Dramacow "Daddy" Derek Savage - Creator of Cool Cat Saves the Kids


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So, according to the poster, my idea of him "talking sense" into the shooter is a no-go, he is going to (going by the bandana) Daniel-San him with probably this decades sweetest crane kick. I'm... hyped?
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Is anyone going to tune in?
I might. Last one was good for at least a couple good laughs.

Get ready people we have the new poster for "Cool Cat stops paramilitary forces from murding children featuring downys"

How could this poster possibly ever fail to get the hype up? This is easily the movie I am most excited for this year.
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I'm very upset Derek.... I was looking forward to sitting on my porch drinking heineken and watching the show. But I can't fucking find it.

A few days ago he tweeted this out.
Screenshot (24).png

So no Live show which is fine I guess, but I have been looking for a link or something all day and I can't find anything. There haven't been any updates on his twitter or his website as of me writing this. I guess he could just be late but come on Derek I was even willing to pay for it. Am I just dumb and can't find it?

Edit: it's late but here it is
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"It doesn't matter what race or color you are."
- Derek Savage, 2nd Annual 420 Awards

Also, he mixed up Zendaya and Hailee Steinfeld and referred to The Big Lebowski as "The Big Lewinsky." And he said Ariana Grande wrong AGAIN.

That is easily one of the most horrible things I've ever watched


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So, do we have any speculation on who the guy in the so-called "cahrona costume" was? It's probably not the guy who played Cool Cat mach 1.

I believe Cool Cat was played by Derek this time.
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