D$P gloating over ProJared thread + other things he dwells on - "I have not ever really dwelled on anything more than a day"

How many days will D$P bring up ProJared/cheating?

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Peep, peep, RAWR!!!!!!111one
Youtube personality "ProJared" imploded in a Twitter divorce fiasco that revealed shameful skeletons in his closet, rocketing his embarrassment up Twitter's "Trending Worldwide" list, and causing a mass exodus of his Youtube subscribers (discussion in the "General Thread" begins here).


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Naturally with the world kicking the humiliated E-Celeb, Phil jumped in too (and on his day off, even).


(Screengrab and highlight from @LyteSydeByll)

Note for those unfamiliar with Twitch, the site Phil streams on: The "Kappa", the black and white picture of the guy with a cheeky smile, is used to indicate sarcasm.

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It was with that tweet that Phil was introduced to the three year old jab that he'd seize onto

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His snarky response to an old, unknown tweet was immediately lauded as a victory

Incredibly, he'd go so far as to pin to his Twitter page a picture of his "Incident", as he calls it

(Via @Keanu Reeves)


@Comma pointed out that Phil spent the entire night reveling in his triumph, getting himself six hours of sleep for his work day

As he planned, Phil brought his revelry with him to his stream the day


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DSP literally said today that his tweet(s) about Projared might help him with his financial situation. Like... no irony, no shame, none of that.

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DSP's answer:

'Well, maybe this stuff going on on Twitter may help out with my behind-the-scenes situation and everything. I mean, it might. I dunno, I guess we'll see'
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Jesus Christ, this man knows no shame, does he?

He even entitled his Youtube video of that Pre-Stream after his three year old "Justice".

(Via @bearsintrees)

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(https://twitter.com/TheyCallMeDSP/status/1126795225597222912 - http://archive.md/1U1gZ)

He's mostly doing this in an attempt to lure more viewers to his Twitch, isn't he? Man, he's desperate...

Even though it's a shitty way of doing it and something he structurally shits on (making money of other people's drama/work), it's one of the smartest business decissions I've seen DSP make in quite a while.

-edit- Also, this man just had (probably not even) 6 hours of sleep. His last tweet yesterday vs. his first tweet today:

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"I have not ever really dwelled on anything more than a day" :story::story:

Yes, this pre-stream is going to be glorious.

-edit4- Sorry for making this a long-ass post, but the DSPhere diarrhea just keeps flowing:

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and yet tonight's 2nd stream saw our boi repeatedly hamming it up over a character 'cheating' in the game. He'd pause the game to make his jokes, ending them with ...'uhhhh ...no...not going there...' wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Know WHO I mean Soooo, the guy who has "not ever really dwelled on anything more than one day"....is still dwelling on it well over 24hrs later. Not that anyone is surprised as D$P dwells on EVERYTHING! Thus I made this thread for a twofold purpose: to post D$P's continued ProJared antics and other things he continues to dwell on.
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Absolutely disgusting what he is doing in the past 2 days. Just shows how pity, toxic, hateful person he is.

They have zero connection, yet dsp celebrates it like it his personal victory! How is this makes him less of a bad person? Why would people celebrate him after this? The big difference between projareds and dsps downfall is that his gonna be fast and even if he stays on internet, people will forget it in a few months. DSP's on the other hand is happening FOR YEARS and he does everything to make it as long as it can be.


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Fat man bad

In all honesty, it's funny to watch. Even if it's just for the DSP is indestructible meme.
I thought he'd get an big influx of retards. So did he, it seems. Looks like it didn't really happen in the end


the best part of this whole thing is, phil is hyping up the traction his tweet got, not a video, not some funny maymay he made, his tweet that involved the O face he made, yes phil no one will search into the context of your image ABSOLUTELY NO ONE (except all the people that know you only as "the guy who jacked off on stream" )


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Phil is just elated that someone else has taken his place as trashiest YouTuber known to man. He's going to enjoy every minute of it, right up until the whole Jared thing blows over and things go back to normal.
This "YouTuber/streamer turns out to be a pedophile/cheater" shit seems to be so common these days. There have been several individuals exposed for the same shitty behavior in recent memory; the whole situation isn't very surprising, and like everyone knows, a few weeks will go by and the world will ultimately forget about it.

Being the dude that beat his dick on a livestream? Nobody has, and are still not going to forget that shit. Whenever DSP's name is brought up in casual internet discussion that is the first topic that comes to mind. I don't know why he's so proud of holding that L.

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Yeah, I can't even be mad at this guy. I've never followed his work or even heard of him before becoming a Farmer, but I'd still give him the okay for at least one day, cause it was a well-deserved bitch slap that was delivered to Jared.


Yeah, I can't even be mad at this guy. I've never followed his work or even heard of him before becoming a Farmer, but I'd still give him the okay for at least one day, cause it was a well-deserved bitch slap that was delivered to Jared.
DSP gloating over an internet personality turning out to be a cunt is like Hitler berating someone for doing hateful things against Jews.


Allow me to summarise:

DSP is informed that @ProJared once said something about him and DSP seemed surprised to hear this. He's reminded of it and sent it.

DSP does a tweet which gets him attention, and imo it was a good clapback tweet - no big deal but could've left it at that tweet and got on with life. Instead he tweets a multitude of other things about the situation, revelling in the drama. With each additional tweet he just diminishes all the original good work of the first tweet.

DSP turns up on stream glorifying in the publicity of his tweet. He's happy someone who made one joke about him three years ago is now being vilified and Phil seems to imply that he actually did know about the three year old tweet and was waiting for the chance for payback.

DSP confirms his belief that people think he's not as bad as people like us say all because he had one semi-decent tweet. He hopes that his twitch popularity will skyrocket and all the money will roll in. People like boogie (who is fat), that Ian Miles chong person and other known folk liked the tweet but Phil constructed this as them liking HIM.

DSP confirms, rather sickeningly imo, that he does not care about the actual situation causing the drama - no pity for the soon-to-be ex wife of @ProJared, but only cares that he got to get revenge on someone for one tweet from three years ago. DSP perhaps uncomfortable talking about cheating when it's common knowledge his wife cheated on a long-term boyfriend to hook up with him?

DSP stayed up until 5am drunk tweeting that he can't wait for other YouTubers who've talked shit about him to fall from grace and he'll glorify in their suffering too. To which I ask: have you apologised to @iJustine yet for claiming she was only at E3 cos she was having a gangbang with people there? Thought not.

Did I miss anything?


I’m honestly amazed how exceptional he’s handling this whole thing, he’s legit trying to gain viewers off of someone else being an idiot online.

He really thinks because the internet welcomed him into the old boys club one night and let him join in on making fun of a shit show people suddenly like him or think he’s not so bad anymore.

Like the majority of people aren’t complimenting you, saying you’re so shitty they are shocked someone else could end up being shittier isn’t something to brag about my man

I just can’t believe this is the hill his ego rose upon of all things


If other E-Celebs like ReviewTechUSA, Metokur, Elpressador, the entirety of this website come out as pedophiles/cheaters, you know Phil will gloat about it as well.

He always says how these people don't bother him, but everytime someone makes a vid or post shitting on him, he feels like crying in a corner, hoping for the day that he gets the last laugh and he will milk it for all it's worth.

The ProJared Incident clearly showed it.
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I’m honestly pretty over this whole “I outlived everyone” nonsense. It’s something his insecure mind made up to hang as a trophy because he’s such a loser. So let’s go over this, how exactly did he outlive projared?

Last I checked projared still has subscribers, dark is living proof that a couple hundred idiots will support these internet scumbags. There are people who genuinely don’t follow internet drama or separate content creators content from their shitty personal life. Celebrities(and I’m using that term as loosely as possible) come back from fucked up scandals all the time. I’ve got no doubt in my mind if Jared streamed at it was only real fans that could show up his numbers would still dwarf darks.

Like, dark is the guy who lost basically his entire viewer base over the course of a console generation, all that’s left are trolls and a couple hundred fans who are clearly loyal.

So did he outlive him simply because he’s the biggest current internet joke? I mean I guess, I didn’t know there was a official list of internet fuck ups ranked in order. Most normal people just group you in one big loser category, but sure, hang you head on not being the biggest loser out there, I’m sure your parents are proud

Unless Jared actually does some time for the underage stuff, I’ve got no doubt he will end all this wacky shit still having a higher fanbase than dark. You know, dark, the guy that name drops people and mocks them at least once a week because he knows he’s a corpse of an online persona not worth dealing with. It’s might as well be like going after a 20 viewers steamer to them.

If outliving people means gloating about the dried up corpse of your former fanbase while anyone who matters ignores you because you’re such a nobody then congrats, because that’s exactly what you are

It’s like surviving a car crash and being a vegetable for the rest of your life...yeah you really survived all right...