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Okay, so I know "no celebrities" is a rule, but I think we can make an exception here. The most recent pages of my Rick and Morty fandom thread have mostly been dedicated to showcasing what a colossal piece of shit Dan Harmon is, and it made me realize that the guy definitely deserves a spot of honor in the Lolcow Hall of Fame.

I'm just gonna go ahead and quote some of the posts in the Rick and Morty thread that give you an idea of what we're dealing with:
In this thread, someone told Harmon that the Szechuan sauce event was a huge clusterfuck because fans were being assholes:
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Harmon replied with this:
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The other person rightfully snapped back:
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And of course Harmon had to have the final word:
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What a gigantic fucking cunt. I had no idea how horrible he is; I mean, I'd heard complaints about him before, but this? This twat is acting like minimum-wage employees are subhumans who should be honored to take abuse from Harmon's fans.

I know this is a thread for laughing at people but seriously, fuck Dan Harmon.

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Dunno if he's genuine or if his bosses forced him to apologize (I assume that's what his rambling is about), but either way it's kinda funny that he had to specifically deny being drunk. He also pinned some stuff about Planned Parenthood to make up for shitting on a fry cook.

I don't know if anyone posted this here yet, but here is a 2015 article about how Dan went on an hour long drunk twitter rant after some guy said something to him. A rant that at one point slipped into the territory of implied threats.

What did the guy say"

“Uhhh ok? I guess you’re drunker than expected. That’s ok. But this isn’t that great of an idea?”

(I suggest you read this. It's cringe city)

Here's another story about Harmon - During GamerGate, one of the people from his podcast started telling people on twitter to kill themselves and got banned. Harmon talked to people who work at twitter to get him unbanned and them fake quit twitter for a while.

Also, soon after that video of him screaming at an audience of people to stab nazis (Trump voters) which someone already posted, he got on twitter and started inviting people who criticized him come join him in a special room he has prepared for them, with the implication seemingly being that he's going to murder them.

I found this comment by a Harmon fan that's really insightful:
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Okay, Dan Harmon definitely needs a thread. If no one else wants to do it I can take a stab at it. I just need more links to get me started.

Here's another example of Harmon's entitlement. On adult swim, immediately after the latest Rick and Morty episode finished, a bumper aired that poked fun at the writing on Game of Thrones' seventh season (which had just aired its season seven finale). As a Game of Thrones fan, Harmon did not take the joke well and immediately took to his Instagram to spew insults at the makers of the bumper.

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Here was the bumper that offended him:
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That's it.

Small correction to this post:
I saw his "special room" tweets in context just now. Turns out Harmon has made up his own little hashtag "#HarmonBlock2017" and the "room" is his block list. At the moment he is using his hashtag to inform people he's blocked them for asking him questions, disagreeing with him, having opinions he doesn't like, criticizing him in any way or making jokes that are funnier than his. He even blocked H3H3 after asking his followers to diagnose him and Ethan's response probably hitting a little too close to home.

Tl;dr- Dan Harmon is an alcoholic mess who consistently chimps out on Twitter and blocks every person who tries to breach his echo chamber. The #HarmonBlock2017 hashtag is full of examples of such incidents. He also has a nasty reputation in the entertainment biz as being impossible to work with.

EDIT: Here's a summary and screencaps of the incident between Dan Harmon and Ethan Klein of H3H3:
Sure. Here's a summary:
Then this happened:
View attachment 296743Papa Bless.

Anyway, six months later, Harmon was going on a blocking spree and decided to block Ethan just cause (archive).
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Remember, Ethan is friends with Justin Roiland, not Dan Harmon.

EDIT 2: Here's some email correspondences between Harmon and Sarah Silverman:
Here's the whole thing.

While heading back from a meeting yesterday, I was told by a co-worker that a friend at Comedy Central had inquired about my "drug problem." Cursory investigation into this rumor's origin confirmed my suspicion: a special friend who once fired me appears to have landed upon a more comfortable answer to the question "why did you fire him," drawing upon information conveniently available to the public via any conversation or blog entry that composes my transparent life.

When you're honest with dishonest people, they can't believe their luck.

For those of you who don't know, by asking me or reading here, I sometimes use recreational drugs. For those of you who care, and who trust me, I did not get fired for having a drug problem. I have never used drugs while working, excepting bong hits or cocktails while shooting improvisational non-profit videos with people I think are my friends.

If I ever did use drugs while working, indeed, if I had a drug problem when I wasn't working, I would tell you without shame, just as I've always told anyone anything they want to know, because I'm an honest man and I'm good at what I do, and if I do it with a mouse up my ass, then maybe that's a crime to the mouse and maybe it's not and we can discuss it all you want.

I did drink a lot of coffee on one writing job, when I was writing for a certain someone for whom an episode a day just wasn't fast enough, and I felt I needed a stimulant to fill the tank inside me that had previously contained my soul. I didn't even have time to drink during my employment on that job. I got fired for a very different reason than being on drugs or being bad at my job. I got fired for a reason that's got to be incredibly hard and not very fun to explain. I won't speculate or go into any more detail than that because I'm a professional, and I don't slander. It would only make me seem, well, like I was crazy.

Let's change the subject.

Young writers: sometimes, in this business, you meet bad people. Reversed people, dishonest people, what the less enlightened would call evil people. They're really just mentally ill people that choose to be ashamed of their illness and strive to make that shame yours instead.

As an example, someone you know might be truly dependent on chemicals, through no fault of their own, due to run-of-the-mill mental illness. They might wake up, go to work and go right back to bed having spent the entire day on mind altering pills designed precisely to keep them from being who they really are, because who they really are is basically unemployable. They might have to legitimately spend every day, on a doctor's advice, using government approved medication, constantly upping their own dosage, dilating their pupils more and more just to keep a little light in their ever-darkening lives. And while there should be no shame in this, because being crazy isn't any more a choice than being gay, some people make the choice to be ashamed, and that's when they become bad people. In this example, they might tend to compensate for their shame by diagnosing a lot of the people around them as being addicts. This would make a reliable safety net for them whenever they felt threatened.

Some people are crazy, for real- not crazy like me and my friends, who call ourselves crazy to keep ourselves in check. Some people are bona-fide crazy people and they live with a very real shame, a very real fear of being "caught" being crazy, being "pitied" for being crazy, and they will do anything and say anything, and hurt anyone, or suck anyone's dick, to keep that day from coming.

It's not the crazy that makes them bad, it's the shame. These are people that feel like they have to claw at the world with white knuckles just to keep from flying off into obscurity, and they wish you felt the same, because then they'd be normal. Unconsciously, they know there is a reason why nobody will work with them, in spite of their talent and charm, and behind closed doors, they often find themselves curled up and bursting into tears. They claw at their melting bodies and brains and they convulse to try to get their record to stop skipping but nothing works.

So they put on their makeup, take a deep breath and step outside into a world that they believe hates them, and as far as they're concerned, it's time for the rest of us to make it up to them. Time for us to pay their piper. Their pain is going to be yours, by hook or by crook.

If you ever find yourself working with someone like that, get out fast and stay quiet. Get fired- it's as easy as telling them how you feel, so do it, because if you quit, you don't get paid. Be professional; don't slander them, even if it gets back to you that they've been slandering you in one of the lowest, least professional ways.

Pain is a living thing that wants to spread. When you get hurt by someone, you want to hurt them back. You might even want to hurt others. But can break the cycle if you choose to break it. Feel the pain, feel the urge to spread it, and realize that the person who hurt you, by definition, is overflowing with it. They don't need to be punished because they're already serving a life sentence. It is no concern of yours, even if they keep talking shit and it keeps getting back to you.

Don't blog about it. Don't post anything about it in any forums. My friend Dino once posted details about working with a certain fading starlet, and her celebrity husband, while burying the hatchet with him over drinks, confided that they had flirted with the notion of taking up their Brazilian masseuse's offer to hire thugs to physically beat him senseless. They had a whole plan. They had thought about it enough to plan it. In their minds, it was what Dino deserved. For talking about them. In a way they didn't want to be talked about. In a way not approved by their publicist.

Don't talk about these people. Let them talk about you, let them say what they want to say and hope the truth will find a way to the surface.

Just take the opportunity to improve yourself. God knows you're not perfect. Practice counterintuitive actions: forgive the unforgiveable, love the poisonous, empathize with the unbelievably psychotic. You're not exactly sane yourself, you know. Nobody is, and if you can accept that, you can grow.

The universe comes predisposed for balance; if you want bad people to feel bad, it's as easy as doing nothing.

Like honesty, it's hard at first, but in time, it's as easy as just not lying .

That's not the email he sent to Sarah, though, just a myspace blog (which he also published as a book lol) he posted about her. He also posted this response from her on his blog: " 'The way you portray yourself in your blogs and your emails -- it's bizarre how perceptive you are with everyone but yourself.' That's a line from an email I got from my special friend, the one who fired me."

The actual email he sent to Sarah is this:

9/2/2006 Subject: I'm sober now and I hate you again.

Just kidding. I want to make it official that I meant everything I said in New York and I hope you did, too.

We were a good team that got broken up for the very reason it was good- because we're passionate people. Those "eggshells" on which we were both walking weren't the fault of either one of us. They were there because we were fans of each other and we could scare each other a little (I know that's super presumptuous to say but I'm risking saying it because I think it's true). Nobody wants to think that someone they like doesn't like them, and nobody likes themself very much when they're working so hard. We were writing like an episode a day and that energy between us got overheated. It happens to normal people all the time but if you and I were normal we would be out of a job.

It's behind us, now, if you want. We don't have to talk about it ever again.

I hadn't seen your face, not even on TV, since the last writer's meeting. And when you came out and did your Paris Hilton thing, I just kept thinking, "This is the person that I think is the funniest woman in the world, and she was my friend, and now she's not. "

It's amazing to think about how close we came to NOT running into each other. And how, if we hadn't, I wouldn't be writing this. I spent six months wondering what I'd do when I saw you, but the one thing I never thought would happen is that I'd just be happy to see you.

We're both fine separately; we could both have perfectly fulfilling careers and lives without each other; we could never speak to each other again and we could still die happy people and the world would keep turning without us and the price of tea wouldn't change.

But we only have one lifetime, and I don't want to spend mine wasting any energy. I'm really lazy that way. Forcing myself to not like you was a big waste of energy because it wasn't a natural thing. I am a fan and I like you by default. It's the easy thing to do.

Would you still like to do a Channel 101 pilot with me for this month? I could write something and bounce it off you.

I can't wait to see the show, Jeff Davis told me there was a screening of the stuff at Cinespace and that the daughter episode was genius. Have a good weekend.

Your friend, Dan Harmon

Sarah's reply:


Subject: (no subject)

A weird thing happened. I had written an email back to you but hadn't sent it yet. I was happy.

Was online reading blogs and went back and read some of yours that I'd missed. The one about black nerds in particular.

Then I went back and read the last couple emails you sent me.

If you want to be friendly, that would be great. But as for working together, I'm gonna pass.

All I can think is THANK GOD I read that blog before sending you the email I had written. I wonder who you think you're talking about when you say,

"Unconsciously, they know there is a reason why nobody will work with them, in spite of their talent and charm"



Harmon's reply back:


Subject: RE: (no subject)

Oh, shit! Duh. I was working FOR you. This is so simple. This is why there was so much tension. You kept wondering why your employee was being such a dick and I kept wondering why my friend and creative partner had become an insufferable twat. You're actually right, it's bizarre how unaware I can be.

I really am crazy. I'm looking at that tantrum email I sent you. "I love and respect you... you have the power to hurt my feelings... if you care about that, you should be nicer.." Blah blah blah. Boo hoo. I sent THAT email... to you. Have you ever seen the documentary "Grizzly Man?"

Oh, well. Made sense at the time. Not to defend myself, but just to explain: I was thinking that your position as my employer was a technical, contractual matter, superceded by the unbreakable bond that exists between collaborators. I was also thinking of the character you play as just being a character.

For all my supposed genius, in a lot of ways, I'm not too bright.

Getting smarter, though. Every day. Be patient. We're friends, now.


And finally, the initial email he sent that he says got him fired:


I don't mind you insinuating that we may have lost sight of your character. I think it's weird that you had that reaction to one line in #3. You're a special person, nobody is ever going to be thinking exactly what you're thinking 100 percent of the time. That would be weird. You touching your breasts isn't me losing sight of your character, it's me typing that you touched your breasts and it's easy to fix.

I guess we almost made it through this phase without a major fight, but I don't understand why sometimes it's okay that something I write is not your cup of tea and you simply suggest a fix, but then other times it's like the end of the world and your character is in jeopardy and you don't know what to do because I'm such a hack.

And if that wasn't the message you sometimes try to send, then I'm crazy, in which case, I'm fucking crazy, and I'm not going to get un-crazy any time soon. And by the way, I hope this doesn't blow your mind, but you're fucking BAT SHIT INSANE and I adjust and I have fun and I am honored to write for you. So you need to know that I'm a little crazy, too, in certain specific ways, and adjust how you communicate with me, and if you're not willing to do that, then tell me, and I'll adjust to you even more.

In case you care, you have the power to say things that deflate me, make me hate myself, make me want to cry. Do you remember how you felt after we wrapped on the last day of shooting the pilot? That's me right now, I'm at the center, I'm under pressure, coming face to face at every moment with my limitations. This is my difficult time. I almost got through it with my mind in one piece, it's Wednesday, we have two scripts to go. Now my fucking spirit is broken. Maybe it's not your fault, maybe you just put a straw on the camel's back at the right time. Maybe I just needed to blow up and heal.

I'm sorry I said it was better than deadwood. I didn't mean if there's anything wrong with this script, then you should be bewildered and depressed. I meant, hey, thanks for cutting and pasting something together that really inspired me. I have high hopes for this episode after you and I get done writing it. I was joining in with your woo hoos. so please don't punish and humiliate me by prefacing every single sentence in the future with "I don't want to make you cry, but..." I'm saying please take ten extra seconds before you click send on your emails and scan for any instances where you talk to me like Im a Starbucks employee that spilled something on you. I think there's a clear enough line there, when we have more time, maybe I can show you and we can learn to work together better. Its great 97 percent of the time and then you fucking kidney punch me, that's how I feel.

Yes, I will be sitting here with my stomach in knots going through it.

By the way, after we perfect this draft, its going to go to the network and the network is going to say, "lose the bees and the flashbacks." At which point maybe I won't be the bad guy as much.

I'm sure I'll regret sending this to you but this is how I feel right now. I wouldn't get so upset about it if I didn't love and respect you.
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This is a thread that is well deserved.

Glad to see the humble Szechuan sauce salt thread evolve into a scrutiny of the co-creator of Rick and Morty himself.

Of course this is his most recent tweet on his page:


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"No celebrities" is a soft rule. I posted a lolcow thread on Randy Quaid last year because he's gone certifiably insane. Dan Harmon is a narcissistic drunkard who only got work in the industry due to dumb luck and probably nepotism. Fuck him, he deserves a thread as much as the next belligerent retard high off his own farts screeching on Twitter.

RI 360

The real Rick would revel in upheaval instead of literally and figuratively shitting his pants and pounding on the block button in a self-righteous rage.

eta: I wouldn't call him a career cow bc this fuck up manages to have a career but instead a drama cow bc his endless ability to generate it will undo the former.
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Chris did nothing wrong

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It is well known that despite his feminist charm, he is extremely abusive around women. He has done everything in his power to make this video of him making a woman cry in public go away. You won't believe the shocking degrading things he says to her. It is clear that everyone else in the room is stunned and can't believe what they are hearing. If you saw a man say these things on the street you'd want to tackle him.


KM 749


Dan had an AMA on reddit about a year back. Here's a pretty revealing answer:


"I've never once been annoyed by anyone bugging me, and, incidentally - and i think this is just because fans of my work are smart and sensitive - not a single fan I've ever encountered has ever behaved rudely toward me"

The very first phrase is a lie according to everything he does on twitter, unless he is covertly rusing everybody all the time by creating an abrasive personality to lug with him wherever he goes.
In addition, for him to think of his fans as smart and sensitive reflects his pride in creating shows and characters that reflect his own perspective. And naturally, everyone who enjoys them must be as "smart and sensitive" as he is.

Of course, he also disproved this due to his rant against "sexists fans" for disliking the new writers were taking Rick and Morty in, along the entirety of the Szechuan sauce fiasco.

It must have been very disillusioning for him to see his "smart and sensitive" fans show up as meme-spouting, horde-creating retards, a indignance that he uses social media to vent upon it towards his fans.

Johnny Bravo

It is well known that despite his feminist charm, he is extremely abusive around women. He has done everything in his power to make this video of him making a woman cry in public go away. You won't believe the shocking degrading things he says to her. It is clear that everyone else in the room is stunned and can't believe what they are hearing. If you saw a man say these things on the street you'd want to tackle him.

Not to defend Dan or anything, but this doesn't seem that bad. She gets upset for a moment but about a minute later she's talking to him like nothing happened. It was a bad joke that went too far but it didn't seem malicious. Maybe I was just expecting Mel Gibson level.

Here’s that drunken Nazi rant he had while filming the second season of HarmonQuest.

This, on the other hand, is one of the cringest things I've ever seen.


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Not to defend Dan or anything, but this doesn't seem that bad. She gets upset for a moment but about a minute later she's talking to him like nothing happened. It was a bad joke that went too far but it didn't seem malicious. Maybe I was just expecting Mel Gibson level.

He seemed surprisingly apologetic after he realized she wasn't laughing. If only he could be that courteous even 50% of the time.

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