D$P's Dark After Dark - Oft called the After Dark Party where folks continue to chat after the stream ends


Peep, peep, RAWR!!!!!!111one
Double post..but no one else has replied...
Chat log with The Sermon which I may add is NOT quotes from the Bible:
[2019-01-11 05:01:05 UTC] darkhelmutt: unless you got some serious stomach problems, it don't take that long to drop a dook. if you're spending that long in a public restroom, God is very angry with you
[2019-01-11 05:01:31 UTC] trvr3: lagoona? tf
[2019-01-11 05:02:53 UTC] darkhelmutt: someone forgot to shut off the computer [2019-01-11 05:03:03 UTC] darkhelmutt: ok, there we go
[2019-01-11 05:04:41 UTC] darkhelmutt: Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine
[2019-01-11 05:05:08 UTC] darkhelmutt: that old time religion
[2019-01-11 05:05:14 UTC] darkhelmutt: telling you to stay out of the bathroom for so long
[2019-01-11 05:05:36 UTC] number1swaggling: *sings Bringing in the Sheaves*
[2019-01-11 05:06:34 UTC] darkhelmutt: Exodus 22:19
[2019-01-11 05:06:42 UTC] darkhelmutt: Whoever lies with an animal shall be put to death. [2019-01-11 05:06:45 UTC] trvr3: nooooooooooooo
[2019-01-11 05:07:00 UTC] darkhelmutt: bump bump
[2019-01-11 05:07:01 UTC] darkhelmutt: b
[2019-01-11 05:07:48 UTC] number1swaggling: @darkhelmutt too 'old time religion' for you? [2019-01-11 05:08:00 UTC] number1swaggling: *sings a random Jermey Camp song* [2019-01-11 05:08:22 UTC] darkhelmutt: i like that old time religion
[2019-01-11 05:08:46 UTC] number1swaggling: Preach on brother then! [2019-01-11 05:09:28 UTC] mbrtcxkplt: o/
[2019-01-11 05:09:43 UTC] number1swaggling: ...didn't get an Ahmen for the Bringing in the Sheaves hymm
[2019-01-11 05:09:54 UTC] darkhelmutt: o I spake unto you; and ye would not hear, but brebelled against the commandment of the Lord, and †went presumptuously up into the hill. 44 And cthe Amorites, which dwelt in that mountain, came out against you, and chased you, das bees do, and destroyed you in Seir, even unto Hormah. 45 And ye returned and wept before the Lord; but the Lord would not hearken to your voice, nor give ear unto you. 46 So eye abode in Kadesh many days, according unto the days that ye abode there.
[2019-01-11 05:09:57 UTC] number1swaggling: is why I asked [2019-01-11 05:10:09 UTC] trvr3: AMEN brother join me in prayer
[2019-01-11 05:10:40 UTC] number1swaggling: Glory Be!!! Whenever three are gathered together He is there!
[2019-01-11 05:10:52 UTC] mbrtcxkplt: Um...what are you guys doing? [2019-01-11 05:11:29 UTC] number1swaggling: *cough* the reason Jehovah WItness folk come to your door in pairs ( you + two of them=3 )
[2019-01-11 05:11:32 UTC] darkhelmutt: And, behold, there came an old man from his work out of the field at even, which was also of imount Ephraim; and he sojourned in Gibeah: but the men of the place were jBenjamites. 17 And when he had lifted up his eyes, he saw a wayfaring man in the street of the city: and the old man said, Whither goest thou? and whence comest thou?
[2019-01-11 05:11:52 UTC] trvr3: dear god, please smite these nasty degenerates, your creations should treat you with more respect amen
[2019-01-11 05:12:20 UTC] number1swaggling: Listening to an Old TIme Religion sermon [2019-01-11 05:12:32 UTC] trvr3: @mbrtcxkplt nonsense brother join us in prayer
[2019-01-11 05:12:49 UTC] darkhelmutt: And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of hthe fourth beast say, Come and see. 8 And I looked, and behold pa pale horse: and his name that sat on him was qDeath, and qHell followed with him. And power was given ||unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill rswith sword, and nrswith hunger, and rswith death, and rtwith the beasts of the earth.
[2019-01-11 05:12:55 UTC] number1swaggling: Yea! Join Us Brother! [2019-01-11 05:13:21 UTC] darksydephil: why are we quoting gospel? lol
[2019-01-11 05:13:27 UTC] number1swaggling: ...or sister of ymx or attack helicopter.. I don't want to assume your gender
[2019-01-11 05:13:45 UTC] number1swaggling: Join us Phil! [2019-01-11 05:13:51 UTC] trvr3: @darksydephil welcome brother
[2019-01-11 05:14:13 UTC] number1swaggling: When ever three or more gather together I am there [2019-01-11 05:14:14 UTC] tobiasalexander23: lol [2019-01-11 05:14:26 UTC] genetic4mod: hey guys im back but stream is over :(
[2019-01-11 05:14:29 UTC] number1swaggling: God that is not me [2019-01-11 05:14:45 UTC] darkhelmutt: Thus saith the Lord God; I will therefore eespread out my net over thee with a company of many people; and they shall bring thee up in my fnet. 4 Then gwill I leave thee upon the land, gI will cast thee forth upon the open field, and hwill cause all the fowls of the heaven to remain upon thee, and I will fill the beasts of the whole earth with thee. 5 And I will lay thy flesh iupon the mountains, and fill ithe valleys with thy height.
[2019-01-11 05:15:07 UTC] yourmatecreight: @darksydephil how come you were so angry at me before? I missed a win and you made it sound like it was my fault [2019-01-11 05:15:12 UTC] trvr3: AMEN i say AMEN
[2019-01-11 05:15:24 UTC] garyshiggles: amen
[2019-01-11 05:15:34 UTC] number1swaggling: Aaaaaaaamen!!!!!!111one
[2019-01-11 05:15:37 UTC] darkhelmutt: So that ye were xensamples to all that believe in yMacedonia and yAchaia. 8 For from you zsounded out the word of the Lord not only in yMacedonia and yAchaia, but also ain every place your faith to God-ward is spread abroad; so that we need not to speak any thing. 9 For they themselves shew of us what manner of bentering in we had unto you, and how cye turned to God dfrom idols to serve ethe living and ftrue God;
[2019-01-11 05:15:37 UTC] darksydephil: yourmatecreight because you didn't miss it, just like you didn't miss the second one either. you talked big about tipping for wins and then didn't

[2019-01-11 05:15:38 UTC] swiftykaos: dspDeathface [2019-01-11 05:15:50 UTC] darksydephil: you're still here, so obviously you at least saw the second one
[2019-01-11 05:15:58 UTC] genetic4mod: @darksydephil i have an account i want to twitch prime sub with but its banned [2019-01-11 05:16:15 UTC] yourmatecreight: @darksydephil i had to go to the toilet...I came back here to talk to swagginz
[2019-01-11 05:16:16 UTC] darksydephil: sounds like you should stop acting a fool and getting banned then
[2019-01-11 05:16:27 UTC] darksydephil: yeah, yourmatecreight you are full of shit lol [2019-01-11 05:16:28 UTC] number1swaggling: Send him an email, @genetic4mod
[2019-01-11 05:16:30 UTC] swiftykaos: monkaS
[2019-01-11 05:16:30 UTC] darksydephil: you're lucky i don't ban you
[2019-01-11 05:16:31 UTC] genetic4mod: @darksydephil im much better now i act like a normal viewer
[2019-01-11 05:16:35 UTC] trvr3: @darksydephil please have mercy brother [2019-01-11 05:16:47 UTC] garyshiggles: The Lord is merciful
[2019-01-11 05:16:50 UTC] tobiasalexander23: Hm...
[2019-01-11 05:17:22 UTC] darkhelmutt: Now we beseech you, brethren, aby the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by bour gathering together unto him, 2 That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or cbe troubled, neither dby spirit, nor eby word, nor eby letter as from us, as that fthe day of Christ is at hand. 3 gLet no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, hexcept there come ia falling away first, and jthat man of sin be revealed, kthe son of perdition

[2019-01-11 05:17:45 UTC] yourmatecreight: @darksydephil i cant watch all the time, nature calls. Sorry you see it differently
[2019-01-11 05:17:50 UTC] number1swaggling: Praise the Lord!
[2019-01-11 05:17:54 UTC] garyshiggles: Preach!
[2019-01-11 05:18:01 UTC] trvr3: PRAISe be
[2019-01-11 05:18:03 UTC] swiftykaos: Is this chat after Dark? Kappa
[2019-01-11 05:18:06 UTC] catslikejake: after dark chat SeemsGood [2019-01-11 05:18:07 UTC] tobiasalexander23: This the secret cult meeting?
[2019-01-11 05:18:17 UTC] darksydephil: im not
[2019-01-11 05:18:18 UTC] garyshiggles: This is a christian chat after 2nd stream
[2019-01-11 05:18:18 UTC] darksydephil: anyway
[2019-01-11 05:18:19 UTC] number1swaggling: This is a sermon form the dark
[2019-01-11 05:18:23 UTC] darkhelmutt: I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, bwho shall judge the quick and the dead at chis appearing and his kingdom; 2 Preach the word; be instant din season, eout of season; freprove, grebuke, hexhort with all ilongsuffering and doctrine. 3 For jthe time will come when they will not kendure lsound doctrine; but mafter their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth
[2019-01-11 05:18:25 UTC] number1swaggling: from*
[2019-01-11 05:18:26 UTC] darksydephil: @darkhelmutt there is no religious discussion in here [2019-01-11 05:18:26 UTC] catslikejake: ruh toh
[2019-01-11 05:18:34 UTC] darksydephil: so either cut it out with the quotations of the bible or get timed out
[2019-01-11 05:18:35 UTC] catslikejake: lol sup phil
[2019-01-11 05:18:43 UTC] trvr3: please join us @darksydephil
[2019-01-11 05:18:52 UTC] catslikejake: I mean its after hours though
[2019-01-11 05:18:52 UTC] genetic4mod: might be a christian bot
[2019-01-11 05:18:55 UTC] genetic4mod: you never know
[2019-01-11 05:18:57 UTC] number1swaggling: ...these are not actual Bible quotes, @darksydephil
[2019-01-11 05:19:00 UTC] catslikejake: oh well
[2019-01-11 05:19:15 UTC] gtas_is_for_spergs8: phils are cuck kat is a rebound ackackack phil is gay #fortnite2020
[2019-01-11 05:19:25 UTC] swiftykaos: @staychristianbot @genetic4mod Kappa
[2019-01-11 05:19:26 UTC] catslikejake: rip
[2019-01-11 05:19:28 UTC] darkhelmutt: I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen. [2019-01-11 05:19:37 UTC] gtas_is_for_spergs8: oh no i did a typo aww fuck
[2019-01-11 05:19:44 UTC] genetic4mod: @gtas_is_for_spergs8 that is defamation
[2019-01-11 05:19:52 UTC] garyshiggles: I do not like this negativity
[2019-01-11 05:19:58 UTC] trvr3: @gtas_is_for_spergs8 you are forgiven brother
[2019-01-11 05:20:03 UTC] catslikejake: Yall are gonna fuck up After hours chat for everyone lol [2019-01-11 05:20:04 UTC] myarmisfarting: get a job dave you worthless piece of shit reeeee oink oink oink beg beg beg
[2019-01-11 05:20:07 UTC] gtas_is_for_spergs8: thank you brothers
[2019-01-11 05:20:19 UTC] tobiasalexander23: Dark... You're opening the holes of hell lmfao [2019-01-11 05:20:34 UTC] gtas_is_for_spergs8: feelsbadman
[2019-01-11 05:20:48 UTC] number1swaggling: Can we go back to reading the sermon from brother @darkhelmutt ?
[2019-01-11 05:20:51 UTC] darksydephil: these are just the wings trolls who are sad he's banned right now lol
[2019-01-11 05:20:54 UTC] catslikejake: I was gonna say Im surprised he is still here lol
[2019-01-11 05:20:59 UTC] genetic4mod: yeah they are [2019-01-11 05:21:04 UTC] catslikejake: lmao
[2019-01-11 05:21:14 UTC] darkhelmutt: This not my table, or a Catholic table, or a Protestant table: it is the Lord's table and all are welcome.
[2019-01-11 05:21:23 UTC] whycantweebefriends: You sure showed him, Phil! [2019-01-11 05:21:24 UTC] darksydephil: wrong
[2019-01-11 05:21:25 UTC] darksydephil: it's my table
[2019-01-11 05:21:25 UTC] swiftykaos: monkaS
[2019-01-11 05:21:32 UTC] timboslicegb: what is going on here lol
[2019-01-11 05:21:34 UTC] catslikejake: LUL
[2019-01-11 05:21:36 UTC] darksydephil: so either eat what I provide or go to your own buffet down the road
[2019-01-11 05:21:42 UTC] timboslicegb: after stream party
[2019-01-11 05:21:43 UTC] darksydephil: and religion is not on the menu
[2019-01-11 05:21:48 UTC] tobiasalexander23: What you serving Phil?
[2019-01-11 05:21:50 UTC] catslikejake: This is why I love after dark chat
[2019-01-11 05:21:55 UTC] genetic4mod: just some idiot trolls found phil was in chat and decided to "troll him" by wasting there own time LUL
[2019-01-11 05:21:56 UTC] trvr3: dear god, we are here to honor the memory of our fellow brothers. amen
[2019-01-11 05:22:12 UTC] catslikejake: Can we get some PB polk cake @darksydephil
[2019-01-11 05:22:23 UTC] darksydephil: well they're about to be really bored, bc i'm taking off for the night. later all!
[2019-01-11 05:22:25 UTC] darkhelmutt: depends on your interpretation of communion and "transubstantiation"
[2019-01-11 05:22:34 UTC] catslikejake: weak
[2019-01-11 05:22:34 UTC] garyshiggles: Later Phil! Have a blessed night!
[2019-01-11 05:22:37 UTC] genetic4mod: @darksydephil have a good night!
[2019-01-11 05:22:39 UTC] android___x: @darksydephil good night phil i hope kat feels better [2019-01-11 05:22:41 UTC] catslikejake: HeyGuys
[2019-01-11 05:22:54 UTC] whycantweebefriends: Bye, Dark!
[2019-01-11 05:22:55 UTC] catslikejake: Kat still sick? Damn
[2019-01-11 05:22:58 UTC] trvr3: bless you dark
[2019-01-11 05:23:10 UTC] tobiasalexander23: Will the preaching continue? [2019-01-11 05:23:24 UTC] swiftykaos: BlessRNG BlessRNG
[2019-01-11 05:23:24 UTC] catslikejake: hallelujah LUL
[2019-01-11 05:23:42 UTC] genetic4mod: BlessRNG [2019-01-11 05:24:09 UTC] tobiasalexander23: *prayer hands*
[2019-01-11 05:24:21 UTC] catslikejake:
[2019-01-11 05:24:38 UTC] darkhelmutt: The defects of a preacher are soon spied. Let him be endued with ten virtues, and have but one fault, and that one fault will eclipse and darken all his virtues and gifts, so evil is the world in these times.
[2019-01-11 05:24:43 UTC] swiftykaos: instead of StayHydratedBot we have StayChristianBot [2019-01-11 05:24:50 UTC] tobiasalexander23: Yes Lord!! Yes!!!
[2019-01-11 05:24:51 UTC] tobiasalexander23: Hahhaha [2019-01-11 05:25:01 UTC] trvr3: AMEN
[2019-01-11 05:25:07 UTC] garyshiggles: Let our preacher be free of faults!
[2019-01-11 05:25:15 UTC] genetic4mod: what deadly sin do you think amberlyn represents? [2019-01-11 05:25:22 UTC] darkhelmutt: Riches are the pettiest and least worthy gifts which God can give a man. What are they to God's Word, to bodily gifts, such as beauty and health; or to the gifts of the mind, such as understanding, skill, wisdom! Yet men toil for them day and night, and take no rest. Therefore God commonly gives riches to foolish people to whom he gives nothing else
[2019-01-11 05:25:23 UTC] trvr3: are u srs lol
[2019-01-11 05:25:24 UTC] tobiasalexander23: Sloth?
[2019-01-11 05:25:25 UTC] tobiasalexander23: Lol
[2019-01-11 05:25:31 UTC] trvr3: gluttony
[2019-01-11 05:25:31 UTC] genetic4mod: i think lust
[2019-01-11 05:25:38 UTC] swiftykaos: gluttony
[2019-01-11 05:25:47 UTC] tobiasalexander23: She should of been a Dark Souls boss [2019-01-11 05:25:55 UTC] garyshiggles: amen
[2019-01-11 05:26:03 UTC] genetic4mod: I like the name necky its so funny
[2019-01-11 05:26:11 UTC] darkhelmutt: Original sin is in us, like the beard. We are shaved today and look clean, and have a smooth chin; tomorrow our beard has grown again, nor does it cease growing while we remain on earth. In like manner original sin cannot be extirpated from us; it springs up in us as long as we live. Nevertheless we are bound to resist it to our utmost strength, and to cut it down unceasingly
[2019-01-11 05:26:24 UTC] catslikejake: Wow...
[2019-01-11 05:26:37 UTC] genetic4mod: a cold subway is disgusting TOAST the shit
[2019-01-11 05:26:39 UTC] swiftykaos: @genetic4mod I prefer Neggy Kappa
[2019-01-11 05:26:42 UTC] specty27: Praise neggy Kappa
[2019-01-11 05:26:42 UTC] genetic4mod: and subway chicken is F tier garbage [2019-01-11 05:26:43 UTC] trvr3: PRAISE be
[2019-01-11 05:27:03 UTC] darkhelmutt: I never work better than when I am inspired by anger; for when I am angry, I can write, pray, and preach well, for then my whole temperament is quickened, my understanding sharpened, and all mundane vexations and temptations depart. [2019-01-11 05:27:10 UTC] genetic4mod: Amberlynn kinda looks like a pig
[2019-01-11 05:27:20 UTC] tobiasalexander23: "He went to Jareds!" That's where the FBI went alright
[2019-01-11 05:27:31 UTC] catslikejake: StrawBeary cartoon Phil
[2019-01-11 05:27:36 UTC] garyshiggles: Praise!
[2019-01-11 05:27:48 UTC] swiftykaos: @darkhelmutt Please change your name to Christian_Bot
[2019-01-11 05:27:49 UTC] genetic4mod: a disney character could be that pigs wife i forgot his name that pig from disney
[2019-01-11 05:28:14 UTC] darkhelmutt: "Lord God, I thank thee that thou hast been pleased to make me a poor and indigent man upon earth. I have neither house nor land nor money to leave behind me
[2019-01-11 05:28:26 UTC] catslikejake: Heyy kekon here!!
[2019-01-11 05:28:39 UTC] genetic4mod: kekon should join us we can talka bout stuff
[2019-01-11 05:28:48 UTC] tobiasalexander23: Salsa?
[2019-01-11 05:28:51 UTC] trvr3: oh hey kekon
[2019-01-11 05:28:53 UTC] tobiasalexander23: Lmfao.
[2019-01-11 05:29:02 UTC] darkhelmutt: enough of that, time for important stuff
[2019-01-11 05:29:09 UTC] catslikejake: gotta get the titty crumbs
[2019-01-11 05:29:09 UTC] darkhelmutt: kekon, you jerk, you need to up your pepper game [2019-01-11 05:29:22 UTC] darkhelmutt: you're giving the valley a bad name
[2019-01-11 05:29:33 UTC] genetic4mod: amberlynn is soooo thicc damn she could be an instagram star [2019-01-11 05:29:42 UTC] genetic4mod: what pornstar does amberlynnr eid look like?
[2019-01-11 05:29:52 UTC] genetic4mod: amberlynn eid lol...........
[2019-01-11 05:29:58 UTC] swiftykaos: Ron Jeremy
[2019-01-11 05:30:02 UTC] ottersydephil: hey chat which do you like better penguins or otters? [2019-01-11 05:30:08 UTC] genetic4mod: i dont follow BBW porn so idk [2019-01-11 05:30:09 UTC] catslikejake: Lex steele
[2019-01-11 05:30:23 UTC] catslikejake: Piplups dood
[2019-01-11 05:30:32 UTC] catslikejake: no other way to be
[2019-01-11 05:30:35 UTC] babymangaming123abc: i'm reporting you to twitch staff
[2019-01-11 05:30:37 UTC] tobiasalexander23: BBW isn't that big black women?
[2019-01-11 05:30:42 UTC] tobiasalexander23: LOL
[2019-01-11 05:30:42 UTC] darkhelmutt: The allegory of a sophist is always screwed; it crouches and bows like a snake, which is never straight, whether she go, creep, or lie still; only when she is dead, she is straight enough.
[2019-01-11 05:30:51 UTC] genetic4mod: Amberlynn Reids farts probably smell like heaven [2019-01-11 05:31:23 UTC] catslikejake: Big boned women
[2019-01-11 05:31:27 UTC] tobiasalexander23: Ah [2019-01-11 05:31:28 UTC] tobiasalexander23: LMFAOO
[2019-01-11 05:31:36 UTC] tobiasalexander23: rip me
[2019-01-11 05:31:43 UTC] darkhelmutt: The highest gift and favor of God is a pious, kind, godly, and domestic wife, with whom thou mayest live peaceably, and to whom thou mayest intrust all thy possessions, yea, thy body and thy life
[2019-01-11 05:31:52 UTC] catslikejake: look at them huge guns
[2019-01-11 05:32:00 UTC] catslikejake: dem biceps
[2019-01-11 05:32:05 UTC] genetic4mod: Shoutout to hambergerlynn
[2019-01-11 05:32:07 UTC] darkhelmutt: thy pantry, thy checkbook, thy refrigerator, thy snack cakes
[2019-01-11 05:32:23 UTC] darkhelmutt: Whore of Babylon, pretty much, damn. [2019-01-11 05:32:41 UTC] genetic4mod: why does necky look like a dood but amberlynn still looks like a female? [2019-01-11 05:32:51 UTC] darkhelmutt: chromosomes
[2019-01-11 05:32:56 UTC] darkhelmutt: XX versus XXY or whatever [2019-01-11 05:33:15 UTC] catslikejake: She is gonna eat that little dog one day [2019-01-11 05:33:25 UTC] genetic4mod: do you think necky is a futa?
[2019-01-11 05:33:39 UTC] darkhelmutt: whatever the term is these days
[2019-01-11 05:34:03 UTC] babymangaming123abc: reported
[2019-01-11 05:34:03 UTC] genetic4mod: trasnsexual?
[2019-01-11 05:34:40 UTC] darkhelmutt: For God does not want to save us by our own but by an extraneous righteousness, one that does not originate in ourselves but comes to us from beyond ourselves, which does not arise on earth but comes from heaven
[2019-01-11 05:34:52 UTC] swiftykaos: BlessRNG BlessRNG
[2019-01-11 05:35:00 UTC] catslikejake:
[2019-01-11 05:35:05 UTC] genetic4mod: PraiseIt
[2019-01-11 05:35:29 UTC] ottersydephil: BlessRNG
[2019-01-11 05:35:29 UTC] darkhelmutt: We are saved through the Lord our God, all need be done is request salvation and it is given freely and openly. [2019-01-11 05:35:56 UTC] catslikejake: free....
[2019-01-11 05:36:25 UTC] catslikejake: Well stay ballin everybody
[2019-01-11 05:36:26 UTC] genetic4mod: king of hate dood
[2019-01-11 05:36:34 UTC] ottersydephil: night chat
[2019-01-11 05:36:40 UTC] genetic4mod: peace guys! [2019-01-11 05:36:58 UTC] ottersydephil: yeet yeet
[2019-01-11 05:37:14 UTC] babymangaming123abc: @darkhelmutt troll u don't even believe in god. stfu [2019-01-11 05:37:57 UTC]
darkhelmutt: making a lotta assumptions there chief
[2019-01-11 05:38:23 UTC] catslikejake: is his soundboard on pc or is it a sepreate thing
[2019-01-11 05:39:21 UTC] babymangaming123abc: @darkhelmutt this is not the place to be asking for forgiveness. I agree you can speak the lords work anywhere, however phil already mentioned there is no religion talk here.
[2019-01-11 05:39:49 UTC] catslikejake: @babymangaming123abc psh its after hours man come on
[2019-01-11 05:40:11 UTC] catslikejake: we dont do it during stream. Nobody is derailing anythi g.
[2019-01-11 05:40:41 UTC] trvr3: @babymangaming123abc nonsense brother join us in prayer [2019-01-11 05:40:48 UTC] babymangaming123abc: @catslikejake that's a valid point but i saw phil told him not to do it earlier but w/e. later
[2019-01-11 05:40:57 UTC] darkhelmutt: Forgiveness comes not from the mouth of man, but from the word of God
[2019-01-11 05:41:50 UTC] trvr3: amen [2019-01-11 05:42:57 UTC] catslikejake: oh shit haha big poppa pump
[2019-01-11 05:43:18 UTC] catslikejake: Mark henry theme now? [2019-01-11 05:43:57 UTC] darkhelmutt: put your hand in the air if yous a true playa
[2019-01-11 05:44:24 UTC] catslikejake: Teddy long theme!
[2019-01-11 05:44:32 UTC] catslikejake: ahhhh rip
[2019-01-11 05:44:44 UTC] catslikejake: okay now Im out. riPepperonis
[2019-01-11 05:44:59 UTC] trvr3: riPepperonis riPepperonis

...okay they are Bible quotes altered, but...
inside this is a convo 'tween D$P about failing to meet a 'bounty' aka give D$P money
starting here:
-01-11 05:15:07 UTC] yourmatecreight: @darksydephil how come you were so angry at me before? I missed a win and you made it sound like it was my fault
[2019-01-11 05:15:37 UTC] darksydephil: yourmatecreight because you didn't miss it, just like you didn't miss the second one either. you talked big about tipping for wins and then didn't
[2019-01-11 05:15:50 UTC] darksydephil: you're still here, so obviously you at least saw the second one
[2019-01-11 05:16:15 UTC] yourmatecreight: @darksydephil i had to go to the toilet...I came back here to talk to swagginz
[2019-01-11 05:16:27 UTC] darksydephil: yeah, yourmatecreight you are full of shit lol
[2019-01-11 05:16:30 UTC] darksydephil: you're lucky i don't ban you
[2019-01-11 05:17:45 UTC] yourmatecreight: @darksydephil i cant watch all the time, nature calls. Sorry you see it differently
[2019-01-11 05:18:18 UTC] darksydephil: anyway
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The North American Jape
Just further proof that Phil is an insurmountable, unfixable faggot who should just kill himself. Save Kat the trouble of smothering him in his sleep.

Like can you imagine eating at Phil’s table? Hearing his lip smacks and shaking jowls? He’s such a fat, unlikable piece of dogshit. “No religious talk in my chat... unless you throw me some money!”

Prince Lotor

She said 'Yes', dood! We getting married, okaaay?
anywhere he goes, he cant act like a normal person. its so cringe. no wonder this dude stays holed up in his house for years
:O "Just don't look at them" :roll:
Apparently someone ran into dsp...

"Was kind of neat to see him and his gf in the wild. I said "Phil?" Because I honestly didn't think it was him. He turned to his partner and said "just don't look at them." I kinda felt bad, but would loved to have talked to him a bit."


Dunno how legit it is.


True & Honest Fan
Again, Phil left his stream running (at least the seven minutes I was there) after he'd shut off his facecam. I believe this is the fourth time this recent thing has happened.

Though Phil wasn't present in chat, his absence did give the stragglers the opportunity to shoot the shit about ban-able topics, and liquid_hindo to dance closer to the edge of Banworld.

Though I had Phil's chat open, eventually chat stopped appearing. The following picks up after chat stopped moving. The end tail of 2019-01-13's chat logs :

[2019-01-13 23:56:44 UTC] liquid_hindo: FeelsKatMan dspPepe
[2019-01-13 23:56:55 UTC] crisis624: dspPepe dspSleeper
[2019-01-13 23:57:26 UTC] alakazam_the_best: my sub is about to end where is emeral seven ? dspHuh dspHuh
[2019-01-13 23:57:52 UTC] crisis624: dspPepe dspNothing
[2019-01-13 23:57:59 UTC] liquid_hindo: emerald six is the hot new commodity
[2019-01-13 23:58:10 UTC] liquid_hindo: emerald 7 is old news
[2019-01-13 23:58:38 UTC] alakazam_the_best: king tut was the best TriHard PowerUpR
[2019-01-13 23:58:58 UTC] liquid_hindo: I can't wait for Phil to do a poll and put an exclamation point at the end of every sentence [2019-01-13 23:59:39 UTC] alakazam_the_best: dspShot right now

(OverRustle rolls over to the next day exactly here). The rest continues in the 2019-01-14 log:

[2019-01-14 00:00:31 UTC] liquid_hindo: Wow that was some great progress tonight! To my surprise, I managed to finish the game tonight! Now upping TONS of fun gameplay and RAGE inducing moments to DSPGayming REEEE!
[2019-01-14 00:00:55 UTC] liquid_hindo: ^That will be his tweet I'm calling it
[2019-01-14 00:01:36 UTC] babyinthechat: Talking about this stuff in pub chat is a dangerous game, fellas.
[2019-01-14 00:01:48 UTC] liquid_hindo: tdogRat
[2019-01-14 00:02:13 UTC] liquid_hindo: We can just hide it

There was a bit more, mostly just spamming Nighbot commands.

Also, this

View attachment 638576
F in the chat for bigmikey148 who was banned about 20 minutes after the stream ended despite never saying anything in the chat.
Phil could be giving his fish some line, so to speak, to reveal themselves, before reeling them in for the ban. As to why someone who's never said anything would get banned over someone who's openly mocking Phil, I have no idea.
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The North American Jape
Hindo is def salty about being called out and temp banned lately.

It’s almost like he’s a fan.

Slander Man

[2019-01-14 00:01:36 UTC] babyinthechat: Talking about this stuff in pub chat is a dangerous game, fellas.
[2019-01-14 00:01:48 UTC] liquid_hindo: tdogRat
[2019-01-14 00:02:13 UTC] liquid_hindo: We can just hide it
Interesting that babyinthechat says this because he is the one that has a seperate chat from Phil's that swagginz and the like use during streams. I guarantee they talk shit on Phil behind his back and that statement seems to insinuate that.


True & Honest Fan
Phil ended last night's conclusion of the Resident Evil 2 Remake as the chatter about Swagginz' tongue-lashing continued. When "benjiizus" brought up some recent WingOfRedemption drama, Phil was drawn out of lurking:

[2019-01-31 05:37:43 UTC] benjiizus: Bro this last wings video shows him saying the forbidden word today
[2019-01-31 05:38:12 UTC] benjiizus: Is DSP still lurking lmao
[2019-01-31 05:38:49 UTC] da_hopper: dsp lurking bawkSweat
[2019-01-31 05:47:54 UTC] darksydephil: @Benjiizus yes but did he really say it, or was some asshat cheering or somethign and made him "kind of say it" inadvertently. bc i cant imagine a pro streamer saying that and meaning it
[2019-01-31 05:47:58 UTC] darksydephil: i mean, you'd really be stupid

(2019-01-31 logs here)
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