Careercow Dan Nainan - The 55 Year Old Millenial & World's Worst Comedian


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Dan Nainan first came to my attention through this painful video of him performing "comedy" to a completely silent audience.

Anyone watching this cringefest would assume that he's just some no name hack. But against all odds, Dan Nainan has a successful career. He's a corporate comedian- whenever some HR drone decides they need a comedian for their Tesla convention, accounting seminar, or heart disease conference, they hire him. He's performed for Obama, Trump, Clinton, and Steve Wozniak, among others.

What makes him so appealing to corporations that need comedy on demand? Well, he has a few selling points. His comedy is 100% clean - no swear words or innuendo to be found. He bills himself as "The World's First Indian-Japanese Comedian". But his biggest selling point is that he's a Millenial™ .

Dan Nainan is 35 years old, and he loves to share his insights into the cool and hip world of Millenials with the media. Forbes writes about how Millennial Dan Nainan Left Intel To Make His Millions Entertaining Others With Comedy. In a Huffington Post article, Dan teaches us How Old People Can Learn from Millenials. In an article by the Coca-Cola Company, Dan Nainan advises his fellow millenials to follow their dreams. He's even talked to Cosmopolitan about Why Some Millenials Are Swearing Off Porn.. wait, what?

Correction, 12/30: This article previously included three quotes from New York comedian Dan Nainan in this article... Nainan identified himself as 35 years old at the time of the interview, but it has since been revealed that he is 55, and thus not a Millennial. He has been removed from this article.

As you might have suspected from his withered and saggy visage, Dan Nainan is not a millenial at all. He's built his entire career on a lie. How did people find out? Well...
there’s a Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department incident report for the time a sprightly 32-year-old Nainan punched then-Daily Beast reporter Josh Rogin after he made fun of his set at a D.C. comedy club in 2013. Under “exact age or range” it says this: 52. Nainan pleaded guilty and served probation.

Dan Nainan has a long history of chimping out whenever people point out that he is not funny or not a Millenial. Some small time comic once made fun of him; in response, Dan has sent him hundreds of psychotic emails accusing him of being a drug addict and sexual harasser.

Comedian Bill Robinson, after being subjected to Dan's standup routine, made the mistake of quipping that "he shouldn’t be selling a book about how to make it in comedy if he’s emceeing at a Hyatt". Dan went nuclear. Not only did he send a barrage of crazy emails, he tried to get Robinson fired and invited him to FITE ME IRL.

Many other comics have been subject to his spergfits.

Even though a simple google search will reveal Dan's true age, he continues to maintain that he's 35.

Watch him squirm and try to change the subject when he's confronted about his age.

This Millenial-kin is clearly easy to rile up & very active online.


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I remember hearing a story on Marc Maron's WTF podcast about a guy who tried to bribe his way onto Maron's show and sent him a million emails talking about how successful and rich he is from comedy and told Marc to buy a bunch of coke (he's been clean for years). Always wondered who that was. It was Dan Nainan.

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How did he even get to the point where he's performing for people like Obama and Trump? How did his career get that far?

He's completely "clean" in his jokes and performance (so as not to hurt feels and give excuses to sue your company at its corporate event or go after a politician for the talent his team picked for his/her event), he is multi-ethnic in a unique way (even harder for him to offend anybody because he can say just about anything he wants, even if he doesn't because of fucked up societal standards in the US) and he used to have a career in tech so he probably leveraged that to get started.

He's basically the comic equivalent of a birthday clown though, even if it's made him some cash over time.


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From Reddit

"He bought (one L rather than two L's). He made a replica of Russell's actual site except for the contact details where he removed the phone numbers and added different email addresses. When people would enquire about booking Russel, he'd say that Russel was busy but Dan Nainan - also an Indian Comedian - is available at a much lower rate.

There's a few other schemes he's pulled. Including calling clubs straight up and claiming that he's some famous comedian's opener, he's gotten comedians fired by claiming to be a member of the public and laying complaints.

He has a list of people that have wronged him and he sends them a multi-paragraph email every day telling them how amazing his life is."


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Could this guy be any more of a typical narcissistic baby boomer? Lying, cheating, throwing tantrums and anything else in order to gain even an inch of ground towards what he believes to be a "superior position". How much of any sort of advantage have you really achieved if you backstabbed everyone else in the process, got yourself a KF thread and are still at rock-bottom?

What a shitty figure. He probably thinks that everyone else is "doing better" than him and this is why he fights so hard to bring them down to his own pathetic level. Can you imagine, living in a world where you're the shittiest piece of crap in the bowl and you're constantly jealous of everyone else, to the point of throwing public tantrums like a child every now and then?

I really wonder why he's trying so hard to lie about the fact he's a millennial. I wish there was a complicated, deep-seated neurosis that we could learn and unveil but given how shallow he is it probably just boils down to "millennials are new, cool and hip and I don't want to be old, boring and lame so I'll become one". If I had a pity bone in my body, I'd throw it to him.

I would absolutely say that this guy is psychopathic, except he lacks one key characteristic: the brains. Psychopaths are lying, manipulative and deeply miserable and insecure like he is but they're also unrivaled masterminds when it comes to hiding their lies and passing by as normal people - while this dude here creates fake websites, throws tantrums openly on Twitter and lies about his age by a few decades on TV... So my final diagnosis can't be anything but 100% pure :autism:
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Nainan is definitely exceptional but I’m worried he may be too boring to have his own thread. I hope I’m wrong though because he’s fucking insane.
First, this thread isn't in Proving Grounds, so it's not like it's waiting for approval to be a full-fledge thread.
Second, how the fuck does he not deserve his own thread? After watching the video @ωσкє вℓυє мυѕℓιм qυєєη posted alone, there are so many points to go off:
  • Constantly lies about his age in order to pretend he's a millennial
  • Sends hundreds of unsolicited emails to comics/entertainers he doesn't like
    • Brags about how successful he is
    • Claims how all the other comics are addicts and losers that are getting old (whereas he remains young forever)
  • Goes after people who've never even heard of him
  • Tried to get people fired from their jobs
  • When that didn't work, challenged same guy he tried to get fired to an irl fistfight to the death
  • Stalks other comics/comedians to try and get shows lined up through their names
  • Lied about how 9/11 got him to quit his job at Intel and become a comedian, when in reality, he was fired
  • Brings up being bullied as a kid to justify his harassment toward others
  • Literally punched a journalist twice in the face for simply not liking his terrible jokes
That last point some people may argue against, cause sure, fuck the blue-checkmark journos. Yet still, it's truly pathetic how he can't handle others disliking his act or just him and has to resort to bullying and violence to get his way.


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This guy is fascinating. He's absolutely fucking insane. Here's the interview that was mentioned in the video above. Its long as fuck, but its an interesting watch, if you like watching narcissists on the defensive. He flips out and starts whining at the callers from around 35 minutes in.

He hasn't posted to his twitter in a while, which is a shame, but its nothing but pictures of him sitting alone in various private jets. And this, which is the saddest thing i've ever read.


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This guy is fascinating. He's absolutely fucking insane. Here's the interview that was mentioned in the video above. Its long as fuck, but its an interesting watch, if you like watching narcissists on the defensive. He flips out and starts whining at the callers from around 35 minutes in.

He hasn't posted to his twitter in a while, which is a shame, but its nothing but pictures of him sitting alone in various private jets. And this, which is the saddest thing i've ever read.

While long this video is a masterclass in Nainan's sociopathy. The greatest part is during it people were tweeting Maron in real time to ask him about Najnan and he confirmed he's insane. When confronted Nainan just straight up denies it's about him. It's one of the most insane things ever.
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Normally when you mix Asian genes to other nationalities the results turns out to be all-right. This fucker got the worst traits from both worlds. Holy shit talk about losing several genetic lotteries on his face.

If I get the combination of the Asian dick(stereotyped as small) and Indian dick(averaged as the smallest of all) I would totally get the overcompensation if not trying to neck myself somewhere secluded where they won't discover my corpse until all my flesh has turned to dirt.

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