Daddies and Littles on Tumblr - Child Abuse Fetish


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When the first sentence in a post is: "I am a 16 year old trans boy.", you know it's going to be full of crazy.

Like this:
"I have to chew on a plastic toy (a mlp mystery bag prize from Fred Myers. Good plastic. Very durable in my opinion) or I’ll engage in self destructive behavior (such as picking most of my toenail off)
Something I do for my safety is sexualized."

It's always a laugh fest when 2 crazy groups collide into each other.


It's the fucking dorks that give it a real go.
I thought that tumblr could be redeemed by driving the lolcows out, Kira-style and then forming a new community with the ~1000 or so sane people left. I was wrong. Shit like this has a more lasting effect than the radiation at Vault 87(?) in Fallout.

Frankly, I'm disgusted. Where did their lives go so wrong? What would their parents say when see their children's blogs? The only thing I'm glad of is that child sex abusers are not particularly well-liked, even among other criminals.

Also, can anyone explain to me how tumblr became a cesspool? 2010-tumblr sounded like a more peaceful place.


Nyah, Shee?
I've posted a bit about the "real-life" kink scene before so here's some context and content from the inside.

DD/LG is a fucking tire fire and tl;dr: It's creepier than you think...

The biggest problem by far with the BDSM scene is that some types of people see BDSM as a community-validated excuse to be an abusive partner, or to do whatever they want by pressuring people into semi-consent. Did you hit your girlfriend in the face? "Sorry girl, I think I'm truly a power dom inside, let's discuss our BDSM dynamic so you can consent to this in the future."

#7 makes my skin crawl.

I've seen a lot of DD/LG couples fall apart as abuse becomes more apparent to the littles' friends. When they split, they split hard, and the "daddy" will hop to a new kink group to find a new little. Most of the time these relationships contain a man with severe symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder, and a woman with similar symptoms of Dependent Personality Disorder. These two types of people destructively compliment each others' insecurities, and form a match made in hell.

Something tells me she doesn't get "edging" for leaving the house without permission...

But the horror train doesn't stop there! There's another reason why DD/LG relationships work so well for APD doms: The shameful stigma of roleplaying pedophilia keeps the little out of those "ignorant public spaces" and in the DD/LG hugbox where other girls with DPD applaud the little for never disobeying her daddy!

*Pours moonshine directly onto brain*

The flip side, that I also hope to see in this thread, is "DDLG IS SECRETLY PEDOPHILES N TEHY TRIGGERING Me ME rITE NOW REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE."

Yes, we know, it's gross. Thanks for reminding us, you're a saint and a saviour. Drinking pee is gross. Wearing adult diapers is gross. Bloodplay is gross. MOST fetishes are gross if you don't have them. For a lot of people, just putting someone else's genitals in your mouth is gross. It comes down to this: If you really want to dominate an immature person, and you choose to do it to a consenting adult instead of being a pedophile: Good. You could seek therapy but you won't if it doesn't bother you and it beats the hell out of actually abusing kids. It doesn't stop the 'rinas from making it about themselves though:

Finally, in the name of finding good cows and quality horror, it's important to know what the totally destabilized APD/DPD DD/LG victim blogs look like:

Top: Probably an otherwise normal pervert or aesthetic blog
Bottom: Probably worth mining.
Middle: Radioactive concentrations of trauma/KF content.

I wish you all luck and god fucking speed to you and your sanity.
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