dance with me, literally (prerecorded) - uploaded 06/08/2020 -

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She has asthma? How did I miss that?

She's her own worst enemy: "If a skinny person were doing it, it wouldn't be trolling. People are shallow." Yes, your comment section lately is full of ass patters who are too shallow to think & draw meaningful conclusions or question much of what she says.

At least she was moving - I 'fast forwarded' through most of it because... 10 minutes of moving without music is a bit much. But... do I have to turn in my "decent human being" card because I couldn't help staring at her mid-section looking for signs of bleeding?

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. . .and the blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes.
Holy shit, she uploaded a 10 minute silent film of herself as a 'workout video', she just tells you what songs you are supposed to play. This is worse than the 'Marker Rummaging ASMR' Edit: On second thought it's just slightly not as bad as the Marker ASMR, still pretty garbage tier.

Also we know you're not 'trolling', this is actually how bad you are at being a YouTuber.
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