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Judging from all my experience with DSP, he's going to take something he's been doing already, and put it behind a new weird paywall that's completely different from all his other forms of demanding money. Like, he'll take one of the games he's already streaming, and then only do it if the fans 'earn it' by buying 10 shirts a month or something, not realizing that all his different avenues for begging cannibalize one another.

Then someone will troll him and buy 10 shirts, and he won't do the thing he already was doing, and promised to do if the shirts got sold.


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Down the line the designer will become a detractor if something goes wrong like usual. Happened to the guy who built his first PC, happened to the mods back on his first site.


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Everything Phil needs relies on the talent and time, and goodwill, of others without a financial cost to himself:

This requires creativity, making it also the least likely scenario:

Phil's Teespring page offers a staple set of designs shotgun'd onto shirts, mugs, stickers, and pillows (I may be mistaken, but Phil doesn't seem to have taken advantage of every available medium offered by Teespring, such as phone cases or tote bags). With all designs the same, this leaves little incentive to spring for, let's say, a sticker over a mug.

He could customize these with almost no effort. For example, five varying Phil faces across a mug. As the mug is turned, a silly-surprised-Phil-face transitions into a silly-grumpy-Phil-face. All it would require is creativity and a basic knowledge of a program like GIMP.

Likely as it requires no effort from Phil:

In addition to the "Stream Squads" hypothesized by @thebonesauce, Twitch will also be implementing two other new features: A "Highlight Editor" and a "VIP Badge", both to be released January 2019, the release date of Phil's new campaign.

The "Highlight Editor" will "let streamers edit together moments from one video into one highlight to make their reels more varied and engaging". It's possible he could smell a new KOGaming, directly grown off the back of his new host, Twitch.

He may be eyeing the "VIP Badges" as a way to further incentivize "participation", in the same way as his on-screen "Leaderboard" and the weekly Top Ten Countdown of the most generous "participants".

Also likely, as it too requires no effort from Phil:

Phil makes his viewers pay for something they were getting for free, as hypothesized by @The Manglement. Like every Lolcow, Phil is "feels, not reals". His value of things outside of himself is judged by how he feels. By attaching A monetary value to B service, Phil can then feel, in a backwards way, that B is in fact worth A, making it real.

In this instance, it's further supported by Phil's speculated Sociopathic world view. "The world is a cruel place. If I don't look out for me, who will". New paywalls can be "morally" justified, since they're are essentially "protecting" what's his (himself/his feelings).


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What is it?
(1) Nothing. He just wanted to troll the stupid detractor Kiwifarms and everyone who believed he really made an announcement is a gullible idiot and will be banned banned banned.

(2) Nothing, yet. He starts a vague announcement, looks at KF and uses our idea. Then screams an autistic "Of course the stupid trolls gave it away and ruined the pahsitivity"

(3) Nothing new and nothing unexpected with minimum effort, but sold as something really cool.

(4) Something new and unexpected with effort, like reorganizing his "office" which will be a real studio and not a hot mess. Very unlikely.

(5) Nothing. He forgets he ever announced anything.

(6) Nothing, but claims he had a cool idea but couldn't do it because suddenly the taxes fucked him. So give money please.
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