Skitzocow Dana Marie Cain / Oracle of Venus / The Scorpion - Divorced Batshit Space Demon Waitress with NPD, Gangstalked by Alphabet Agencies, "Pretending to be Rеtarded", #SaveJoelIrish


Two more on her channel this AM. (Did the ones above get saved/backed up?,They are gone now, I didn't get to see them!)
1) What I need AND 2) Someone I can call



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EDIT: Got ninja'd by LiveFromNS

She's pretty much out of the hospital and is waiting outside the door of the apartment while Chips is asleep.

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I assumed everyone was still asleep who followed Dana! LOL, It's 7:47AM here, you guys must be in Europe? LOL

And where is that music coming from in the 2nd video?? LOL, great soundtrack to accompany her crazy talk! Living on a Prayer! BAHAHA

EDIT: Got ninja'd by LiveFromNS

She's pretty much out of the hospital and is waiting outside the door of the apartment while Chips is asleep.
Wow. So the cops took her to the hospital because she threatened suicide. Then, the hospital staff lets her go saying "she is fine". I would think that, had anyone talked to her for more than 15 minutes, it would be clear to them that she is NOT fine. So, this leads me to believe she does not have a mental disorder, but instead just making shit up as she goes along telling this story of woe. She is an attention whore. The other possibility is the hospital staff are a bunch of fucking idiots who can't determine whether or not someone has a mental illness. In some states, threatening to kill yourself gets you committed for observation for a few days, by law. There is nothing mentally wrong with her other than a clear case of being a narcissist. In her eyes, anything negative that has happened in her life is someone else's fault. Skip, Stephanie, Gary, her brothers, Joel, Niles, and the list goes on and on. She will demand your FULL attention to be only on her and the minute it is not, then you're a piece of shit. She will never have a meaningful relationship with anyone including her children.

Chip let her back in the apartment and she self-reflects in her self-sabotage skills - she needs to get away from Skip according to her and that includes their children as well:

View attachment 747445
How sad it is that this kid gets a mother who clearly cannot love him or "help" him. She claims to worry too much about him yet all I see is the worry she has for HERSELF. She is a selfish bitch who doesn't DESERVE the children she was blessed with. She makes me sick.

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Here are the three from last night, where she was obviously not fine. She needs rehab, medication, and therapy. What histrionic bullshit. Also I guess they didn't check the fact that she's got an outstanding warrant in Texas... or they didn't care because Lollinois.

"no one loves you, you're better off dead"

"why did you take my reason to live"

"i'd rather spite you"

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You can set your fucking watch to this dumb bitch.
  • Pretend to be famous/well-known/educated while vomiting batshit nonsense
  • Drink wine and gush about some Tinder hook-up
  • Make impotent threats towards people who laugh at her
  • Have a full-on fucking meltdown
  • Make apology video but adamantly deny being insane

Brb, gonna see if I can downvote any more of her videos LOL


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