Dramacow Cynthia G - The Woman That Think White People Are Recessive

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Hey Mom, I’m Becoming an Indian Woman
Apr 11, 2015
Does this dumb cunt not realize she's resurrected the one drop rule?

I.e. you have one drop of black blood, you're 100% nigger.

Good job idiot.
I was thinking about this, and I think this is the idea she actually wants to promote.

She is adamant that black "genes" essentially cancel out white ones, saying she struggles to see any "whiteness" in a half black half white child. I wonder if she has a mixed background that she has self hatred over. It's just an assumption of course, but to me that's what this sounds like is someone trying to say whatever 'drop' of black blood she has cancels out whatever else might be in her blood.


Jun 5, 2015
Dont you need a younger generation to replace the older generation as far as workers go? Also who are you going to tax when the older generation needs government services?
In states that have extensive social services, yes. I hate going into Deep Thoughts territory here, but many welfare regimes intended for retirees were created in times when people lived much shorter lives, so that the elderly wouldn't rely on the system for long, and that population growth was assumed to be exponential for the foreseeable future, so that more new workers would replace the outgoing workers and be able to support the latter financially. Of course, those systems are so popular among the more politically-active older generations that they're untouchable and cannot be adapted to current demographic trends.