Skitzocow Dana Marie Cain / Oracle of Venus / The Scorpion - Divorced Batshit Space Demon Waitress with NPD, Gangstalked by Alphabet Agencies, "Pretending to be Rеtarded", #SaveJoelIrish


tfw your Jojo OC is animated by Madhouse
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'Kiwi farm's is a neo Nazi troll site.'
You forgot basement dwelling incel transphobes come on dumpsters

Late to the game?
Dumpsters is old af ofc it's late lol

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By existing @CrazyAsHell angers Dana
I don't think Dana is actually banned from this site. She certainly isn't banned from this thread.
Edit: I just checked. Her account is not banned from this site.
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I'm honestly surprised that not only is she not still banned but she's also just not shitting this place up. I guess there's no point if she can't either get dick here or at least figure out who any of us are in order to lust after our possible dicks.


Tami Hess
I guess I am safe as well since I have RH- blood! One question there, Dana, where are you getting your medical knowledge from? Cause I sure as hell have not seen that scientific study.
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I guess I am safe as well since I have RH- blood! One question there, Dana, where are you getting your medical knowledge from? Cause I sure as hell have not seen that scientific study.View attachment 1744285
It's a fucking respiratory virus you moron. Your digestive tract has nothing to do with it. Maybe if you stopped breathing you'd be immune though. :optimistic:

I know people who are missing the same part of the digestive tract as Dana and they still got covid - and nobody injected it directly into their bloodstream. BECAUSE IT'S A RESPIRATORY VIRUS.
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Dana uploaded a video today talking about astrology,
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Dana uploaded a video today talking about astrology,

She says in one of them that she doesn't have an ego! LMFAO.....this bitch has THE healthiest ego for someone with ZERO reasons to have one that I have ever seen!

Edit: second video she is BRAGGING about getting visits from the SS. Again, she doesn't say WHY just that they stopped out for a visit. that everyone decided then to "leave her the fuck alone". Hey Dana, we are STILL here and the SS didn't visit a fuck one of us. Claims we are all just friends of Steph and Skips. Spews some bs about being held hostage by the Latin Kings cause her mom fucked some shit up. She was released unharmed cause, well, she is a Tinervin. Claims her family name is well known in "banking circles". More Niles bullshit.....HE DOESN'T WANT YOU ya fucking twat. Then she says something about coming full circle which leads me to believe she is in IL not NY as we thought. More bullshit about "the great conjunction".....forget the fact it happens LITERALLY every 20 years or so. Blah, blah pandemic and ushering in the "new world order". Claims that every President elected during the 20-year conjunction has died in office. This is not true. I found a website that claimed this has happened 7 times but this website cuts that down to only twice:

Bunch of shit about emerald tablets and some other shit. Mixing bible shit with tarot cards. I am no theologist, but if my memory serves, Christians don't believe in tarot and in fact consider it EVIL and black magic. She is only "allowed" to marry those whose signs are in libra (there goes that free will shit right out the window). She is THE bride of Christ (did Chucky change his name?). Everything belongs to her because she is married to the son of man. Claims that Skip left her alone with the kids when they moved to TX and she needed time to recover from the surgery that almost killed her. Forget the fact that the surgery was many years BEFORE they moved to TX. She's lucky to be alive and she is a walking freakin' miracle. Bitching because Skip had a job to do and had to work. Well, maybe...dumbass, if YOU bothered to work Skip wouldn't have to kill himself to make your grubby ass happy. Says she called Skips "boss" and told him if he didn't send Skip home, she was leaving Skip. As the story goes, his boss had Skip on a plane within an hour. Yes, cause that is exactly what happens. More bs about being "recruited" by Mercedes. She looked like a model. Claims Steph and Skip HAD to move to El Paso because they lost their house. No, idiot, they were RENTING that house. They moved because they WANTED away from your drama and Spencer. Says Spence won't talk to his dad. Sounds like Heaven, actually. Claims that Steph has to live with her "getting some kid killed". How dare Steph try to help a kid! More than this washed-up whore would ever do.

It's a bad idea to fuck with her cause she is the bride of Christ. We are the armpit of the troll universe. She is "rocking powers" that are not of this world. cat piss an actual power?
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death of chans

You're Here Forever...
Dana uploaded a video today talking about astrology,

Sperging about 2 Secret Service visits.
I've been visited by the Secret Service twice, most of you never get even one visit"
"Incredibly hot"
Dana was last visited by the Secret Service in Illinois
The FBI was after Dana and she has screenshots.
"If you think I'm not serious, you think I'm just having a larp." *Awkward laugh when Dana can't provide evidence*
Blames Stephanie (Skip's wife?)
Dana thanks the Secret Service while trying her "sexy" pose.
The 14 year old pimp story again.
Pimp's wife worked at a lingere shop?
Now the DEA is involved for some reason.
Dana's mother apparently ruined a DEA/CIA investigation. IDK, maybe she ate all the evidence.
Smug Dana flexes on people who were sold into slavery.
More "my family name" bullshit.
Dana's Satanic mini-golf tournament or whatever the fuck.
She's stuttering more, either she's getting worse or she's starting to almost not believe herself.
"high-end people"
"I had this name, I didn't have their money." - Dana, smuggly turning to the side.
Dana's body language is less subtle than Hitler's.
Dana was or wasn't raised in privelage.
The Latin Kings work with the DEA/CIA? Sure Dana...
Dana has a story with "a little bit of everything"
Its about Niles...
Dana has come full circle, from living on the lawn, to fucking Niles to living in another shithole.
Dana declares the Crapture will happen in the 21st.
Decides against telling people, because Dana doesn't believe they deserve it.
Dana does COVID.
Swine flu sperging.
Election fraud.
Dana bails on that.
Dana uses her wizerd astrology skills to say that the next president will die in office.
"And that's historical fact, actually."
Great conjuction, what's Dana's malfunction?
More astrology bullshit. "Its a big deal."
Dana presumably is the new Jesus.
More of her wikipedia gospel on Goddess Banana.
Bible sperging about how some guy with water was aquarius.
Dana must get her wires crossed on all these religions that she knows nothing about.
"I'm only allowed to marry those signs who's planets are in Libra."
Dana starts pretending to pray while saying she's the bride of Jesus.
Despite Jesus apparently being a Pisces and thus being ruled by Neptune? IDK how this bullshit works, but I know it doesn't.
Dana was born into a drug study, thus explaining why Dana wasn't killed? But not explaining why she was kidnapped?
Everyone is sending Dana messages, because she's kind of a dumbass.
Dana and her 88 again.
"And its all mine" - Dana, sadly without an evil laugh.
Dana was angry at Skip for leaving when he said he would leave, clearly having no idea how the fucking Navy works.
Dana's fat surgery is Skip's problem, because even back then she had 0 friends.
"I actually died from the surgery."
"I'm a walking fucking miracle."
Dana says they didn't need the money Skip was making, presumably shortly before they lost the fucking house.
Considers not raising her own children to be hard and that Skip's job was "traveling the world and having a good time and being a cock of the walk."
"I'm stuck trying not to die and raise 2 kids."
Dana's anemia almost caused a coma, and somehow she noticed.
Called up Skip's boss to bitch at him.
Skip came back, much to his chagrin.
Dana ruined Skip's chance at promotion.
Dana literally didn't care if she completely ruined Skip's life.
"My life was more important" - Dana, presumably on Skip's life being far less important.
Dana went back to work, despite saying they "Don't need the money".
Mercedes man.
Running 3 miles a day and juicing, I have no clue how you got fucking anemia, Dana.
"He resented me, obviously."
"He didn't want to be a husband and father." - Dana, evidently not wanting to be a mother considering she went back to work.
Unsurprisingly Skip wanted to get on a boat, presumably because Dana wasn't there.
Skip worked for Fugro, while living with Dana "Fuggo" Marie.
Skip got laid off, this brings Dana joy because she's a sociopath.
"They lost their house." - Dana on losing her house.
"He's married to my ex-best friend. She looks like a hillbilly, she smokes a pipe."
So you did have a friend, and they couldn't fucking help you? Or was ruining Skip's life just the only goal here?
Skip had a heart attack, Dana said he had it coming.
"His oldest son doesn't speak to him, hardly at all." Ironically that means he's still a better parent than Dana, I think she's 4 for 4 on alienating her kids.
Stephanie got a kid killed while she was teaching? WTF?
Stephanie told a kid to quit a Mexican gang. I'm guessing Dana has better advice coming.
"You have to fuck or fight your way out." - Dana, displaying the parental insight that makes her good with all 0 of her kids to this day.
Stephanie told him to fight, so that unsurprisingly leaves Dana on the side of fucking.
"Her inability to give wise, sound advice." Sounds, familiar...
Dana says it's a lot to live with, while almost laughing at the idea of someone else suffering.
"Limp-dicked old man."
"I am the bride of Christ." - One of Dana's famous non sequiturs
It's a bad idea to fuck with Dana. True enough.
"Sticking the armpit of the troll universe on me."
"Being attacked, being maligned, being gaslighted, being harrassed, threatened, stalked and bullied." By your persecution complex combined!
"It only strengthened my resolve. Because I can't be bullied. Because I know who I am." - Dana "Facts of Life" Marie Cain
"I am rocking powers that are not of this world"
Ends with a vague threat and "God bless".


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