we've seen how you act when you do get drunk.

Still, we here at the farms are not a trolling site and if you had half a brain to read our FAQ, you'd see were about discussion.

You're simply on display because your "masterful trolling" has you scraping the bottom of the barrel and other people around you seem much better off. Funny, that.

Ms. Cegination

His 'masterful trolling' has lead to him getting banned from twitch, discord, gdq, stream.me, twitter, mixer, multiple subreddits, 8chan and youtube as well as getting doxed. It's okay though, it was just an act!

Getting deplatformed into irrelevance only happened because people just don't understand the intricate performance art of making an ass of yourself.

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*Throws a tantrum in a stream*
"Hahah I was just trolling u guyz :^)"

Isn't that the premise to an image macro?

*Throws a tantrum in a stream*
"Hahah I was just trolling u guyz :^)"

Isn't that the premise to an image macro?

I love this idea of trying to fuck over my own career at every opportunity, just to send those "best moments" over to the boyfriend to add to a clipshow.

If only I could host said clipshow on the platforms I got banned from...

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