Horrorcow Cyrax / Chance J F Wilkins / Cyraxx Nation / Cyraxx / SKXRFACE / DJ Shadowblayde - From the hills have eyes, infected penis, Retarded Dwarf with RAGE. Plagiarist & Liar. Failed polymath, wigger, rapper, juggalo. Grandma abuser. 3rd generation pedophile-rapist. Stuck a stylus up his ass. Sent his dick pics to a pedo hunter. + his trolls

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Spawn Of Ruple

Ongoing kino. Cyrax is now ranting about Sean in a livestream. Apparently he's betrayed the code of Bushido? Either way, fucking great stuff right now.

Lol He's telling Sean to stop playing video games with little kids because it looks bad.. lol

Man he's really crying for his man on man relationship.


Oh and his UFC game character. I am sure his delusional mind thinks this is close to reality.

If only they had goblin mode.

Gregg Turkington

I've heard a few Yam Ranch songs on Marty's stream, but can't find the channel on YouTube. I assume it was deleted so is there a mirror anywhere?


He uploaded a new video which I found kind of interesting:

"a Tribute to my Older Brother Willam Arntzen who passed Feb 3rd 2015"
For whatever reason, he screen recorded a YouTube video and then uploaded that instead of just uploading the original video. You can see that in the first few seconds. It's also the first time I've seen a picture of Bill. Can't remember seeing his face in the OP at least. Amazing how bad the genetics are in that family, he looks fairly deformed in some pictures but not nearly as bad as Chance.

Don't miss out on the final few seconds with a touching Second Life character modelled after Bill. Chance truly knows how to commemorate his dead family. Shame he never went to see him before he died.
Just a bit of history re: that video. I had screen capped that video and had it saved. He used to have it on one of his old channels. I believe when Heather and him split she nuked his channel that had that video on it. She had access to his account or something. Anyway, cyrax made a crying video talking about how Heather deleted that video and he had lost all copies of those pics and talked about how much it hurt him losing the memories of his dead brother. I told him I had a copy and I uploaded it to the cyrax archive for him. Little prick didn't even say thank you.


I love the way he closes his eyes and shakes his head while rapping.
it's like a mole digging himself deeper into his burrow

a nice wave


some choice shots, really digging the cinematic atmosphere


quotes from tonight
I got an onlyfans GF, not everyone can get an onlyfans GF

watcha doin kate? suckin ya daughtah's dick?

hey pedophile kate, stop fucking your daughtah!

you can't even differentiate your own dick - from your asshole
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Spawn Of Ruple

Lol he made $150 per week.. I mean per hour.. hahahahahaha


OMG Sally bought him an electric guitar.. hahahahahahahahahahaha

I can't stop laughing..

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Mariposa Electrique

October 4-18, Chris Will Be Happy!
True & Honest Fan
>the way how he always stares at chat like a fish pressed up against glass
>it always gets me

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How am learning about him just now? He's Chris and Barb's son sent from the future to begin the end of times. He literally reminds me of a character in a futuristic horror movie inspired by HP Lovecraft. He's the only cow besides Chris that inspires me to read the OP. @Null . I think we found OPL's replacement.

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