Skitzocow Dana Marie Cain / Oracle of Venus / The Scorpion - Divorced Batshit Space Demon Waitress with NPD, Gangstalked by Alphabet Agencies, "Pretending to be Rеtarded", #SaveJoelIrish

Yellow Yam Scam

delicate shim cheong
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Here are the three from last night, where she was obviously not fine. She needs rehab, medication, and therapy. What histrionic bullshit. Also I guess they didn't check the fact that she's got an outstanding warrant in Texas... or they didn't care because Lollinois.

"no one loves you, you're better off dead"
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"why did you take my reason to live"
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"i'd rather spite you"
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Edited because I was being a formatting sperg.
I believe this is one from last night that hasnt' been reuploaded yet.


Why is she talking to her kid like it's her kid's fault he left? Get your fucking life together, you stupid whore.
She lost custody of her first 2 boys when they were quite young. I doubt she put up much of a fight though. When she attacked Skip, he got custody of both of their boys. Again, I doubt she put up much of a fight. She doesn't want to be bothered with her kids or their problems. What makes my stomach turn is her saying shit like "Skip dumped him on my doorstep". Fucking really? He is YOUR kid too! For the last 2 years, she hasn't supported either of those boys. Not a fucking dime is my guess. She doesn't want to be "saddled" with the kids she bore. I do know this, if I had a kid that needed some help, my problems would be put on a back burner for my kid. She should never have had kids.

Completely accidental but glad more ridiculousness has been found!
Jesus! Just watching little bits of each one there is so much contradiction. Does she not realize that even though she deleted these forever ago, someone somewhere has them? Good find!

Idk if they're the videos Dana is so jealous over but some of Stephanie's videos are on The Piping Artist Steph on utube
Hummm...probably THE most boring videos I have ever seen. I can't imagine why Dana would be freaking out about them. But, it's Dana so there's that.

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