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[showering intensifies]
I haven't contributed much since the PT drama I stirred up died down, but this delightful image graced my Facebook feed the other day after some friends reposted it and after some digging, I think I may have struck potential gold.

Dan Cilley (he doesn't seem to have any online aliases that I can find) is a literally autistic wannabe pickup artist/diet guru who churns out incredible amounts of content on his Youtube channel - most videos are 10+ minutes long and feature him roaming around the city, ranting, raving, singing, accosting random women, etc. He uploads several per day and responds to criticism, etc. with comments and in some cases videos.

Here are some relevant links:

A good introduction to his personality: (he's so creepy even other PUAs think he's a creep); in this post, he reveals he "was" autistic.

His youtube channel: - there's so much content that I honestly don't even know where to suggest someone to start. Maybe his "online dating profile" video:

His blog: - more of his stream of consciousness ramblings.

He's an "author":

His OKCupid (a screen shot since it may require being logged in to view):

(is on welfare; hates welfare recipients. :lol:)

His Twitter: (mostly garbage but posting this as proof that at one point he apparently had a GoFundMe to help bankroll more "accosting women" videos because everyone knows it's hella expensive to shamble around the streets talking to yourself)

He has something of his own lovequest and it knows no international borders:

TL;DR: an autistic self-loathing welfare recipient who thinks he has cured his autism with diet, believes all sorts of wacky stuff "THEY" don't want you to know (his autism was apparently caused by yeast living in his bowels, according to him), and who spends his days roaming the streets of LA ranting and raving to himself while bugging women. Thinks he's a self-help guru and diet-expert despite having questionable hygiene and even more questionable social graces. Seems to respond to interaction with videos so probably pretty easy to tard cum.

What do you think? Potential cow?


dick specialist
I don't know about you guys but I definitely didn't mark down the exact date I lost my virginity.

Oh God. :o I couldn't even watch the whole video. Those growls and heavy breathing were scaring me. It seemed like he was going to explode with rage or something.
He also does that thing where he moves his mouth like he's talking when he's not saying anything. If that makes sense. Just sits there and mouths words and makes him look like even more of a serial killer.


dick specialist
Ruh roh! Looks like Dan is now aware of the warning posters people are posting around the neighborhood about him! He then proceeds to, on camera, confirm that he has assaulted women ("ONE WOMAN") and also doxes himself. ~oh dan...~

"What is the definition of stalking?"
He's following women around filming them and talking to them, asking questions and generally being threatening. He's either too autistic to understand what he's doing is bad or he knows and just doesn't care. Either way it's creepy as shit.

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[showering intensifies]
Probably meaning like, blocking someone from going into a building or crossing a street. Which is obviously the only way what he's doing would be bad.
Dan is basically trying to lawyer himself out of any potential legal trouble without actually understanding what the law is nor what the legal terms he's using actually mean. "Well, I didn't block a door or back anyone into a corner and I only physically assaulted one woman so [chris]DON'T CALL ANYBODY[/chris]". The dude literally refers to his actions as "accosting women" like it's a badge of honor; apparently unaware that if he was ever arrested and this went to trial, the prosecutor would likely frame his actions the same way in order to convict him.

Basically he thinks he hasn't crossed the line which is why he hasn't been arrested or at least questioned by the cops (as far as I know) when in reality it'a more likely that the women that he *has* crossed the line with presumably have not reported him themselves and instead the reports the police have gotten seem to have been from other people who just reported "there's a dude filming women and it's kinda creepy" which in and of itself isn't illegal. I haven't made it through all of his "accosting" videos yet since there's a gazillion of them and they're all hella long but he willingly admits to grabbing one woman and trying to kiss her against her will which is literally assault.

Of course, since he's autistic and therefor has slightly less self awareness than a sea cucumber he doesn't see the irony in filing his own police reports when other men act aggressively towards him over being filmed. It's okay when he acts like a sexually aggressive dipshit to women because he's on a love quest to find "a hot white or Asian woman he can stick his 6 1/2" penis into 5 or 6 times a day without damaging his dick head by hitting her cervix all the time" as per his dating ad video but when men get (non-sexually) aggressive towards him? BULLYING.

Considering he thinks assault is not crossing the line and is getting more defiant as more people call him out on it, this situation is probably going to come to a head sooner rather than later.
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[showering intensifies]
They always have shit for hygiene, too. Other than Dan being a greasy mess, another example of this is Gluten-Free Girl and her husband ( Like Dan, they're alternative/fad diet "health nuts" who think they can cure diseases with food yet dress their kid in the same dingy clothes for days on end, GFG admits to "forgetting" to shower/wash her hair before photo shoots and the husband - apparently an actual professional chef - always has shit-encrusted fingernails.

A Venn diagram of Gluten/Meat/Dairy/Sugar/etc.-free and Bath-free would only need one circle.

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